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IrrumaboMalum t1_j23e599 wrote

No matter where you go, they will likely have to replace the entire tail light assembly. So you may be better off ordering one online and replacing it yourself since most tail light assemblies only require basic tools to unmount and remount.

There should be no wiring involved if your tail light uses a regular light bulb. If it's an LED tail light it may be more complicated, but should still be something you can do yourself.


CARLEtheCamry t1_j23ved2 wrote

> Where can I go in the city that is cheap and fast - and importantly won’t rip me off.

> Please help! TIA. 🤞🏼

Will have red scotch tape from Target over it by the weekend


cmyk412 t1_j23npow wrote

Another vote for do it yourself. In my VW Jetta it took me maybe 10 minutes to swap out my tail light assembly and I only needed a regular (flat) screwdriver. I found the same assembly for my model and year on eBay for like $30.


Wide-Concert-7820 t1_j24a1fu wrote

And the shop would have been at least 200. Labor is 100 an hour right now with a 1 hour min.


Big_League227 t1_j23jkw2 wrote

You are better off to do it yourself. Go to carparts dot com and search for your year make and model of taillight. They have just the covers for some makes/models. Any shop you take it to is going to have to order the part and you'll be waiting anyways.... why not just try it yourself? YouTube videos would show you how. Trust in yourself to try to do something you normally might not try!


Wide-Concert-7820 t1_j24ag9e wrote

Also have to second this. For something not drive train related, YouTube + RockAuto. Even if you take it somewhere else, you will learn the complexity and cost and not be taken for your money.


DeleteSystem33 t1_j23q06m wrote

Unless it's something crazy-fucky like everyone says it should just be a pop out/pop in kind of situation. If you want a hand finding a cheap replacement post up your make/model/year and ideally a photo of it since sometimes there's variations in a vehicle, and someone can help you find something.

I'd be more than happy to help you with this, I've been through it way more than I'd like to admit.


put_the_ux_in_sux t1_j2506fq wrote

Subaru is the only car I can think of that’s hell on earth to replace the lights.

This is also one of the easiest things to do on even a Mercedes.


Small-Cherry2468 t1_j244afu wrote and put it in yourself. Every body shop is crushed with work in the pittsburgh area that I know of.


[deleted] OP t1_j23f5yc wrote



IrrumaboMalum t1_j23jt6q wrote

Tail light assemblies are single piece now. You can't replace just the cover - you have to remove and replace the entire assembly.


thomasanderson123412 t1_j23lhy4 wrote

You can probably get a used cover on eBay or at a local Pick and Pull, then install it yourself. you can find a parts assembly or call your local dealer's parts counter to get the part number so when you search online you'll be sure to get the right part.


Pencilveinyah t1_j23l5k0 wrote

Changing a full tail light assembly is pretty simple. I had to do it on my SUV and was nervous about it but I changed both lights in like 20 minutes and it was easily done. Ease of installation depends on the type of vehicle I assume but I’ll bet you can do it with a little help from a YouTube video.


westinghousesghost t1_j23ysg9 wrote

If you posted year/make/model and which side got damaged, I'd bet the sub could've sources you a whole new assembly and provided simple DIY instructions by now


Zenith2017 t1_j2595vb wrote

If you need to wait for any reason but want to drive legal, just get some red scotch tape and cover it up. They make tape for this purpose as well, hit up Amazon. Served me fine for a few weeks when the same happened to me and the tail light assembly was on back order.


NZCUTR t1_j296gap wrote

Millerstown Pick a Part. Check inventory online and see if they have your car. If you're lucky, they might have several to choose from and also make sure you have the procedure practiced before beating on your own machine.


oxfordclubciggies t1_j24mdku wrote

Unless it's a much older car, the "cover" is part of the tail light assembly. It's all one sealed piece and the whole assembly will need replaced. As others have said, if you post the make/year/model of the vehicle we can probably direct you to a replacement part and instructions or even a you tube video showing you how to replace it yourself for WAY cheaper than any shop will do it.


pittbiomed t1_j25lv0t wrote

Seriously try Amazon or eBay and buy one to replace . It’s super easy to do it as well


JAK3CAL t1_j266us3 wrote

This is a DIY, these assemblies are cheap, and plug and play. Usually only require a screwdriver. Throw your model and make and I’ll find you a walkthrough YouTube video it’ll be so simple


Successful_Search254 t1_j26fz9j wrote

This is like a 10 minute job, save your money and do it yourself.


Grouchy-Estimate-756 t1_j29lwz7 wrote

It's likely a very easy repair on your own. Do a search of YouTube videos for your make and model to be sure it's something you can handle.