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Strongbow85 t1_j27utjz wrote

Reply to comment by oppiewan in Skunk Hollow by kuiil_001

I didn't know that was proposed, he's buried in nearby Calvary Cemetery.


oppiewan t1_j28odkv wrote

Not enough of us did. The meeting was 2pm on a Tuesday or something.

A real shame. The "Kane Bridge" sounds like Cambridge so it would have even sounded fancy.


LostEnroute t1_j29iz71 wrote

I think I'll just start calling it the John Kane Bridge, since Greenfield Bridge is not even official.

>NOTE: The bridge’s real name is the “Beechwood Boulevard Bridge,” nicknamed the Greenfield Bridge. The “Beechwood Boulevard” name was carved in stone (below) on the original bridge. These stones will be installed on the new bridge before it opens.


oppiewan t1_j29ki4z wrote

Let's do it. The John Kane Bridge it is.