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PGHthrowaway393 t1_j1v87nx wrote

I work for UPMC and they keep pushing us into offering a home delivery service called Mosaic Pharmacy to our patients. It’s such bullshit.


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AlleghenyCityHolding t1_j1w18jy wrote

PORTLAND, ME. – October 5, 2016 – RxAnte, a leading provider of solutions that improve the use of prescription medications, announced today that it has received a growth equity investment from UPMC Enterprises. Under the terms of the transaction closed on Sept. 30, Millennium Health sold its entire interest in RxAnte, which will continue to operate as an independent company, led by its existing management team.

"Mosaic combines technology with a comprehensive clinical care model to create outcomes unlike other pharmacies. Therapeutic Decision Support™ (TDS), powered by RxAnte’s analytics, helps Mosaic pharmacists optimize our members’ medication regimens. Supported by this technology, we can better coordinate with prescribers to add, remove, or change medications to maximize therapeutic effect, while ensuring the patient is paying the lowest possible copays for their medications."


PGHthrowaway393 t1_j1w15v9 wrote

I think you’re right every time we have a meeting on it a UPMC employee is the one in charge of the meeting


IAmMostDope92 t1_j1w5s0k wrote

Idk how you can work for them. Assuming you’re on the phones, I almost had a mental breakdown myself after 3 months. Fuck them.


PGHthrowaway393 t1_j1w73un wrote

I’m not telephonic I’m a social worker so it’s not strict phones all day.

But to answer your question I don’t know how I can work for them either I hate it here


Collins71514 t1_j22p3zd wrote

Same, I did 3 months in the cardiac dept and I couldn’t do it anymore, I went to a private practice after that. It’s insane how much bullshit goes on behind closed doors, they way they treat their own is just out of this world awful.


IAmMostDope92 t1_j24cm57 wrote

Pretty sure they stalk their employees and spy on them too.