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IAmMostDope92 t1_j1w5s0k wrote

Idk how you can work for them. Assuming you’re on the phones, I almost had a mental breakdown myself after 3 months. Fuck them.


PGHthrowaway393 t1_j1w73un wrote

I’m not telephonic I’m a social worker so it’s not strict phones all day.

But to answer your question I don’t know how I can work for them either I hate it here


Collins71514 t1_j22p3zd wrote

Same, I did 3 months in the cardiac dept and I couldn’t do it anymore, I went to a private practice after that. It’s insane how much bullshit goes on behind closed doors, they way they treat their own is just out of this world awful.


IAmMostDope92 t1_j24cm57 wrote

Pretty sure they stalk their employees and spy on them too.