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GargantuanWitch t1_j2o14wb wrote

Is it, though?

The one I'm looking at, right now, was purchased from a Home Depot within this decade. Right from the rack, not in an alley.

I'm super happy for everyone who can breathe a sigh of relief, I guess, but this is kinda like learning that your favorite font now has a sans serif variant.


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2o2e47 wrote

Thats the thing, just cause you bought it legally doesn't mean its legal. If you got pulled over or stopped by police for some reason (even if you're not doing anything wrong) and they found it you could have been charged with possession of an offensive weapon under pa title 18 section 908. Why? Just cause it opened with a spring. Which is why the ACLU supported the bill, because prosecutors were unfairly charging people for having a knife that they used for work.


Rocap13 t1_j2pdbj2 wrote

This guy isn't the greatest example because he was passed out at the wheel but he was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon for a knife he bought at Walmart and wasn't even full automatic. I stumbled across it a while back when I was looking into an auto knife


100_cats_on_a_phone t1_j2q19fs wrote

Sans serif is good for reducing eye fatigue on screens! So I assume you mean this is awesome and important.