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BigJimmyRutherford t1_j1n1bu6 wrote

The Strip District isn't one entity, each store will be different.


Vertigo-153 t1_j1n36ig wrote

Post of the year, right here


Diligent-Car4148 OP t1_j1n7he6 wrote

Really. You've seen nothing worse than someone asking about business hours?


Ok-Recording2620 t1_j1qa9nb wrote

I don’t think you did anything wrong, a lot of places don’t have their holiday hours online


PaulyPlaya24 t1_j1nt4gr wrote

I just did a quick search. Pennsylvania macaroni Company a.k.a. Pennmac Is open 8 to 4. Presto George is closed. Stamoolis is closed. Colangelo’s bakery is closed. Jimmy and Nino Sunseri is open at 9 AM. Enricos Bakery is open at 9 AM also. These places are going to close like three or four in the afternoon for the most part. This is usually when they close anyway because like I said they are family businesses and not chains. So there are a few options. As you can see some are still celebrating the holidays because Monday is actually Christmas observed for some businesses.


unclestink t1_j1nu7le wrote

A lot of businesses in the Strip don’t open on Mondays, day after Christmas or not


PaulyPlaya24 t1_j1nryyt wrote

My suggestion would to venture down there. Some things will be open and maybe some not. Remember that these aren’t chains down there. The vast majority of the businesses are family run. Having said that, some of them may have decided to spend an extra day or two with their families during the holidays . The only way to know is by either calling or venturing down there yourself and as someone suggested, Google it. My bet is that most places Will open. I try not to be a smart ass and I hope that helps.


Diligent-Car4148 OP t1_j1o68vd wrote

Appreciate the suggestion. I only asked because I assumed people would post helpful responses, which you did. Plus lots of times people on Reddit enjoy answering questions that are easily Google-able. I didn't expect to get so much hate for it.


babyyodaisamazing98 t1_j1qnw43 wrote

This sub is full of some of the most selfish hatful people you could possibly imagine. People hate when you ask questions. This is about par for the course unfortunately. (Downvotes incoming)


Diligent-Car4148 OP t1_j1snogy wrote

Unfortunately I know. I've gotten hate for almost everything I've posted here and have gone back and deleted stuff because I'm afraid people will dig through my profile for fodder. Keep in mind my other posts were similar to this one... Nothing controversial.


PaulyPlaya24 t1_j1o7k3s wrote

From my experience with Reddit it seems to me that the average poster is a bit younger. Technically they’re not wrong about calling or finding out. Then again pretty much anything can be googled. There’s nothing wrong with possibly seeing if anyone knows first hand or works down there or wherever. I like technology like anybody else. There Is nothing wrong about having a human element about it also. It seems like a lot of posters under age 30 don’t have great communication skills yet are a bit smug and think they know everything.


cathistorylesson t1_j1npuae wrote

For what it’s worth, I live in Vegas and follow their subreddits as well, and I thought you were asking about our Strip (which will definitely be open tomorrow) and I got a tickle out of this.


kgreys t1_j1o0ubx wrote

I read this as: is the strip club opening tomorrow?


Diligent-Car4148 OP t1_j1n4lp1 wrote

Why are people down voting this?


ChinaLouise t1_j1n55le wrote

Probably because "the strip" isn't one business


timesuck t1_j1n5s75 wrote

And because Google exists, I’m guessing


thomasanderson123412 t1_j1ofdls wrote

The Googles isn't accurate around the holidays - you typically have to call each business.


tesla3by3 t1_j1n7xja wrote

But in a lot of business districts, many of the stores follow a similar open schedule. So the question is not out of line.


kay_bizzle t1_j1nz4x5 wrote

Because you can Google or call to find this out