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December 25th can be a day of ups and downs for a lot of folks. Hoping your day was good. If you need to vent or let off any steam, here’s a place to do it. Or if you have anything to share that happened that’s really beautiful that you think would lift us up, share that too.

Seriously - I hope you’re all well.



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Jazzlike_Breadfruit9 t1_j1oen8f wrote

It was a good day but my in-laws sound like they are in an SNL skit about Pittsburgh. They hit every Pittsburgh talking point you could think of. Steelers, traffic on 28, Get Go vs Sheetz, bike lanes, Fern Hollow Bridge, what pizza place is the best and so on.


rhb4n8 t1_j1ot55q wrote

What pizza place do they think is the best?


Jazzlike_Breadfruit9 t1_j1pjv13 wrote

No comment.


IAmTheAsteroid t1_j1poj9y wrote

No no, please tell us


Jazzlike_Breadfruit9 t1_j1t45xg wrote

I’m not mentioning any names because metrics like

“ remember Tony that I went to grade school with? His 6th cousin owns ____ pizza place. Best place in town!”

Don’t count in my personal opinion.


Basic-Lawfulness6974 t1_j1rbjy9 wrote

All the pizza here sucks


immargarita t1_j1shngf wrote

What is your ideal pizza tho? Everyone has different opinions on pizza but there are too many to base ones opinion on. I'm from NYC, I prefer NYC-style, my husband is from Australia and had his own (weird) preferences, but he also likes Michigan-style, however we both agree on what we like and expect in Margherita pizzas. I will, however, NEVER refer to what the fuck Chicago calls pizza, as pizza. Deep dish is not pizza, it's just a savory pie. 🤪


immargarita t1_j1shun0 wrote

Are they from PGH and you're not? Both of you are from PGH?


Jazzlike_Breadfruit9 t1_j1t3clo wrote

They are born and raised Pittsburghers for 3 generations at least. I’ve lived here for about a decade and encountered a lot of hardcore Pittsburghers. This family seems to take it to the extreme, but they’re entertaining.


lzsbrn t1_j1oeds0 wrote

This was my first December 25th after a seriously traumatic year. I’m looking forward to the next 365 days where things (hopefully) continue to progress positively.


alymonster t1_j1oowaz wrote

Same. This has easily been the worst year of my life. I was thankful to have a quiet Christmas at home with takeout from salems, two of my closest friends, and the absolute worst (in a funny way) Christmas movie we’ve ever seen 😂

I hope this upcoming year brings both of us some peace.


Ok_Establishment4906 t1_j1q4x5n wrote

What as the movie?


alymonster t1_j1r44l2 wrote

Mistle-Tones, a 2012 Christmas musical starring Tori Spelling


birdiebadbones t1_j1rfq2n wrote

Omg don't hate, I love that movie 😂


alymonster t1_j1s49ah wrote

Hahaha oh don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved it, but it was still hilariously terrible


crazygranny t1_j1op10g wrote

I hope things get better and stay better for you! Hang in there, even if it seems like it might not be ok- you’ll get through it (((hugs)))


July_Seventeen t1_j1p5qqa wrote

Looking for peace, but ready for anything. 🙃 It's been a traumatic one for me, as well. I wish you the best.


late_apexes t1_j1omrz0 wrote

Garbage. I caught my wife cheating on me this last Tuesday. Things have been insane. After lots of talks, we decided to stick it out through the holidays so we could make good on all the Christmas planning. Today we went to my dad's house, as we do every year. We open gifts, relax, then head there. She has no family in the area. She was a total fucking asshole at my dad's house the entire time. I had not told my family about this, we agreed to keep things nice and to make a Christmas for our kid. We get home, she has the nuts to apologize. When I wasn't exactly in love with the apology, she got pissed again.

Christmas went great for our 7 year old. I'm sure he noticed some of what is going on, but mostly we did well. My wife is a total piece of shit though.


TobyTheWeasel t1_j1ov8jz wrote

I feel your pain. I went through something very similar a year ago (around the exact same time and with a young child).

We are all different and of course your road is going to be different, but the following are my own take aways.

  1. Get to therapy (if you aren't already).

  2. We are all humans and we all make mistakes. She is probably being an ass because she is freaking the fuck out on the inside. (Let me be clear, there are consequences for her choices. You also have every right to feel what you are feeling, but take a step back from the feelings and try to use some logic). 2.a. I know she made a mistake and it hurts, but don't bust her balls about it (DO hold her accountable though). As I tell my child, anger begets anger begets anger (adult speak- circle jerk of anger).

  3. There is a thing called Collaborative divorce. Probably best you google and read. Instead of me butchering the explanation. Lol. It is an option if you don't want to be at each other's throats in court. This requires some trust though. Just an option.

  4. Talk to a lawyer right away.

  5. Watch your joint accounts (can never be to careful).

  6. Find an outlet for your feelings.

  7. Stay strong, brave and compassionate (this shit will test you as a human being).

  8. You and your kid are most important (as hard as this might be, that means the "relationship" with your kid's mother is kind of important too - I'm talking about some form of respect).

I do hope something here helps.

Sorry again to hear you are going through this and my thoughts go out to you. Best of luck and remember to stay human!


late_apexes t1_j1pu7an wrote

Thank you for this. My anger is slowly subsiding and I am starting to get back to being able to talk to her about things. I spoke briefly with an attorney two days after I found out and have another meeting with the attorney today. I told her I have an attorney and she lost it. Thing got real for her.

Over the last six or seven months she has done really well at work. I caught her because a coworker said I should be concerned about her and her boss. I called her out. She broke down. I don’t actually think they did anything physical. I think there was some serious flirting and serious intention to cheat at some point. Had I not caught them, it would have happened eventually. She even admitted so. The best part is that in her panic she went to the IT department to see if they could find the person who contacted me. I have refused to turn that person over since they’d surely get fired. Anyways, IT asked her what the nature of the information was. She explained it was in regards to a relations ship with the boss. The boss is also the CEO. So the IT department immediately sent the claim to HR because they didn’t want to touch it. Now my wife is in big trouble and may very likely lose her job. You cant make this stuff up. What was she thinking? On top of that I spoke with the CEO’s wife and explained the situation. She barely seemed interested. They have three kids. I assume this has happened before. My wife got used and ruined our family doing it.

I have been sleeping in the guest room. It’s allowed me some time to myself. I am sending my son to my parents for this week since he is off school. I plan to stay at a friends house during this time. A little break for both my wife and I. I don’t think what she did is unforgivable. I have offered to reconcile, I have offered to do counseling. She has however refused to leave her job, and for me that is a deal breaker. Her job is good, but it’s not cheat on her husband, get caught, and still stay good. We aren’t installing a helicopter pad any time soon due to that income, the job is replaceable. It seems obvious, she no longer wants to be in this relationship. She’s just too chicken to do it the way she should have done it. I’ve been broken up with before. I’ve broken up with people before. You have to be an adult, she didn’t manage that. We have a kid and a home and cars, and I think she looked around and saw she had a good life, too much to lose, but just didn’t want to be with me anymore. So she cheated. Keep the stuff, keep the life, get the extra spicy work place sneak around affair. A brutal reality that will ripple through our lives until we die.


MaynardWaltrip OP t1_j1one4b wrote

Holy smokes. I am so sorry. Lock down your social media and call a lawyer. She can be pissed all she wants but you’ve got her by the balls if you want to. Good luck.


late_apexes t1_j1oo0fa wrote

Yeah. I called her out. She kind of admitted it. My friend sent me the contact, so I have an attorney. He recommended I snoop her texts. It killed me, but I did it. It's a smoking gun. She realized I have the texts, and is losing her shit. It's not even remotely pretty. Especially with a 7 year old. I've asked her to leave by the 15th of January. It's an absolutely gut wrenching situation. I am about to lose 40% of my household income, plus a percentage in alimony, plus my son 50% of the time. And of course tons of other shit. All because she cheated.


MisanthropicFriend t1_j1oq1na wrote

I can’t imagine what that must feel like, I’m really sorry sir. :/


late_apexes t1_j1oro6o wrote

She could have left but instead decided to cheat. Cheating is basically meaningless legally, according to my attorney. This will be be my first and last marriage. I took care of her and my son in every way. I'm an idiot for getting married.


PoorGuyCrypto t1_j1ppg53 wrote

You aren't an idiot for getting married. Love is beautiful and we've been culturally conditioned that love + time = marriage.


late_apexes t1_j1pviir wrote

Never again will I get married. I am going to lose everything in this divorce. Getting married was the biggest mistake of my life. I will love again though.


PoorGuyCrypto t1_j1pwama wrote

Learning from a mistake pretty much THE sign of "not an idiot."

Cut yourself a ton of slack. People do shitty things and we all get caught in the crossfire.

I'm divorced. I probably won't do it again... but the mistake wasn't necessarily marriage. It was my choice of person.


late_apexes t1_j1pyuuo wrote

The problem I have is that my wife more or less refused to work for years. Yes, we have a child. Yes she was a stay at home mom. But to get by I worked two jobs, some times three to get us by. I have a masters degree and a decent full time job but life is expensive. I managed to buy our house by selling basically all of the things I had that were fun. My motorcycles for example. I got a small inheritance as well. Then I beg borrowed and stole my way into making it happen. She is going to take that from me and she contributed basically nothing asides from just being with me. She’s a good mom, but she’s never worked hard on much of anything. On top of that, now I will see my son 50% of the time I did before. It’s just such a bleak and brutal reality. I feel like a real dickhead.

Here is an interesting part of this story. After we had a bit of blow up in regards to this all, she begged me to have another kid. For years she has said that she is “one and done.” Years and years she’d say that. How do you go from a trying to fuck your boss, cheat on your husband, to wanting to have another kid?

I don’t know who this person is.


FlshTuxedoPinkTrpedo t1_j1qs86s wrote

I’m sorry for your situation, but I’m entirely invested in your story now. Please keep us updated. You’ll get though this.


HedgeRunner t1_j1vpi4k wrote

Goddamn man, I replied to one of your initial reply but reading all these details really infuriates me. When you have some time to process and deal with all this shit and craziness, hit me up if you're down and let me buy you a drink.


pittbiomed t1_j1pncvb wrote

Infidelity doesn’t mean much at all in a divorce in PA though . The courts don’t care who did what unless it’s a civil matter and someone is suing for $ . First hand experience on that one here lol


ManyariMagda t1_j1rxv8r wrote

You deserve to be held in love, honesty, and mutual effort. I hope you choose yourself and let her go. Sending love and strength.


HedgeRunner t1_j1vohjx wrote

Damn that's fucked up mate. Sending good vibes (and a rocket) over.


MisanthropicFriend t1_j1okrf8 wrote

I had a great day alone. I slept in, drank too much coffee, watched tv, played Mario kart, created some music, cleaned, danced a little, stood over the heater a lot, ate my Saint raviolis raviolis, and now waiting on dominos in a blanket fort.


alymonster t1_j1ooy9w wrote

Ooooh which flavor did you get? Those ravs are so good


MisanthropicFriend t1_j1opogv wrote

I got the Quattro Formaggi ravs with the marinara sauce. They were wonderful and I’m so happy I saved them for my Christmas lunch.


alymonster t1_j1oqc6m wrote

Ooooh I’ve had that one and cacio e pepe. I haven’t tried their marinara yet but their parm bechemal and bolognese are tasty!


ovodrizzle13 t1_j1oknk1 wrote

i don’t think i technically belong here, but i go to pitt and i came home to Buffalo for the holidays and there was a horrible snow storm. the city’s been shut down since thursday night. people have been without power for days and the snow was so bad that emergency responders couldn’t even respond to people bc they had to wait to get snow mobiles. they’re literally finding frozen bodies outside and it’s so sad, especially for it to happen on christmas.


immargarita t1_j1onk1c wrote

Yeah, this is why I can't complain. It's cold, freezing cold, our pipes froze, and our power went out some 200 times..... But we have a home that is intact and no catastrophe. The house next door and across from ours has had some external damage. I've been following the news outta Buffalo, it's so sad. Buffalo was getting slammed even before the start of winter. I'm from NYC but endeared to the whole state.

Hope you and yours are well and warm! 💕


July_Seventeen t1_j1p7e9x wrote

I recently moved from Buffalo (5 years in Elmwood) back to Pittsburgh and 1. You absolutely belong here. 2. My heart is aching for everyone I know in the city. I did a lot of work with the disabled population pre-covid and it haunts me how little support they've had since. I especially feel for those who really didn't have any guidance on how to prepare. My heart is with you and Buffalo. I can't stop checking the news.


linuxgeekmama t1_j1qtj3m wrote

The hot water pipe to our shower unfroze yesterday, and it seems there’s no harm done. Wishing the same for everyone else who has been dealing with frozen pipes.

/u/ovodrizzle13, I hope your friends and family in Buffalo are all okay.


thomasanderson123412 t1_j1oes53 wrote

Weird. Staying in a hotel over Xmas for the first time ever. Had breakfast, opened gifts, chilled, went out for sushi, my kid royally pissed off my wife, then went to Dave and Busters to play games, then Sheetz for a snack. Fucking weird day, man.


crazygranny t1_j1ole1e wrote

Worked in the ER day shift today - I gotta say the amount of people that came in for the weirdest stuff because they thought we wouldn’t be busy made things INCREDIBLY busy. Yikes - PSA ER stands for EMERGENCY - check if you’d lose life or limb before walking through the door, especially on a major holiday. Lice isn’t an emergency, neither is a cold you’ve had for 2 weeks that isn’t getting better and you’re still having mild symptoms. Honestly, try calling your PCP first - or get a PCP and quit using ERs as the source of all your medical care - you need to follow up for things like blood pressure and diabetes with a regular doc - important stuff - stops the hours long wait everybody has when they come for emergencies that happen because they haven’t ever seen a doc outside of an ER.

But anyway…..

Had an amazing dinner and cuddles with the grandkid so it ended very well - and now off to sleep

Merry Christmas anat all yinz guys


alymonster t1_j1opxi6 wrote

I had a great Christmas weekend. Friday and Saturday night I hopped on zoom and played jackbox games with a bunch of friends and laughed harder than I have in a very long day.

I baked lots of cookies, cleaned my apartment while blasting a pop punk Christmas playlist, and worked on an embroidery project.

Today I slept until noon, drank lots of coffee, went for a short walk, then two of my closest friends grabbed takeout from Salems and came over to use my shower (their pipes froze) and we watched Mistle Tones, a hilariously bad Christmas musical starring Tori Spelling 😂


Affectionate_Crab773 t1_j1q3qgq wrote

Your day sounds amazingly fun!


alymonster t1_j1r53d0 wrote

I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed Christmas this much. I had been invited to a bunch of things and had to decline because I was sick for a few days. I’m feeling better, but my energy levels were still really low and I didn’t want to be out of the house or around a lot of people so it worked out perfectly.


Roya1Je11y t1_j1ohyrt wrote

Some asshole really let me have it for being in the wrong lane when I was trying to get on the bridge. My fault for that. He really let me have it, carrying on with multiple extended honks, flashing high beams and swerved towards me when I pulled over. I admit it was dark and I was trying to listen to the GPS. But I would have let it slide on Xmas, just really derailed us after a nice dinner.


cpr4life8 t1_j1om1ca wrote

This can be a really difficult city to drive around in sometimes and people like that only make it worse.

That's the kind of person who gets mad at people who find themselves in the wrong lane needing to get over, but when he's in the wrong lane needing to get over then he's pissed off at anyone who makes it more difficult for him.


hopeliz t1_j1ot1y3 wrote

Exactly - I'm relatively new to the city, but know some confusing areas and assume everyone else is freaking out about what lane they are in and we all just want to find the right one without an accident. No reason to be mean and in fact, a reason to be kind and let people over.


cpr4life8 t1_j1ovvvf wrote

Yup...we've all been in the wrong lane and needed someone to let us in.


Dani_and_Haydn t1_j1pxwfb wrote

I'm a cyclist who begrudgingly drives when I have to. As we were driving from Ben Avon home to Wilkinsburg last night, I said a little atheist prayer for all the new Pittsburgh transplants learning to navigate the city. It's not easy! Folks could all slow down and chill out a bit on the roads.


sebileis t1_j1pvibo wrote

Was the asshole in either a lifted pickup or a sports car?


Roya1Je11y t1_j1pw7wd wrote

It was some huge SUV like a Tahoe and we were in a Volkswagen Jetta. My wife was terrified when they swerved toward us. People are really crazy


sebileis t1_j1pwbnk wrote

I’ve noticed a lot of people nowadays who drive big cars like that think they own the roads. It can seriously be scary when someone loses their shit on you like that for a very small mistake. Stay safe out there!


cdelaney1982 t1_j1om5ec wrote

2nd one by myself after my family disowned me. Had a couple emo moments but hoping it'll get better as the years go on.


alymonster t1_j1opdvh wrote

It will, I promise. I’m 22 years out from being disowned. Spend time with your chosen family (friends), make new traditions, and do something nice for yourself.


Steven_Snippert t1_j1qkmxw wrote

Sorry, spending the holidays alone is never fun. Hopefully you have a circle of friends. Friends are the family you choose.


cdelaney1982 t1_j1qlm2t wrote

Not really. I'm kind of a hermit cuz I work two jobs. Like I have a handful of friends but they all each got their own thing going on. Honestly, it is what it is. I'm sure it'll get better eventually.


Steven_Snippert t1_j1t4f6f wrote

I work from home. Also a hermit, not many friends. Keep positive thoughts. I shed those who are excessively negative. I'm on meds, they help.

Find joy in everyday things. Love yourself. That last one was tough to learn.


cdelaney1982 t1_j1t4okk wrote

Pretty sure that's a tough one for a lot of us but I appreciates u!


Augusta2001 t1_j1oe9xa wrote

Today was kinda nice! I feel like the frigid cold put me in place so I was able to just appreciate the little things today. This week was really chaotic for all of us in Pittsburgh I think so I appreciate you asking. I had a good day today and I hope that others can say the same.


marcSuile t1_j1omczb wrote

Not bad. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. Woke up at 7am to a broken furnace and 52 degrees in our home. Got an HVAC to come out by 8am. Need a new motor which isn’t something that is just in their work truck (didn’t mean to have any tone here lol just more of a factual statement—so many different make models it’s just not feasible). Not sure if the HVAC supply store will be open tomorrow so lookin like no heat till Tuesday. Shut our water off, tried to plug any drafts around doors as much as possible, packed the kids up, and headed to grandmas. Kids had no idea we just put on extra pjs and wrapped in blankets to open our presents at home quick. Just checked my thermostat via next. Shows 46 degrees at my house currently. Hoping for the best when I head back to scope things out tomorrow. This is one for the books.


marla_hooch_spacecat t1_j1pkfu6 wrote

Ugh I'm so sorry! My husband works HVAC and was on call this weekend. He worked 30+ hours in 2 days. This weather is killer. Hope you get your heat back on soon and there's no lasting damage to your pipes!


pettypoppy t1_j1pmyg4 wrote

I'm sorry but thankful to you and your husband! Hard to have him work over the holidays, but he saved so many holidays for others.


marla_hooch_spacecat t1_j1pnj4b wrote

He only had one call yesterday so we were able to have an awesome Christmas. I'm just thankful that he got a break. Thank you!


marcSuile t1_j1psxdq wrote

We really appreciate families like yours that have their spouses sent to work on a moments notice on some of the most important days of the year. Thanks again and merry Christmas!


Willow-girl t1_j1onjln wrote

I'm glad you had someplace warm to go!


marcSuile t1_j1onxic wrote

I appreciate it—I’m glad too! Definitely not taking it for granted. It’s been a day but thankful for how it turned out.


[deleted] t1_j1ojh01 wrote



MaynardWaltrip OP t1_j1pmuy9 wrote

This sounds amazing!!!! I actually celebrated Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve day, so Christmas Day was a quiet one at home with the cats watching football and reflecting on a really good year. Very grateful. Thank you for asking


jdh724 t1_j1obkzw wrote

Hate the cold, royally hate it. Not sure why my parents thought Western pa would be a great place but me and my psoriasis hate it. Oh Merry Christmas btw. 🎄 ⛄


MaynardWaltrip OP t1_j1obtxd wrote

I don’t love it either. It sure makes me appreciate spring, summer and fall around here a lot more.


immargarita t1_j1omihz wrote

When you move somewhere without the 4 proper seasons, you suddenly miss it. But next weekend it will be 60°, so long winter.


immargarita t1_j1omdsz wrote

The rest of the country has it much worse! My eczema says hello at the first signs of cold weather. But I hate steamy summers, hate hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, etc., At least you're not in Upstate NY.


PGHNeil t1_j1okc4f wrote

My in-laws are pittsburgh born and bred but they packed up for Florida years ago. Now they are all “when are you coming to visit?” and “cold enough for ya?” when they call but get suddenly quiet about any plans to come visit (that they suggested) and are now bitching about “freezing” temperatures down there; it’s in the 40s. News flash: freezing is 32°F and it’s been -3 here so STFU snowbird.

PS: in true fair weather fashion they are Tom Brady sycophants but really, stick a fork in him because he’s done. He should have stayed retired - and married.


immargarita t1_j1omr51 wrote

Agree on it all except Brady staying married. No two people should stay married if one is miserable, the family suffers, trust me.


PGHNeil t1_j1oqa9f wrote

Agreed, Gabrielle is the true winner in this whole shit show. Tom didn’t know to walk away at the top of his game. He caught some of that Antonio Brown narcissism.


immargarita t1_j1or5yj wrote

Giselle? 😊


PGHNeil t1_j1p7owq wrote

Whatever. Spell check messes things up all the time. Regardless, she’s worth more than he is.


kelvin_bot t1_j1okcyd wrote

32°F is equivalent to 0°C, which is 273K.

^(I'm a bot that converts temperature between two units humans can understand, then convert it to Kelvin for bots and physicists to understand)


TransporterOffline t1_j1opz2r wrote

My usual thing is going to a state park alone and chilling while it's nice and quiet and everyone is at home. It was too cold and windy this year though. I woke up and heard that my water pipes were finally thawed from the heater I set next to the frozen pipes, so that was a small miracle. I have been catching up on some Netflix and Star Trek Online. Made a nice little feast for myself at around 2, had a kitty cat nap, and been relaxing by the fireplace. I generally don't do holidays with family anymore. Even when it's "good times", it's still too dramatic and noisy for me. I just wish I wasn't stuck inside for a few days this time around. Kind of a meh closing to a meh year.

My heart goes out to all the people around Lake Erie that have suffered or died this weekend.

How was yours?


MaynardWaltrip OP t1_j1pmffl wrote

Glad your pipes thawed! Soo many people around here actually had there pipes burst apparently yesterday. I cannot even imagine.

I actually celebrated Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve day, so Christmas Day was a quiet one at home with the cats watching football and reflecting on a really good year. Very grateful. Thank you for asking.


TijuanaSunrise t1_j1p2fbt wrote

This has been my first week home since 2019, since then, divorced, moved, many family members died. It was nice to see dad and grab some Mineos, Steelers pulled off a rally, it’s good to be here with all of you.


immargarita t1_j1ooi5s wrote

Very sweet of you!!!! How was yours? I don't personally celebrate it anymore. I like the notion of Christmas but it feels weird as an atheist now. In addition, neither my partner nor I have family here so I have to say, it was a breeze. Just spent it packing and prepping for an upcoming move, which we're super excited about. These days we're just happy as heck for any days off, frankly. I'm giddily looking forward to the new year 🥳. Happy holidays, all!


hllewis128 t1_j1pt69l wrote

Fellow atheist here (and also anti-consumption). I’ve found it to be very fulfilling to create my own traditions around the Winter solstice. I give simple gifts, make a delicious (vegetarian!) feast for myself and any loved ones joining me that particular year, light a bunch of candles and have as much chocolate, cinnamon, and ginger as possible to stave off the cold.

This year, I added a new one into the mix—volunteering at a shelter, mission, soup kitchen, etc., on Xmas day or Xmas eve. Since that’s not much of a holiday to me, I can give the volunteers who want to celebrate a break.

Just a few ideas. I hope you find a winter holiday tradition that allows you to reflect and look ahead :)


immargarita t1_j1puc93 wrote

LOVE this!!!! 💕. Confirming atheists aren't devil worshippers 😹. There's so much I want to get into in this city. Just celebrated our 4th year in Pittsburgh, 3 of which have been mostly taken up by Covid, 2 of those 3 years spent renovating the soon-to-be new home.
Definitely want to volunteer for numerous causes. I'm a massive animal lover, so that will be one, for sure but I love the ones you're taking on, not just good for the needy but helping others is so good for one's own happiness, mental health, etc.

First, I have to work at getting my driver's license which I can't say I'm looking forward to 😶

Good wishes to you for the new year! 🥳


hllewis128 t1_j1qdx1t wrote

Good luck with the driver’s license and in 2023! :)


MaynardWaltrip OP t1_j1pn10l wrote

Good luck with the move! They aren’t the most fun but it sounds like you’ve got everything well under control! I actually celebrated Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve day, so Christmas Day was a quiet one at home with the cats watching football and reflecting on a really good year. Very grateful. Thank you for asking.


meresithea t1_j1ojbzp wrote

We had a great day, but then my partner and one of our kids tested positive for Covid. (So far, the other kids and I are negative.) We managed to avoid it up til now. Sigh…


carlykerfuffle t1_j1oqrr2 wrote

Truthfully, I’m having trouble staying smiley for my family. We went to visit my ailing grandma (87) to bring her food, and it just kinda dawned on me that she’s likely going to die soon. Seeing her in such condition really hurt my heart. My parents (62 and 60) are similarly reaching retirement age and I’m gonna be 30 in about a year and a half. The inexorable passage of time sort of put a damper on my holiday. I don’t need existential crises on Christmas. Even my mom noticed I was a bit sad today.

On the upside, I made my first ever tiramisu for Christmas Eve dessert and my family loved it.


Merzbenzmike t1_j1os3mz wrote

I kept Christmas as drama free as possible. My alcoholic girlfriend is killing my family relationships. I put her above others. When they (my family) are gone, all I will have is an alcoholic girlfriend who continues to use and avoid treatment. Why do I do this to myself? And I do do this to myself.

Yes, I attend Al-Anon. 💔😞


SystemOfADowneyJr t1_j1p509v wrote

Why do you stay? Is it because she’s hot and great in bed? Why would you let your gf ruin your family relationships?


Merzbenzmike t1_j1pqfwy wrote

Excellent question. I believe it’s called a codependency, as I am dependent on the person who is dependent on the alcohol.


Logical-Rip-8138 t1_j1opjqs wrote

Great day. We went to midnight mass, got home from there and went to bed at about 2am. Slept in, then drank some great coffee and had fun opening gifts. Then went and visited family. Home now relaxing.


Tasty_Bend t1_j1oy1ih wrote

Found out my husband has covid today and I woke up with vertigo so that was fun. Hopefully next Christmas is better.


Steven_Snippert t1_j1qo3oo wrote

I've had vertigo. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Get well soon.


Tasty_Bend t1_j1qzjtm wrote

Thank you! I agree it’s horrible! Today is better thank god.


fl0r1an2 t1_j1p2tlf wrote

Saw the new Avatar movie with my family! Enjoyed it


LadyDrakon t1_j1pwsm6 wrote

Overall - very, very good. Husband and I stayed home, put on Lord of the Rings and enjoyed Christmas with our cats. We made waffles, drank mimosas and relaxed.


chrishent t1_j1q1ohr wrote

I had an unexpected solo Christmas, as my travel plans had to be postponed until later this week. It was lonely at times, for sure, but I video called my family, made myself a delicious lentil soup, cuddled with my cat, watched movies (including 'Lightyear' :-) ), went for a walk, and had hot chocolate. A good day by just about any measure.

PS: Jared Leto's hard kombucha.


gracefulnesto t1_j1ojyqb wrote

I've been cooped up in a hotel in Tulsa. Could be worse or a hell of a lot better too. Haha


johnpgh t1_j1ot4jc wrote

I played scrabble online, talked to an old dear friend on the phone, watered a few plants, did a NYT crossword and started reading a new book. Video fireplace is on, candles are lit, and I had whole house Xmas music playing earlier. Not too shabby of a day. Going to keep reading till I go to bed.


Hagridsbuttcrack66 t1_j1pm51j wrote

Where do you play online? I was just looking for a site the other day and saw Pogo, but wasn't sure about the quality without paying.


johnpgh t1_j1r4ouv wrote

I play on scrabble go

It’s extremely ad heavy unless you pay a monthly fee which I do not.


robin_terrae t1_j1pkjl8 wrote

I’m out in Jersey visiting with my family. Things are going great, seeing cousins I haven’t seen in forever - then the roommate sends me a picture of her positive COVID test. Neither of us have had it yet. So now I get to go to Walmart and grab some tests to see if I have it too.


robin_terrae t1_j1sv7t3 wrote

Update: I’ve tested myself and I’ve been negative both times. Now I get to call my doctor tomorrow to reschedule my appointment since I’m guessing I’m hiding out in Jersey until she’s not contagious anymore. Guess it’s a good thing I took this week off from work. :)


hollowedoutsoul2 t1_j1qcpzi wrote

The guy who I was seeing totally ghosted me. I felt like it was going so damn well we were so happy together and I feel like my breath has been taken from me. It was the best I've ever been treated by a guy and he just threw it all away like that. Just goes to show no one is ever truly there for you 100%.

Been crying everyday for the last week but hey I had incredible Chinese food last night


history510 t1_j1qn36o wrote

I had a similar event occur in my life recently as well. Sending you positive thoughts for us both to recover.


hollowedoutsoul2 t1_j1qpzob wrote

Thank you. It makes it hard because I could have seen myself with this person and I was finally allowing myself the experience of just letting things happen as they were going so effin well. It's been a week since I've spoken to him but it feels like a huge loss

I hope we recover too


ManyariMagda t1_j1rxd2d wrote

Look up the following on YouTube…Toni Jones-F boys are tools of enlightenment. Sending your heart fortitude and love. If you need some sisterhood at any point, let me know.


hollowedoutsoul2 t1_j1rzp2t wrote

I'll look into this. Your offer for meeting up is so sweet. I've been trying to meet more friends and it's so incredibly hard when a lot of people are very flaky.


IClight69 t1_j1oqvl2 wrote

Took this one alone for the first time in my life, and that’s been more than a minute. Learning so much about people and myself. Unlearning what I thought I knew.


christopherokay t1_j1on88n wrote

it was great! not in pittsburgh atm but so happy to see the steelers win and to be back in the city soon. good health to everyone!


OM_Jesus t1_j1orh73 wrote

Could be worse. Wasn't able to fly out this year to spend it with family so stayed home and worked some OT. On top of that my furnace isn't blowing hot air anymore and my water pipes have been frozen for the past just about 2 days.

Not how I imagined my Christmas to be this year but hopefully it gets better going into the new year!


Metroidman t1_j1p4c6q wrote

It was alright but i am sick as a dog so i couldnt spend Christmas with family


SucksToYourAssmar3 t1_j1pv4ts wrote

I came dangerously close to being an “I hate Christmas” guy this year. I didn’t fall all the way, but it feels like it gets harder every year. I think next year I need to address some things. Family is always difficult and there isn’t much I can do to reasonably change that - I’m going to have to reframe how I celebrate the holiday.

And this was just a tough one, in general. Massive expensive furnace/HW tank replacement, sister’s on-going divorce with kids stuck in the middle, parent toxicity getting ever worse, fiancée’s parents in ill health, uncle’s heart attack, family friend snuffed herself accidentally by going to sleep with the car running in her garage…just one thing after the next lol


MaynardWaltrip OP t1_j1pypzq wrote

Holy smokes, mate. I don’t blame you one bit.


SucksToYourAssmar3 t1_j1q38nk wrote

It was a rocky one. Plus the temp drop. The furnace replacement was a buzzer beater late Thursday afternoon lol


Ok_Plane6153 t1_j1q78a7 wrote

A little rough but we still have a lot to be thankful for. A big thank you to everyone that works on Christmas. I agree with the sentiment that they shouldn’t have to but when a pipe bursts and there’s already fatigue from a medical situation….Dennys saved the day.

The expectations for what people feel Christmas needs to be is set way too high. Presents, sweaters, trees, lights, movies, music, food…it can give a magical feeling but if any or all of that doesn’t happen, it’s ok

The most magical feeling is finding a way to give, not get


ScrumGuz t1_j1qzxq4 wrote

Pipes burst 5 am Xmas morning. Still haven't been able to get a hold of a plumber. Currently waiting for that. Toilet upstairs water reserve is cracked so that's going to need to be replaced. Caught a mouse. Still have no water

Was funny driving around Christmas morning looking for a coffee shop open to poop at with a live mouse in a trap on my lap. Ended up going to Sheetz after setting the mouse free in Frick Park.


ManyariMagda t1_j1rwvuw wrote

This is such a sweet thread of support. Appreciate the OP for asking! Today was better but I traveled to see my dad in SC and him and I have a pretty strained relationship. Christmas Eve & Christmas were pretty rough. I never argue with anyone but him and it’s because his tone and words are so rude. That puts me in my defensive body and we’re both strong characters so it gets pretty amplified. I don’t think he’s ever met anyone willing to stand up to him as I do. Needless to say, when we go through this, it hits my nervous system pretty hard and always takes a few days to bounce back from. On the positive, I’m coming home with a lot of information to sit with that I know will help further my personal growth and understanding of self. I’m grateful. Sending love to all, especially if the past weekend was difficult. May we all hold and be held gently. Bless up, fam!


Willow-girl t1_j1opcz6 wrote



totmacherr t1_j1qm4w9 wrote

An hour after waking up, the pipes from the apartment above me broke, absolutely wrecking my bedroom. Absolutely the most chaotic Christmas!


Agreeable_Leopard_24 t1_j1qr3ey wrote

Idk it just kind of came and went I didn’t think about it too much


malepitt t1_j1qt39g wrote

I'm inside for awhile looking out [for health reasons] but any year when there is snow on the ground a week before or after Christmas, I mentally count this as a White Christmas, when I can snuggle against the elements, and reassure the cat that spring is only a couple of months away. Happy White Christmas Pittsburgh, hope yinz pipes dint freeze


Dapper_Target1504 t1_j1rsffk wrote

Popped a cbd gummie right before we walk into the in laws house and i must say it was definitely more entertaining than years past. Bil smoked a ham to perfection and my other bil had some pretty good scotch on hand


MaynardWaltrip OP t1_j1s7yrp wrote

You took some preparedness measures and it seemingly paid off!! Well done!


eaglemg1 t1_j1rywas wrote

What a thoughtful post. Thank you, OP. Some family health issues and frozen water pipes kinda put a bit of a dent in things. All things considered, it was still a nice holiday because I was with people I love. ❤️


alphaomegazoid t1_j1on112 wrote

3x since yesterday I have had a 4wd or awd tailgate me. Twice on backroads, once in cranberry. I've been accused of many things, but driving slow is not one of them. Anyone else have this happen? This afternoon I gad ny 80 yr old mother in passenger seat. just wtf?


Grimedog22 t1_j1pul7l wrote

It was good. Somber at many points, but still good.

Two grandparents died in 2022, along with my childhood cat. One of those grandparents’ birthday was also the 25th. So, difficult, but surprisingly manageable overall. I miss them all.

I’m a little irritated (albeit the thought is there and that’s what matters, so also grateful nonetheless) because I was gifted a few hobby-related items that I’m not sure what I’m going to do with (I knit, and I got a lot of…er, less than nice yarn). Most of these related items were very nice though. That’s my rant!


vonHindenburg t1_j1q33a6 wrote

Great! Lots of driving from Monroeville to Washington County and back. Relatives said they hit some ice on 819, but I never noticed anything but a bit of blown snow.

Our 5yo had a blast at both sets of grandparents and was great the whole time.

Merry Christmas!


Pitiful-Variety-5027 t1_j1rwqfu wrote

Awful. We are struggling so bad. Friend was supposed to bring some groceries from a list she asked me to.make for Wal-Mart bc we are sick. Kids with covid. Bailed last minute. No gifts bc things are really tight and just couldn't make it work. Friends who i thought were friends just aren't there. House is freezing and I'm just in over my head trying to make things work. Super depressing holiday and feeling pure guilt as a mom who didn't come through for my kids. Total rant.... Hope everyone has a great holiday with a better year to come 💓💓


Snow-Awayy t1_j1s8dvm wrote

I slipped on some ice and sprained my ankle.


_basquiat t1_j1smfzt wrote

The COVID finally got me and it got me good. I stayed away from everyone and suffered while my cat attended to me. I watched half of 3 different movies and cannot focus. Happy holidays!


FeedbackMotor5498 t1_j1rovry wrote

Well, my apartment burned down a few days ago, killing my best friend, my dog. So now I'm sleeping out of a tent in the snow. The fire was on the news and I'm so pathetic I can't even pull off a gofundme when that shit happens to me right before Christmas. So yeah, pretty fucked in the head right now