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MaynardWaltrip OP t1_j1one4b wrote

Holy smokes. I am so sorry. Lock down your social media and call a lawyer. She can be pissed all she wants but you’ve got her by the balls if you want to. Good luck.


late_apexes t1_j1oo0fa wrote

Yeah. I called her out. She kind of admitted it. My friend sent me the contact, so I have an attorney. He recommended I snoop her texts. It killed me, but I did it. It's a smoking gun. She realized I have the texts, and is losing her shit. It's not even remotely pretty. Especially with a 7 year old. I've asked her to leave by the 15th of January. It's an absolutely gut wrenching situation. I am about to lose 40% of my household income, plus a percentage in alimony, plus my son 50% of the time. And of course tons of other shit. All because she cheated.


MisanthropicFriend t1_j1oq1na wrote

I can’t imagine what that must feel like, I’m really sorry sir. :/


late_apexes t1_j1oro6o wrote

She could have left but instead decided to cheat. Cheating is basically meaningless legally, according to my attorney. This will be be my first and last marriage. I took care of her and my son in every way. I'm an idiot for getting married.


PoorGuyCrypto t1_j1ppg53 wrote

You aren't an idiot for getting married. Love is beautiful and we've been culturally conditioned that love + time = marriage.


late_apexes t1_j1pviir wrote

Never again will I get married. I am going to lose everything in this divorce. Getting married was the biggest mistake of my life. I will love again though.


PoorGuyCrypto t1_j1pwama wrote

Learning from a mistake pretty much THE sign of "not an idiot."

Cut yourself a ton of slack. People do shitty things and we all get caught in the crossfire.

I'm divorced. I probably won't do it again... but the mistake wasn't necessarily marriage. It was my choice of person.


late_apexes t1_j1pyuuo wrote

The problem I have is that my wife more or less refused to work for years. Yes, we have a child. Yes she was a stay at home mom. But to get by I worked two jobs, some times three to get us by. I have a masters degree and a decent full time job but life is expensive. I managed to buy our house by selling basically all of the things I had that were fun. My motorcycles for example. I got a small inheritance as well. Then I beg borrowed and stole my way into making it happen. She is going to take that from me and she contributed basically nothing asides from just being with me. She’s a good mom, but she’s never worked hard on much of anything. On top of that, now I will see my son 50% of the time I did before. It’s just such a bleak and brutal reality. I feel like a real dickhead.

Here is an interesting part of this story. After we had a bit of blow up in regards to this all, she begged me to have another kid. For years she has said that she is “one and done.” Years and years she’d say that. How do you go from a trying to fuck your boss, cheat on your husband, to wanting to have another kid?

I don’t know who this person is.


FlshTuxedoPinkTrpedo t1_j1qs86s wrote

I’m sorry for your situation, but I’m entirely invested in your story now. Please keep us updated. You’ll get though this.


HedgeRunner t1_j1vpi4k wrote

Goddamn man, I replied to one of your initial reply but reading all these details really infuriates me. When you have some time to process and deal with all this shit and craziness, hit me up if you're down and let me buy you a drink.


pittbiomed t1_j1pncvb wrote

Infidelity doesn’t mean much at all in a divorce in PA though . The courts don’t care who did what unless it’s a civil matter and someone is suing for $ . First hand experience on that one here lol