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felonlover t1_iznhta7 wrote

I rep the black and gold every day on my vacation hoping someone will ask me if I am from Pittsburgh.


Dry-Anywhere-1372 t1_iznng4e wrote

Yanno no’erryone knows dem kelers mean yer from Pixburgh.


Western_Ad9334 t1_iznny3p wrote

🤣🤣🤣 pixburgh never realized I talk like that


Dry-Anywhere-1372 t1_iznp1p7 wrote

Yinzers that are “reaaaaally” in the city-bet yo ass.

I actually get super pumped (and not in a mocking manner, at all) when I hear someone who’s got a really thick Pittsburgh accent.

It’s part of our heritage that’s sadly associated with “lower classes”, like the Townie accent in Boston.

I don’t want it to go away.


LordPablo412 t1_izomhvq wrote

“You mean you don’t wear Lions jerseys to church in Michigan?”


skankin22jax t1_iznk0qu wrote

“It’s time for…the Fedko zone”


gldmj5 t1_izomcz8 wrote

Best part of of the Fedko Zone were the prank calls


ryfitadf t1_iznkysp wrote

"How bout, instead, we just build a smaller bridge below it to catch any falling debris?"


purplegladys2022 t1_izoxc3f wrote

I can't remember which came first, the lower bridge or the diaper???


hydrospanner t1_izpkbbh wrote

Diaper first.


purplegladys2022 t1_izptitk wrote

Right, then the under bridge to catch the stuff from the overflowing diaper. Kicked that can for about 35 years...


Camp_Fritz t1_iznoe9d wrote

Basement pencil sharpener


Dancing2Days t1_iznwl9m wrote

I live in my brother-in-law’s former house, next to my husband’s grandmother, where we have Sunday dinners of stuffed cabbage and pierogis, and everyone has the same hairstyle that we did thirty years ago. There may or may not be signed Penguins memorabilia adorning the dining room.


fleetiebelle t1_izp4f0i wrote

We've never left Pittsburgh outside of our annual vacation to Myrtle Beach.


icestormsurfing t1_izo6tfb wrote

I once worked with a guy who lived on the same block that he grew up on and that his wife grew up on and both families still all lived there.


Dancing2Days t1_izodtnr wrote

My anecdote is totally autobiographical. Very common situation in North Versailles. 😂


ohiwen t1_izsx6t7 wrote

There def is sports memorabilia in the dining room and dare I say some kind of Pittsburgh sports commemorative glass set or decorative plates? (Not ever to actually use tho!)

Bonus Yinz points if they involve the 1970s era Steelers.


Dancing2Days t1_izt18my wrote

Oh absolutely! Photograph of the Immaculate Reception beside a shrine to the Virgin Mary.


North-seaweed t1_izncse7 wrote

"Can I get a pound of chipped ham?"


[deleted] t1_izndopw wrote

Pushes outdated stroller through Little Italy Days crowd while smoking cigarette


skankin22jax t1_iznk31o wrote

“There’s never a fee unless we get money for you!”


ohhim t1_izoz7hp wrote

Still, "Why pay others 40% when you can hire us for only 25%. We've got your back, not your wallet."


Snoo_44026 t1_izndpue wrote

Salads come with a thick layer of fries


SaablifeNC t1_iznuk46 wrote

“Century III Chevrolet… Lebanon Church road…”. (You know the rest)

“According to legends Little Folks know. Hills is where the toys are!”


baguettesnbooks t1_iznirfm wrote

The first time I met my neighbors when I moved into a new apartment was when everyone gathered outside to be nebby when a SWAT situation was happening on the block.


James19991 t1_izntdf2 wrote

To be fair, I think the SWAT team on the block is one of those things that will gather the curiosity of neighbors no matter where one lives


HardTicketToMars t1_izoqzv7 wrote

Omitting “to be” from sentences.


“The lawn needs mowed.” compared to “The lawn needs to be mowed.”

I never knew this was a specific regional thing for most my life. Honestly, I find the former more efficient.


hydrospanner t1_izpm49w wrote

Yeah, that particular weird-ism (called "dropping the infinitive") was one of those things for me that sounded completely normal until it was pointed out to me...and ever since, it's like nails on a chalkboard every time I hear it.


Another one like that for me was "slippy".


ohiwen t1_izsxdw5 wrote

God we’re the Kevin Malone’s of regional dialects.


Eggman1103 t1_iznotmr wrote

I have a Pittsburgh Potty


purplegladys2022 t1_izox9b9 wrote

Ha! Our Pittsburgh toilet and shower room is the high ground in our basement, so all the "valuable" basement stuff got piled up in there to keep it safe when it used to flood.


Eggman1103 t1_izp7blc wrote

Lol pretty sure that’s all part of the definition


BeMancini t1_iznlu97 wrote

I haven’t seen the sun it six weeks.


goodsounds2 t1_iznqf08 wrote

"Riding PAT" isn't sexual.


mkhpgh t1_iznmrwk wrote

Turn right where Jenkin's Arcade used to be."


Jagsoff t1_izoaiak wrote

Dahn where the ol John Igle use ta be.


_agrippa_ t1_iznpkhn wrote

Growing up having to use the scary ass toilet in the basement because there's a line for the only full bathroom in the house.


ScratchMoore t1_iznfo6o wrote

It’s a Tuesday at 1:30 in the afternoon, and I’m wearing a professional football team jersey, pretending it’s actually a shirt, while doing grocery shopping.


DeleteSystem33 t1_iznfx5v wrote

That could be any city, anywhere


icestormsurfing t1_izo6zm6 wrote

No. Go to Jersey or Mass and you don't see half the store wearing Giants or Pats jerseys.


ScratchMoore t1_iznhyx3 wrote

I didn’t want to get specific with the jersey, but in my head it’s always a Sweed or Mendenhall jersey. Never a current player. Maybe I should’ve added the part about “former borderline player” haha?


hydrospanner t1_izplhvk wrote

I don't think I ever once saw anyone wearing a Limas Sweed jersey, other than Limas Sweed.

​ fact I'm not 100% sure they didn't just give him an old leftover Neil O'Donnell jersey they had lying around.


Subject_Candy_8411 t1_iznl5mx wrote

Giant Eagle (jint Iggle)


GeoLeprechaun t1_izo724f wrote

My first day in Picksburgh when I moved into a rented extra room, I asked my yinzer housemates where I could buy some groceries.

I spent the next half hour driving up and down Murray Avenue looking for John Nagle Grocery Store.


Dontyoudaretouchme t1_iznpd9j wrote

Yinz mean the big burd?


No_Introduction2103 t1_izonzg8 wrote

Dirty burd in sahside


hydrospanner t1_izplu97 wrote

Worst Jyn Iggle I ever seen was over on Centre & Craig years ago.


It was so sketch they put a dog-leg in the checkout lines to keep thieves from running through. And one time I saw some dude sleeping on a lower shelf behind a bunch of cases of bottled water.


SparklesLuvsScotch t1_izp0wah wrote

That EnP commercial where the star has trouble getting on top of the Christmas tree makes me sad.


Low-Camp-4566 t1_izo1iqq wrote

Kids! Put on yer GOOD Stiller jersey!!! We’re goin ta church!


ArgyllFire t1_izog1vs wrote

Go grab some pop from the basement fridge.


Themayorofawesome OP t1_izpf9le wrote

Stay outta Pap’s Arns, those ain’t for yinz. Actually bring a couple dem Arns up


Big_League227 t1_izngumv wrote

Don't use that one... that's my parking chair!!! (Usually said to a visitor who sees it on the front porch and wants to mistakenly use it for sitting.)


jtkola t1_iznmv9l wrote

“Oh no. New development going up. Where’m I gonna park?!?”


BrohemothHisDudeness t1_iznojs8 wrote

Yinz guys awta get on daan pants n at, where our cuzin, Dennis, will hook you up with da best deals in taan.


BobShrunkle t1_iznsx1a wrote

As soon as I git my disahbilidy check, I'll see yinz dahn 'ere!


BrohemothHisDudeness t1_izo6klu wrote

Bam! Daan to pants n at!


motociclista t1_izpd2rm wrote

*Pow (I think. Haven’t heard it in years.) Once about 6-7 years ago I was selling a car on Craigslist. I went back and fourth with an interested party via email and we agreed on a price. We scheduled a time for him to come see the car. He rings my bell and I open the door and effing Scott Paulsen is standing there. I text him every so often to see if he still has the car.


Davmilasav t1_izob505 wrote

Traffic's backin' up but I'm almost to the DVE building. I came in on 60 past the old airport.


mifiaba t1_izormu5 wrote

Kennywood's open!


lapindeux t1_iznrjtt wrote

Basically in a lot of places here if you miss an exit ur f*cked lol. However PGH jenky directions are the best…also our feigned disgust that “sumin ain’t there no more”.

“Over there by the old high-rise.”

“It’s up there on Baum by the old Pizza Hut.”

“You know where Baby Land is, make a left there.”


hydrospanner t1_izpmbpo wrote

The best is when you find yourself using landmarks that haven't been there your entire life.


You just learned it because you heard your parents using it so much, and so any time you're talking to anyone their age, you just fucking use that landmark because that's what they're going to know.


Ramady t1_izrdpld wrote

I used to tell people I lived “right behind Gullifty’s”. Gullifty’s closed right around when I moved to Pittsburgh, and long before I lived in Squirrel Hill.


rod1403 t1_izob75u wrote

Pittsburgh left


d4bbl3z t1_izoep2a wrote

"Century III... Chevrolet..."

You know you just sang the rest of the jingle. Don't lie.


EasilyLuredWithCandy t1_izov3a5 wrote

My grandparents had a toilet in the basement with a shower curtain for "privacy".


Easilver91 t1_iznnanb wrote

Pittsburgh Left being offered or you’re a jagoff.


brandn30 t1_izo2zg9 wrote

I have bald all seasons on my car, and love to complain how the bad the city roads are in the winter. Also park on street in front of my house instead of using my driveway.


Dumpyboy98 t1_izoutge wrote

“Hey mom is there anymore gumbands in the junk drawer? The clicker is broken!”


ClericallyInclined t1_izox44u wrote

When you get to the intersection make the left left, not the straight-ish left or the REALLY left turn


BuccoFever412 t1_izni2r5 wrote

Don't forget to put that chair aht when I leave! Ain't trying to have that jagoff next door take my parking spot!


undeterred_turtle t1_izno05o wrote

Oh, tunnel ahead? Better slow dahn to 5 miles n'ahr


pittbiomed t1_iznpdmb wrote

You vacation in Myrtle Beach every year


cmyk412 t1_izowjr9 wrote

Surprised no one’s said Stanley P. Kachowski


sr214 t1_izpf083 wrote

The Clarks play at every county fair.


thunderGunXprezz t1_izpo2fw wrote

I don't cross rivers or go through tunnels unless I'm going to Ikea or Myrtle Beach. Actually I guess this more accurately represents Northern suburbanites, but I'm sticking with it.


myironcity t1_iznj3k7 wrote

Put some fries or potato chips, and or maybe a little slaw on that sandwich.. yeah I said what I said jagoff! 😂


Dogranch t1_iznnx4w wrote

dahntawn across the crick


Shad0wFaxMachine t1_iznr9ek wrote

I saw a Rachel Ann Bovier poem at the eye doctor on West Liberty


PghGEN2 t1_iznwlzc wrote

I have a pickle pin on my hoodie.

Also, I ask for iron at any bar no matter where I’m at.


YinzerJagsNat t1_izo07xh wrote

Turn left where the A&P useda be.


No_Introduction2103 t1_izonoyc wrote

I get my disability check and then bam Dahn to pants N’at.


Low-Ear-2171 t1_izp9jjb wrote

The other day I went dahntahn to the giant iggle to get more gum-bands and chipped ham and there were no more buggies!


MS_ETC t1_izpj9pi wrote

"I don't want to put ya out..."


blink5625 t1_izq7pif wrote

Go up da hill, turn right where the Sunoco used to be, past the church and if you get to the crick you went to far.


pgh15122 t1_izqhgii wrote

Kennywood’s open


Tweed_Kills t1_izr15wv wrote

Ranch. Belongs. On. Pizza.


YinzerChick70 t1_izr5t8v wrote

It reeks of love gone sour, suspicion, and...


suzibanarchy t1_iznmq7c wrote

I’d tell yinz but I’m busy running the sweeper, eating a chipped ham sandwich and drinking pop.


RequiredTraining t1_izo9eeu wrote

I sometimes ask people where they’d like to eat at.


Shoehornblower t1_izoovys wrote

No matter if it’s north or sauth, we all gadahn ‘er from tahm ta tahm. Always a good tahm though…


imoutohere t1_izoxbnu wrote

When I 1st moved from Pittsburgh. I asked someone for a gumband. They had no idea what I was talking about until I said you know the rubber stretchy thing that you put around a bunch of envelope. They’re still laughing


chippersonofYork t1_izp481j wrote

I got a crapper in the middle of the basement with no doors.


Jahya69 t1_izp4c4n wrote

Let's go to the fire hall for all you can eat spaghetti


[deleted] t1_izp6123 wrote

Route 59 South on Top of the Hill


lil77red t1_izpaip9 wrote

I'm gonna shovel my spot and put my chair in it, and I dare somebody to move it !


AhPshaw t1_izpbgdk wrote

Give someone directions using landmarks that don't exist anymore, extra points for Jenkins Arcade


Ok-Routine-5545 t1_izpbvn4 wrote

Out of towner didn't know what a grocery store "buggy" was


BaldwinMotion t1_izpc7yv wrote

if there's really a water crisis I'll just dig a coyote well in the back yard. (maybe more specific to the north boroughs)


SirRonaldBiscuit t1_izpcg7u wrote

“Did you clog up the basement toir’let???”


atrent1156 t1_izpst6m wrote

Yinz don’t need to be all nebby worryin ‘baut where I’m from.


ChUNkyTheKitty t1_izpwix5 wrote

Hey, yinz goin to Primanti’s for a sammich?


jilby66 t1_izq6qq8 wrote

The roads are slippy!


johnpgh t1_izvs6d7 wrote

I live next door to where babyland used to be


LancyLeven t1_izo5b8y wrote

“I’m good… Trust me I only had 6 beeers at The Clarrks show“


Local_Penalty2078 t1_izoc18s wrote

Ahm gonna get me a permaneez sammich an a ahrn city fer da penz game