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acadian_cajun OP t1_j1v49bl wrote

TLDR: UPMC insurance is withdrawing coverage from dozens of small-scale pharmacies, forcing people in rural areas to either travel great differences to chain pharmacies like CVS, or to use partner Express Scripts to get prescriptions in the mail.

UPMC Mercy literally saved my dad's life last week during a major health emergency, but this pattern of monopolistic control just isn't good for anyone.


Ok-Twist921 t1_j1vevf3 wrote

The workers did what workers do (save lives) and the sociopaths in suits are doing what they do. It’s terrible.


acadian_cajun OP t1_j1vgzwn wrote

There was hundreds of millions worth of research and tens of millions worth of equipment that went into the procedure— society needs both good conscientious workers and complex systems, but we also need to be aware of tumors in the systems so we can untangle them.


pghgreatest t1_j1xcuy1 wrote

The whole system is set up without transparency on purpose so people can’t understand/follow where all the $ goes


coatedingold t1_j202k1g wrote

CVS is actually one of the pharmacies being dropped.