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pittbiomed t1_ixmtxdc wrote

You stating you have friends that have done x is the definition of anecdotal .you do realize that right?


jangoblamba t1_ixmul7m wrote

You do realize the space comes after the period, not before, right? And that the word after a full stop is capitalized?

Yes, I do, by stating that first, I'm providing a gentle reminder to take what I have to say with a grain of salt. That's all.


pittbiomed t1_ixnsfcj wrote

Of course , with no response to a fact someone attacks the structure or spelling of things. Lol , I get it . I guess you do not know the definition of anecdotal , but that’s ok, we all can see what weapons you use in your arguments.


jangoblamba t1_ixnvesy wrote

complains about the subjective use of a word

Cannot perform the basics of English grammatical structure

Bitches anyway


pittbiomed t1_ixo0lrb wrote

Lol as I said too funny that’s all you have to say lol