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Omgitsjustdae OP t1_j24n8dm wrote

I was against said project because it included a fracking well which we didn't need and still don't need as our air quality is already messed up. We don't need to become an environmental nightmare of issues.


Strongbow85 t1_j25hs64 wrote

I'm sure that part could have been negotiated or a contract could have been made where if water contamination became an issue they'd not only be held responsible for the repair and cleanup but Braddock could sue them. A project that large should have enough oversight that US Steel would be wise enough not to cut corners.

Perhaps you could have gotten a deal to provide Braddock residents discounted gas prices, or Braddock could get royalties which could then be transferred to residents. Most fracking wells are on rural properties, usually owned by farmers, they collect royalties and are provided free gas. A similar deal could have benefited the entire community.