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timesuck t1_j2a8pcm wrote

Our air quality problems disproportionately affect marginalized communities. You’d know that if you had lived here for more than a few months. Great to know you’re able to open your windows, but other people aren’t and have been having this same problem for years. Talking about it with such a narrow view makes you look dumb and mean.

If that’s the way you want to present yourself, please, continue.


pittbiomed t1_j2dukqs wrote

Well it actually affects the areas where the wind direction pushes it as well , so there is that aspect that you forgot to me mention .


Antique-Low3985 t1_j2dwhu9 wrote

which marginalized communities are disproportionately effected by air quality here?


dingurth1 OP t1_j2abcs7 wrote

If people framed the argument like this, I would be much more sympathetic. But you wind up instead having people in well off communities wearing the poor AQI of the marginalized ones like some twisted badge of honor saying "I can tell when the air is so bad because my throat closes up" when the AQI in Upper St Clair or Shadyside is 60. I have no sympathy for that, and want to encourage people to be objective about their good air quality while fighting to improve that of marginalized communities that do need our help. Shaming the people who want to complain about the little things is not mutually exclusive from wanting to help those that truly need it. I'll take your advice though and try to be more tactful in the future.