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Lauuson t1_j20r0zu wrote

The fact that tourists generally don't know about Grandview Park.


cmyk412 t1_j20537c wrote

There’s none of that annoying snow removal equipment or salt trucks, especially when it’s icy. /s


DannyLameJokes t1_j204qu7 wrote

Hit and run accidents, slum lords, the occasional shooting a block from your house, tourist backing up the line on the inclines, having hiking trails and wildlife so close, bombing down green leaf street on a bike, trekking up to Bigham tavern during a snow storm.


nkksxxrcks t1_j20jkac wrote

I worked at Station Square at the time and couldn't beat the commute. Each day was a choice between the bus that stopped at the next house over, hiking to/from the T, walking to the incline, or getting a quick ride down the hill when my ex would leave for work.

I also liked having "somewhere to go" within walking distance. I spent a lot of time just walking around and getting good views to occupy myself. Extra points for having date-friendly things to do within walking distance.

But really other than that, it wasn't for me. There was always a lot of traffic and crime, only one grocery store, few options for gas. Getting up and down Sycamore in the winter was terrifying. And the tourists. The fucking tourists... I'm not patient enough to deal with them on such a consistent basis.


dellie44 t1_j20g1pw wrote

Watching fireworks without having to drive or go downtown.


Arctic16 t1_j20a7o6 wrote

The Summit, Monterey Bay, and Altius.


BeardedSquirrel94 t1_j20fgzn wrote

I lived on Pasadena for a year (July 2021-June 2022). I loved how much character the neighborhood had, and yet, it mostly was pretty quaint and calm, once beyond Grandview Ave and the renown tourist attractions nearby. The city only was a hop, skip, and a jump away and across the river but far enough away that it felt like home was only a quick getaway or escape, with a return to the city life within easy reach. There was quite the diversity in wildlife, as well, from regular deer passing by through my backyard, to stray cats (and my indoor kitten) chasing each other up and down the street, to groundhogs and birds casually going about their days. The gf and I had to move outside the city a bit for her work but hope to be back in the next couple years. Mt. Washington is #1 on the list for neighborhoods being considered.


MrChichibadman t1_j21aese wrote

U can get to any direction of the city/county very easily too.


kimbecile t1_j21i8rc wrote

Oo Pasadena. My craphole sister lived there in the late 70's early 80's. Forgot about that street. My little brother and I had a blast running around down there.


Maumee-Issues t1_j21l4q3 wrote

The Star Wars prequels pop machine near the fire house


fugly16 t1_j2097mw wrote

Lived there for like 6 years or so. My favorite thing was I could walk to work if I felt like it (downtown)


Pensfan66595 t1_j20f3lm wrote

When the Monongahela Incline is running, it's so much fun to walk to and from Pirate/Steeler games.


bigbike1312 t1_j24ewps wrote

How long does that walk take you??


Pensfan66595 t1_j24huwd wrote

30-45 mins depending on the wait at the Incline. I'm tall and a fast walker as well.


dormontster t1_j20tfzr wrote

I’ve just been in town for six years, but have taken every out of town visitor we’ve had to see the city from Mt Washington. I like that it just feels like a neighborhood up there and doesn’t feel developed to cater to tourists. It’s just a Pittsburgh neighborhood with an exceptionally good view.


pghreddit t1_j21y30x wrote

Our Shop N Save rocks! They’re like a family there and everyone is themselves in style and personality. They really take pride in their work! And the store is always clean and organized!


competentcuttlefish t1_j24eumg wrote

I highly, highly disagree. I think the Shop N Save here is awful. Not the employees, but the selection and quality. The produce always looks like it's already on the way out, and if you're looking for things beyond the bare basics, they won't have it.


TauterStatue t1_j20pc3l wrote

Olympia Park and the hiking trails


ithinktreesaregreat t1_j210ag6 wrote

I walk my dog on Grandview every day and never get sick of the view. Restaurants are pretty good and within walking distance. People are mostly pretty nice and there’s a sense of community.


flashingc t1_j21gnhw wrote

Riding my bike up to the top and then devouring Onion Maiden.


poodog13 t1_j21gyg9 wrote

It’s height relative to the rest of the city


RamblinMan72 t1_j20rdgn wrote

Visitng the overlook on a weeknight (usually not as busy with tourists). Eating at Bingham Tavern.


ididacannonball t1_j22t79u wrote

The entire trail system going all around it. You get such beautiful views of the city beyond the standard one from Grandview Ave.


gracefulnesto t1_j20zo4o wrote

Yinz know George Washington slept under the incline?


J_Business_ t1_j20yavd wrote

That I don't live there anymore!

Honestly, living there was a nightmare for me for many reasons that I won't get into here.


Sky329 t1_j21yiw4 wrote

Most popular neighborhood in Pittsburgh by far….. If a new visitor wanted to see one thing, that’s the best place to show in the city


oblivia17 t1_j221slh wrote

It's not where I live


JAK3CAL t1_j22h3ro wrote

It is a central access point to anywhere else in the greater pittsburgh area. I loved living there


mcdonaldsfrenchfri t1_j233wpx wrote

it was where my partner and I had our first kiss when I just turned 18. it was my first time being up there. now we’re about to celebrate my 21st!


nelphoto t1_j2271ag wrote

I lived up there for 8 years.

The things I liked:

The views and bars/restaurants are nice, and the short commute to station square. The trails are great too!

Things I hated:

The tourists hogging up the incline forcing me to have to walk down sycamore and the old vineclife steps many times. Or just having the incline break down.


matildaisdead t1_j22jm3o wrote

I used to live on Mt. Washington and trying to get to my house after work was a nightmare some days. I overheard a kid ask his mom what the incline was for and she said “so visitors to the city can see the view” and I was like “uh yes but also no ma’am, this is how we get home from work.” She had no idea people lived there.


chrishent t1_j244hd0 wrote

I've always wondered if Mt. Washington and Duquesne Heights residents could convince PAT/PRT and the operator of the Duquesne Incline to have a dedicated, priority line for them to use the inclines.


nelphoto t1_j24nvwn wrote

That would be awesome! I'd be all for that!


uglybushes t1_j2095ey wrote

Nicest Ice cream shop in the city! Coffee too


mmphoto412 t1_j20wj6u wrote


This must be from the clown that owns those two places


ithinktreesaregreat t1_j2103c5 wrote

I’m sorry but that coffee shop on Shiloh is terrible. I ordered a mocha and it tasted like weak drip coffee with Swiss miss. Never went back.


uglybushes t1_j213xc8 wrote

Oh I’m 100% joking. They are both shit holes w a jagoff owner.


mmphoto412 t1_j28zd2g wrote

Damn it…. We can’t detect sarcasm anymore


weaponizedbeanfarts t1_j214r0k wrote

My hatred of this clown and his fucking coffee/ ice cream cannot be overstated.