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jaygibby22 t1_j1wh9s4 wrote

I’ve complained to my state rep and senator about this because my pharmacy is set to lose a large portion of our patients, some of which have been coming to my pharmacy for 20-30 years. The pharmacies they are being sent to have unpredictable hours due to staffing shortages and are known for poor customer service. This was not a decision made by our pharmacy. When we (and other pharmacies) reached out to UPMC to get back in network, they offered a contract where we would get paid less than the cost of the medication for a large number of drugs. Their options are literally lose business because you are no longer preferred or lose money because they won’t even pay for the services we provide.


Kyliep87 t1_j1xie0s wrote

Can you DM me your pharmacy name if it’s in the south hills? I may be switching pharmacies. Thanks!


jaygibby22 t1_j1yr985 wrote

Unfortunately, I’m from the Altoona area and can’t be of service for you. I would typically suggest checking out independent pharmacies or grocery store pharmacies. You’ll tend to get better service there.


Kyliep87 t1_j1zn8at wrote

Yes for sure. I go to my current pharmacy because my friend from pharmacy school is the manager there - makes life easier. But I really should support an independent pharmacy.