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GargantuanWitch t1_j2n2v14 wrote

Cool! Now I can properly defend myself against those pesky Sharks, if the alley is too narrow for a dance-off.


Ok-Twist921 t1_j2n32j0 wrote

Hell yeah me and the barbershop boys no longer have to go on the lam when the fuzz comes knocking at the social club see


SK360 t1_j2ner1b wrote

Finally I can legally take this finely tuned killing machine out of my house


GargantuanWitch t1_j2nj8h6 wrote

This is gonna sound dumb, but is the single thing that made that knife illegal the button that released the blade?

Because I've got a workbox full of these things, so I'm really not sure what the excitement is about.


SK360 t1_j2njd9p wrote

It’s the spring loaded “assisted” opening. A button with gravity opening was fine before but the spring makes it deadly


GargantuanWitch t1_j2njo54 wrote

So the Milwaukee Fastback knife that I've been using for years has been illegal? It's got a tiny lever on the side and moving it slightly makes the blade spring open.


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2nsy7p wrote

Technically those are assisted, but a judge could still have convicted you of having a prohibited offensive weapon, especially if he was having a bad day. Thats why this ruling is so important.


GargantuanWitch t1_j2o14wb wrote

Is it, though?

The one I'm looking at, right now, was purchased from a Home Depot within this decade. Right from the rack, not in an alley.

I'm super happy for everyone who can breathe a sigh of relief, I guess, but this is kinda like learning that your favorite font now has a sans serif variant.


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2o2e47 wrote

Thats the thing, just cause you bought it legally doesn't mean its legal. If you got pulled over or stopped by police for some reason (even if you're not doing anything wrong) and they found it you could have been charged with possession of an offensive weapon under pa title 18 section 908. Why? Just cause it opened with a spring. Which is why the ACLU supported the bill, because prosecutors were unfairly charging people for having a knife that they used for work.


Rocap13 t1_j2pdbj2 wrote

This guy isn't the greatest example because he was passed out at the wheel but he was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon for a knife he bought at Walmart and wasn't even full automatic. I stumbled across it a while back when I was looking into an auto knife


100_cats_on_a_phone t1_j2q19fs wrote

Sans serif is good for reducing eye fatigue on screens! So I assume you mean this is awesome and important.


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2ntdnd wrote

This was the old definition of offensive weapons so yes.

"Offensive weapons." Any bomb, grenade, machine gun, sawed-off shotgun with a barrel less than 18 inches, firearm specially made or specially adapted for concealment or silent discharge, any blackjack, sandbag, metal knuckles, dagger, knife, razor or cutting instrument, the blade of which is exposed in an automatic way by switch, push-button, spring mechanism, or otherwise, any stun gun, stun baton, taser or other electronic or electric weapon or other implement for the infliction of serious bodily injury which serves no common lawful purpose.


esushi t1_j2n19hm wrote

You're the first person to say "autoknives" on the entire internet haha, had no idea what you meant until the other comments (the brand name isn't coming up I guess since the website styles it as "Auto Knives")


[deleted] t1_j2mtt64 wrote

Why not say switchblade?

Not sure how I feel about this.


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2mtzti wrote

Switchbalde is actually a slang term made up by news outlets in the 50s to spread the fear that go them banned in the first place


[deleted] t1_j2mu2t8 wrote

Uh huh.


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2mv3gi wrote

Look up the history of "the toy that kills" it was ghost written for the senator Harry Truman.


alwaysboopthesnoot t1_j2mzbtn wrote

Doesn’t stop knife shops from saying auto knives (aka switchblades) for sale or switchblades/auto knives for sale.

People will use the term they knew or grew up with, the term they used themselves for the knives they own/owned, or whatever term sells the most knives.


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2n0hot wrote

Most places around here don't stock them though, cause why drop $$$ on something you can't even carry?


gracefulnesto t1_j2n15q2 wrote

Great! My rumba needed one of these.


hartguitars t1_j2mztut wrote

I can wear my benchmade? Woot woot!


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2n0d8w wrote



hartguitars t1_j2rpw2u wrote

CLA, although I was close to pulling the trigger on a used infidel a few years back, the tip was broken so I turned it down. My CLA has been going strong for about 10 years now. It's my EDC when in the backcountry, but I lived in NYC for a decade so it was mostly in my dresser drawer. Now I'm in PA and can carry legally!


[deleted] t1_j2mqfot wrote

Get ready for all the pearl-clutching news bits


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2mqlxw wrote

"People shouldn't be allowed to own those dangerous weapons!!" -- some lady who has a 9mm in her purse.


[deleted] t1_j2mrejn wrote

That's assuming they even know what an automatic knife is


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2mry52 wrote

This is America, they're gonna hear the word "automatic" and think its super dangerous.


[deleted] t1_j2ms0fh wrote

Lol someone's already downvoting me


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2ms4s2 wrote

Lol welcome to reddit, probably some weirdo whos scared of anything and everything.


PaApprazer t1_j2mvo32 wrote

Naw, just a normal person watching a bunch of weirdos getting hardons over a knife


JunkYardBatman t1_j2n1iln wrote

If it’s normal to put people down simply because we have different interests, I’d rather be a weirdo.


PaApprazer t1_j2n3s8m wrote

Aww, I would have thought switchblade “enthusiasts” would have thick skin, my bad


Antique-Low3985 t1_j2nh2e8 wrote

I mean your defense for switchblades included some dumb strawman of some lady with a gun in her purse. Eat shit


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2ni2j8 wrote

Lol what the fuck you so mad about?


Antique-Low3985 t1_j2ni6yp wrote

Was there something unclear about my post? I think you're a dumbass, and I explained why in the post above. Any specific questions or are you going to point and sputter?


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2nibvb wrote

No im going to do what any sane person would do, ignore you.


Antique-Low3985 t1_j2niidj wrote

sounds good

here's a pro tip for next time: if your defense of your switchblade auto-toys is dependent on shitting on guns or people that carry them, maybe leave the talking to someone with above room temperature IQ.


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2njyun wrote

It seems like I hit a soft spot i apologize if I've offended you. You seem to really care about guns


Antique-Low3985 t1_j2nk771 wrote

You're unintelligent and a useless piece of shit with a bad attitude.

Yeah, if I made a stupid thread about some gun bill that passed, and then in the comments I made an argument saying:

- some karen with a switchblade in her purse


You would probably think this is stupid, because it is.


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2nkclb wrote

Hey man its ok, I like guns too. You don't need to get upset, were all friends here.


Antique-Low3985 t1_j2nkhuv wrote

nah man, you're a fucking idiot, I'm good.


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2nkqtm wrote

You seem upset, something on your mind champ?


Antique-Low3985 t1_j2nkyve wrote

do you have reading comprehension issues, or do you just have a habit of asking stupid questions about things that have been answered in an attempt to be condescending?


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2nlfz1 wrote

No one's being condescending, are these simple questions making you feel uncomfortable?


BeMancini t1_j2mtrcc wrote

Anybody have any good recommendations?


JunkYardBatman t1_j2mrns7 wrote

I have an OTF that has been patiently waiting for the day I can put it in my pocket and walk out the door.


motociclista t1_j2p5c7w wrote

That’s always been such a weird law to me. Like, you want to carry a gun? No problem. Want to carry a fixed blade knife? Have at it. Want to carry a spring assisted knife that easily pops open one handed? We got you fam! Want to carry a knife that’s spring assisted, pops open with one hand, but uses a button? That’s a big time felony bud! It never made sense that they were illegal, but now that they are, and have been for decades, it doesn’t make much sense that they’ve repealed the law. I mean, I’m ok with it, I’m not taking a stance, it’s just an odd choice of law to change.


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2patvb wrote

It really is, I think alot had to do with the rep being from Bradford pa where case knives is


motociclista t1_j2pc2ma wrote

Hadn’t thought of that. I’m not much of a knife guy, but I don’t remember case making autos. Just grandpa style folders and fixed blades.


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2pm4bg wrote

Im somewhat of a knife nerd lol, and you're not far off on that. However I feel like they're going to start that soon


RagnarHedin t1_j2muzmm wrote

Any recommendation on where to buy one in-person?

I had one a long time ago that was an impulse-buy item at the checkout at a Dunham's, but it was like $2 so it broke in under a month.


ripcord51 t1_j2mxtdf wrote

Had one preordered from Keystone Shooting Center. Should be in today!


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2mvz7x wrote

Honestly im not sure, I feel like it'll be awhile before theyre in stock anywhere. I know Midwest shooting center had some cobratec and microtech a long time ago but I dont know anymore.


[deleted] t1_j2mx8pz wrote

Utopia achieved! Finally the legislators are doing gods work.


B0bb3r7 t1_j2njfum wrote

Lets not go overboard lol. The general assembly is still a loathsome bunch.


hubbyofhoarder t1_j2wws87 wrote

Soooo are gravity knives legal now too?

Gravity knives being illegal is every bit as dumb as automatic knives being so


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2wyvzs wrote

It removed any mention of cutting instruments so I believe so.


hubbyofhoarder t1_j2x7hyx wrote

There are a couple of nice gravity knives, but I'd want to be sure. I wouldn't want some random shit to happen and then I catch a felony, you know?


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2x9wxv wrote

Oh I get it, but I think that they're legal now. I'd Google it, but then again I've seen some wrong shit on there lately


Hayk t1_j2mq3ra wrote

My cousin has been waiting for this day his entire life.


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2mqqpl wrote

I honestly have to, I remember watching the God father and saying "that knife is so cool" then being crushed that ill never be able to own one lol


Itsjustataco t1_j2n936b wrote

Why would we bother to allow this?just seems to be valueless to me


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2ncyzf wrote

Probably cause the guy who submitted it is from Bradford where case knives is. However it passed pretty much unanimously.


IOnlyLurk t1_j2nygbe wrote

Because the law also made it illegal to sell or repair these knives. Which meant businesses had to leave PA or not be able to compete in that market.

Also we can carry guns. Banning a certain type of knife from being carried is stupid.


hubbyofhoarder t1_j2xrmdw wrote

Because the switchblade distinction was arbitrary and ridiculous. There are a ton of folding knives made today that one can open with just a flick of a thumb or finger. Those knives open every bit as quickly as any automatic knife, and yet were not illegal.

The old law also made no distinction for knives that were clearly used for legitimate purposes. My mother was a career HS teacher who travelled to Italy a few times. On one of her trips she brought home a switchblade; the blade was an inch and a half long. Mom kept it in her purse and used it to cut the fruit she brought for her lunch. Should she have been charged? That's ridiculous

My mother was not going to throw down a la the Sharks and the Jets with other teachers in the parking lot.


IntensityJokester t1_j2pwq6b wrote

Never knew about this distinction! But something is in the air for me — I just read that batons would get you in trouble, you were better off with a bat or a flashlight. (I was looking up side batons or tonfa, thinking maybe I need something in the house just in case.)


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2pwvex wrote

Oh yeah, cops really fucked people over for it. But if you're going for in home and melee, id go for either a Gladius, or hammer.


NSlocal t1_j2ru8ao wrote

The batons that really will get you in trouble are the telescoping variety. I don't think anybody would bat an eye at an old fashioned billy club. Or get an old school Maglite with the 4 D cell battery capability. Dual purpose and completely legal.


JuliaX1984 t1_j2mscij wrote

Wake me up when 2 unmarried people with 1 kid each from a previous relationship living together, owning 6 cats, and carrying groceries home in plastic bags are legal, too.


tehtinman t1_j2n00xy wrote

Yeah make marriage mandatory


JuliaX1984 t1_j2n17k7 wrote

Marriage WOULD technically be mandatory under the current law preventing more than 3 unrelated people from living together if parents had more than 1 kid from previous relationships. Pittsburgh's zoning ordinance's definition of "family" should be changed so unmarried, unrelated people CAN live together.


chuckie512 t1_j2n22ja wrote

I agree it's a stupid law, but there's literally 0 enforcement of it. There's a bunch of dumb laws still on the books that aren't ever enforced.


GargantuanWitch t1_j2nd0r9 wrote

Ask a minority that's been evicted on this basis if it's ever been enforced, because yes it most certainly has, especially when a shitty landlord can't figure out another way to get someone kicked out.