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nesquiksand2 t1_j20tx8h wrote

There are, of course, cities with more breweries, and cities with great breweries. But, as a big fan of, well, drinking, I believe that what makes Pittsburgh unique are the varieties of breweries. Looking for sours, try Strange Roots, or the kettle sours at Hitchhiker or Grist House. Looking for hazy boys? Check out Dancing Gnome. Looking for something traditional? Penn, or even Hofbrahaus, the Church, or Golden Age. Hell, we even have a gluten free brewery. Want a Caribbean themed brewery? Want mead instead? We got 'em. Every brewery does a great job at creating their own sense of style as well. I've been to other cities, and while the beers are good, A lot of them just sort of feel like a brewery, and they tend to run together. There's a reason why the national homebrewers convention was here this year, it's because we got good stuff, and something for everyone!


oldschoolskater OP t1_j20o3uw wrote

I know these articles are cheesy but we'll take it.

"Raise your mug and toast yourselves. For the second straight year, Pittsburgh has been named the best city in America for beer drinkers."


krayhayft t1_j20vc8c wrote

Pittsburgh is a drinking town with a football problem.


Rook22Ti t1_j20tvwp wrote

Milwaukee... boy is it hard to not think of Miller and Pabst. I bet the locals micros hate that association.

Edit: Oof, I missed St. Louis at #4 somehow.


_MobyHick t1_j21gbgv wrote

Brewers are great and I wouldn't change a thing about them, except that maybe some of them are really too into hops.


ginbear t1_j21h159 wrote

You will drink your quadruple hops xterminator ipa and you will like it.


ElJamoquio t1_j221h6m wrote

> some of them are really too into hops


Sometimes it's tough to find anything on offer between 10IBU and 60IBU, both of which are not to my palate.


atree496 t1_j248s5k wrote

IBU, now that is a term I haven't seen in ages.

It's a really bad way to describe a beer since different ways of producing the liquid can either make bitterness more or less pronounced. Also, 10 - 60? That is literally everything except for Double IPAs, which are above that. This is why the measurement is worthless.


ElJamoquio t1_j24alkr wrote

Every brewery seems to have beers between 50 and 70; with one lone version of miller light at 10.

None of those beers appeals to me.


atree496 t1_j251a4p wrote

Again, not only are you wrong about selection, but most breweries don't advertise their IBUs so I don't know where you are getting those numbers.


ElJamoquio t1_j25p4e6 wrote

> Again, not only are you wrong about selection

Wow, I stand corrected, u/atree496 said that the last ten brewpubs I visited didn't all suffer from the exact same problem, and he's on the internet and says he knows.


CBScott7 t1_j2182ad wrote

I'm born and raised in Pittsburgh, currently live here, but still love the Asheville, NC area much more for beer and such. I would almost make the same argument for Harper's Ferry area...

Any city that trucks can deliver to will jave good beer if there aren't breweries nearby.


bagofweights t1_j219tf5 wrote

columbus has far more breweries - i think it’s like 3rd in the nation (or was?). i guess the rankings were kind of weird, though - based on per 100k residents and prices.


nesquiksand2 t1_j220mtj wrote

Part of it was based on price per beer as well, which I found interesting. I've never been to Asheville, but I've heard from some people that all the breweries there can be a bit overwhelming, like it's a bit more quantity than quality.


bagofweights t1_j228jmt wrote

i guess i just don’t see how having slightly cheaper beer makes it a “beer town”? not a dis on pgh at all, just odd.


CBScott7 t1_j21akfh wrote

Well fuck me then... because Iron City is cheap and is absolute garbage

No wonder Pittsburgh is #1 🤣


ClammyHandedFreak t1_j22fyoy wrote

When you live in a city and don’t care where it ranks on this list because it’s so good, then I feel like it’s #1 anyways for all practical purposes.

No place I’d rather live.


chippersonofYork t1_j21d5c3 wrote

$1.50 beers during Steelers games. Even the homeless can afford