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UnprovenMortality t1_ixfwwqz wrote

For real. This is a wonderful place to live and work. There is truly no place I would rather be, but a travel destination we are not.


IceNineFireTen t1_ixg3c3y wrote

These types of publications realize that sprinkling in some unusual cities each year gets more people to share the articles.


akmalhot t1_ixfef9g wrote

These lists had Birmingham Alabama in the top 15.. ight have been conde naste - which was surprisingly bc they used to have good. Info


thisisjusttofindajob t1_ixgxvrl wrote

Pittsburgh is 100% the type of place I'd travel to if I didn't already live here. Unique city with a variety of neighborhoods, dense, walkable, great history, great food, great bar scene, not overrun by tourists. For "off the beaten path" travelers it checks all the boxes really.

...Now, to put it on a list ahead of truly global cities like Madrid, Venice, and Copenhagen? Yea, that I agree is a bit much.


Legitimate_Plum9 t1_ixgn4wa wrote

Most of these types of articles are written for retired people planning road trips—like my mother who went to Branson recently.