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IntensityJokester t1_j2pwq6b wrote

Never knew about this distinction! But something is in the air for me — I just read that batons would get you in trouble, you were better off with a bat or a flashlight. (I was looking up side batons or tonfa, thinking maybe I need something in the house just in case.)


Delicious-Newt-5674 OP t1_j2pwvex wrote

Oh yeah, cops really fucked people over for it. But if you're going for in home and melee, id go for either a Gladius, or hammer.


NSlocal t1_j2ru8ao wrote

The batons that really will get you in trouble are the telescoping variety. I don't think anybody would bat an eye at an old fashioned billy club. Or get an old school Maglite with the 4 D cell battery capability. Dual purpose and completely legal.