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naturalheel t1_j2b0a2u wrote

If the shirt does not fit, you must acquit.


Scuba1993 t1_j2b0eri wrote

Wow, this sub has really took a turn for the worst.


ohidontthinks0 t1_j2b5vw2 wrote

Channel “the kids” of yore and turn it into a back patch.


bogboogie t1_j2bnhon wrote

Have you talked to your girlfriend about this? Is your girlfriend upset that you don't like the size, or is she upset that you won't wear the shirt (and you haven't told her why)? Because if it's the former, that probably warrants a larger discussion.

Not even getting into why this question isn't on the AITA subreddit but I swear most of these AITA questions could be solved by basic communication instead of asking some internet strangers what they think


Affectionate_Crab773 t1_j2b6iha wrote

If you dont feel comfortable wearing a tight shirt that she gave you in public, you are in no way the A!


freestyle43 t1_j2c78x8 wrote

This is not the sub for this bullshittery.


uglybushes t1_j2c1xye wrote

Dump her, get off Facebook, hit the gym