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Powdrtostman t1_j169dqe wrote

I recently had an unpleasant interaction with a crazy homeless man. He kept yelling that my coworker and I are "pre-masonic n####r, Jews". He also made sure to specify it's "not n###a, n####r". We're both white and not Jewish.


uswforever t1_j1688kk wrote

He may be a little bit more flamboyant than most, but sadly he is far from alone there. Makes me sad to admit I live in Plum.


mama-tried-34 t1_j168lfy wrote

Yeah, I grew up there. Hasn't changed much since I left.


uswforever t1_j168wuz wrote

I did too. Unfortunately, I don't remember it as being quite as bad. It always seemed to me growing up that the good people in Plum outnumbered the assholes, and that seems to have changed.. Though I suppose my perceptions could be off.


Bungalow_Man t1_j16f50q wrote

The assholes are everywhere. They always have been, they just weren't always emboldened to be in your face about it. That's what happens when we have shitty "leaders" that not only don't denounce this crap but spew it themselves.


DIY_Creative t1_j18gdml wrote

Nah your perceptions are spot on! The assholes FAR outnumber the good people in Plum. There seems to be a real increase in vocal assholes in Plum the last few years...I mean there's always been an undercurrent and reputation of Plum being that way, but with social platforms and these fucking assholes feeling like they have a forum (as u/Bungalow_Man points out) it's been real bad lately. Someone in my neighborhood is fucking flying a QAnon flag prominently outside their house. What's funny is I live in an older neighborhood and most of my immediate neighbors are older and have lived there for decades and they are good, salt of the earth people.


Logical-Rip-8138 t1_j16oyyf wrote

Wonder if it’s the holiday park state store?


uswforever t1_j16qikh wrote

That's the only one in Plum that I can even think of. Unless there's one in unity. But that would be silly, there's one in Penn hills by community market.


mmphoto412 t1_j18mgvq wrote

Did Sean Parnell crawl out of his cave?


mysecondaccountanon t1_j188cdd wrote

I love it (/hj) when antisemites online (and IRL) tell me I’m not white cause I’m Jewish, cause my skin’s so pale I’m usually whiter than themmm like you’re really gonna tell me I’m not white? Seriously though, noticing a large uptick in the already more prevalent antisemitic incidents like these, hoping everyone is staying safe.


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FreeCashFlow t1_j16w5ku wrote

Being an ignorant, hateful asshole is not a mental illness. I wish it were because then maybe we could cure it.


SouthHillsPeeper t1_j16xwy8 wrote

conspiratorial beliefs absolutely can be associated with mental illness.


BlueEyedSoul2 t1_j16zk5b wrote

Conspiratorial beliefs absolutely can not be associated with mental health as well.


GargantuanWitch t1_j190sg4 wrote

Are you a psychotherapist? If you're not, that's gross. Those of us with mental illness don't generally go around assuming that any woman who does something we don't like is "menopausal."


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GargantuanWitch t1_j191ski wrote

Then whichever professional organizations you belong to would likely cringe at how you're using your education to dismiss/make fun of others. Congrats!


GargantuanWitch t1_j19dtjr wrote

Color me shocked that a self-avowed cat lady isn't an actual psychotherapist when they claim they are!


Karma4Clunkerz t1_j18ih6s wrote

Id think a dipshit would be more slimy than crusty


penndawg84 t1_j191beb wrote

Depends on if the shit is fresh or has had time to dry. By the time they’re passing out antisemitic flyers, it’s in a state where it’s crusty but still smells.


Beginning_Ad_6616 t1_j18p6h7 wrote

Plum; home of the wannabe redneck population of Pittsburgh. Jews aren’t white, SMH, i guess they never heard of Ashkenazi Jews.


Pittman247 t1_j1afcle wrote

Agree 100%, OP. Fuck people like this.


nathan0721 t1_j19j29m wrote

My advice is to not spread awareness of these people. In my opinion it's like if this guy or a racist payed for a billboard with their slogans on it.


[deleted] t1_j18bf6p wrote



GargantuanWitch t1_j1930mj wrote

>Jews do this all the time

If you've ever wondered "Am I the asshole here" I think the above has your answer.


penndawg84 t1_j190zfn wrote

Actually, there are several different types of ethnicities described as Jewish (e.g., Ashkenazi). It’s almost as if a group of people of a certain religion have been so marginalized and isolated, whether de jure or de facto, for centuries and it was enough for ethnogensis to occur. Also, looking at genetics, most (or all?) Jewish ethnolinguistic groups trace their roots to the Levant (part of the Middle East, where Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and parts Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt are located)


GargantuanWitch t1_j19386l wrote

"Wait till we tell 'em Jesus didn't have long straight Miss Breck hair and blue eyes!"


Alt_North t1_j19v2x3 wrote

They're an historically persecuted and scapegoated minority which also, as a separate matter, usually gets to enjoy White privilege.

There is no such thing as a "White" race or ethnicity by the way, there is only White privilege. For example someone might be British, Nordic, Irish or Italian, but the only thing that makes them "White" is how historically they've marginalized darker-complected peoples. So yeah Jews can be "White" and also suffer their own problems lol


Strongbow85 t1_j1c52oo wrote

> White privilege

Give the "white privilege" crap a rest. If you're white and poor nobody gives a shit about you. In 21st century America you're only privileged if you have money.


Alt_North t1_j1c7pv1 wrote

If you're white and poor nobody gives a shit about you (if you're ANYBODY nobody but your mom gives a shit about you) but they probably trust you more than if you're non-white and poor


Strongbow85 t1_j1c81v7 wrote

Money is what gives you power in the United States, if you have money people "give a shit." All these cultural wars and race issues just further divide us while the middle class slowly disappears. A lot of corporations promote "woke" issues in the United States, then they turn around and use slave labor overseas.


Alt_North t1_j1c87kn wrote

Sure these cultural wars and race issues just further divide us, but that doesn't mean they're not primary to a lot of people. It's not manufactured only because they're promoted as "woke," many people fucking believe and care primarily about that, without being coached into it. We're not talking about "power" we're talking about, "Which powerless peons are least likely to shoplift from and cheat me?" And the answer to that hinges on prejudice


Strongbow85 t1_j1ca36p wrote

Everyone should be treated equal, but this current woke movement looks at everything through the lens of race, it's shallow and insincere. It's almost racist in itself. I judge a person by the content of their character not by the color of their skin. "White privilege" is a bullshit term exploited by certain influential groups to keep the lower and middle classes divided.

For example, if you're Jeff Bezos you'd much prefer having culture wars than for blacks, whites, Hispanics, etc. working together to fight for better working conditions at Amazon warehouses. Look at Starbucks, they're very progressive and inclusive until it comes to labor issues and their profits. Foreign adversaries, particularly Russia, exploit these divisions with active measures and disinformation, both on the right and left. It sows discord and weakens us as a society.


Alt_North t1_j1dsh05 wrote

> I judge a person by the content of their character not by the color of their skin.

No you don't. Not always or totally. Neither do I.


ttsignal24 t1_j16oier wrote

People are dumb. Move on. I do not believe in Racists. I do belive in assholes. Until we stop calling people racists / anti gay / etc... We are doomed. We need to start laughing at them, realize they are simply assholes. Assholes that are in such a small irrelevant number that nobody cares. No shouting back no protesting. Just go about your day. Numbers will decline further. Which equals a few less assholes.

That fact that we give them names (racists etc) makes them feel relevant. And they are not.

Fyi... I'm anti vax. But would never tell someone else to be. Thought I would toss that curveball in there.

Mentally ill get a pass.


Zenith2017 t1_j16v8mh wrote

local white man doesn't believe in racism, more at 9


jralll234 t1_j176oql wrote

I watch late night news at 11, I’m not a psychopath!


WhyHulud t1_j16rage wrote

You can't ignore the evil and bad-willed into changing. That only encourages their cause.


ttsignal24 t1_j16s9rv wrote

Nope...make them irrelevant. I ignore them. Sometimes I chuckle, but I hate when that happens.


war321321 t1_j17d75v wrote

You get to ignore them because you aren’t their primary target. When these people are left to stew in their own hatred, they end up killing people. That’s a fact.


ttsignal24 t1_j17en86 wrote

Well thankfully your theory is keeping us all safe..... Who's target am I? If I told you I am from the Philippines and.married to a white Man would I be safe?


I guess people you think are racist are not assholes?


Bengthedog t1_j170h45 wrote

I feel like there is a famous poem about this…

First they came for the Jews but I didn’t do anything because they were just assholes so I ignored it

Something like that


Col__Hunter_Gathers t1_j16zxlw wrote

What a blissfully ignorant life you must live


ttsignal24 t1_j175hbo wrote

Yeah, it's pretty good. I've learned to not let others take slices out of my pie. And those that try, I just put in the asshole category. Working good so far.


Col__Hunter_Gathers t1_j17ia7b wrote

So you just say "not my problem" constantly. Got it. In that case I'll just assume you're one of my coworkers since that seems to be their mantra.


ttsignal24 t1_j17jkvv wrote

Yeah... That's close to what I said?!? Sounds like you need to find another job and stop playing the victim. But that would be to easy. Plus you would not have anything to be a crying child about. Grow up. Look around. And grab a better mindset and opertunities that are everywhere.
Make yourself proud. I'm rooting for you.


Zenith2017 t1_j19ro62 wrote

And when those assholes come to shoot up a club or synagogue full of your loved ones, do you just ignore that too?


EveryoneisOP3 t1_j178vtd wrote

>I do not believe in Racists

What does this even mean?


GargantuanWitch t1_j191dx8 wrote

It means "I pass for white and have never experienced racism before, so I don't believe it's ever happened to anyone else."


ttsignal24 t1_j179o9k wrote

Some people are assholes. Why credit them by calling them what they want to be called. If you do not like the color of another's skin, you are just an asshole.

You folks are taking it the wrong way. Holy shit.


Piplup_parade t1_j18c2ll wrote

Disliking someone for their skin color is probably the most basic and straightforward definition of racism imaginable


aboutsider t1_j188ylu wrote

Hahaha, you think racists want to be called racist?


Alt_North t1_j19ujub wrote

If you're insisting "stop complaining about racism" with a preachy side of "grab a better mindset, opportunities are everywhere" (?? what does that have to do with anything ??) we're not taking anything you're saying the wrong way, we just find your militant lack of conscientiousness weird, and insistence everyone should shut up and quietly accept assholish bigotry a bit threatening


YinzerJagsNat t1_j177puc wrote

So... you're an incredibly stupid racist? Got it. Don't breed. We have enough half:bright cousinhumpers thanks.


ttsignal24 t1_j177wvz wrote

How you could take anything I said is Racist.... I'm not.


GargantuanWitch t1_j1ao621 wrote

"I'm not a racist just because I see nothing wrong with racism."


ttsignal24 t1_j1b2mu4 wrote

Then change you ways my friend. There is still time to right your wrongs.


Piplup_parade t1_j18bvzx wrote

Yeah I’m sure if we just ignored the people associating Jewish people with the devil in the 20th century, everything would have been fine


aboutsider t1_j188qfb wrote

Why don't you just go ahead and point to all those times in history where marginalized people advanced because they ignored/laughed at those who oppose their existence?


GargantuanWitch t1_j1915tw wrote

>Assholes that are in such a small irrelevant number that nobody cares. No shouting back no protesting. Just go about your day. Numbers will decline further. Which equals a few less assholes.

Tell me you've enjoyed white privilege your entire life without telling me you've enjoyed white privilege your entire life.


irishhank t1_j18641m wrote

Such a wise soul. Doesn’t think racism exists and a proud pure blood. Please don’t procreate.


mysecondaccountanon t1_j188490 wrote

Every single sentence of this gave me whiplashhhhh I swearrr like I’m laughing at the absolute absurdity at this and at the same time I’m cringing cause there’s actually people (like you) out there who are genuinely like this. Like my gosh, what alternate reality are you living in?