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mattmentecky t1_j60ob2p wrote

The place whose business model is selling chewing tobacco, cigarettes, coffee and sugary drinks is against employees with bad teeth.


clydesawhill OP t1_j602sjp wrote

>According to Business Insider, the employee handbook says “applicants with obvious missing, broken, or badly discolored teeth (unrelated to a disability) are not qualified for employment with Sheetz.”

What a bunch of assholes.


mooglestheory t1_j60gpek wrote

Seriously fucked up, “if you’re too poor to afford dental care (by the way we don’t provide it) then take your gross mouth somewhere else.”


weaponizedbeanfarts t1_j60avv6 wrote

Name one time you’ve seen a sheetz employee smile


CARLEtheCamry t1_j62o3fh wrote

There is a guy that works at the Sheetz on University in Moon, and he makes my day every time I see him.

It gets stupid in there, the place is laid out poorly for such a high traffic store. For example, if you just want to self-serve a cup of coffee, there's always a line of people milling around waiting to pick up MTO's in your way.

He's a one man zamboni. Not only does he move people out of the way politely, but he is meticulous about picking up any junk on the floor and refilling coffee stirrers and lids.

He's usually smiling. To answer your question.


TransporterOffline t1_j605044 wrote

Yeah I saw this in r/Pennsylvania yesterday. What a load of crap. I bet their dental insurance, if it's even offered, covers nothing like mine doesn't. I linked the other post because there were a ton of interesting comments on/about people who were actually let go over this issue.


Zenith2017 t1_j606cq9 wrote

Someone in there commented about a woman being fired for her teeth, which were knocked out by her abusive husband. Jfc


TransporterOffline t1_j60h13s wrote

Yeah that's one of the reasons I linked the comments. Stories like that one all in there. It's absolutely disgusting.

I used to work at a clothing retailer that rhymes with Magacrombie and Pitch, and it reminds me of all the stupid personnel decisions that were made 100% for reasons of vanity, classism, and appearances. Sheetz is not the company I would have put in this category if I had not read this article.


CARLEtheCamry t1_j60onnf wrote

Even "good" dental insurance only typically covers 50% of major restorative work like crowns, implants, etc. To the tune of $500 a tooth out of pocket.


glitchgirl555 t1_j664rhj wrote

Good dental insurance will only help with major work on 1 maybe 2 teeth a year. Have an accident and break multiple teeth? You're SOL. Imagine car insurance that covered oil changes but did nothing when you totaled your car. That's dental insurance.


gtizzz t1_j61e0el wrote

Real life former Sheetz manager here:

I truly do not recall this requirement ever being discussed by anyone above me, but I haven't worked there in almost 8 years. We did pay for a shift supervisor to have his teeth fixed, though. I think it was about $7K worth of work.


[deleted] t1_j61gpap wrote



KentuckYSnow t1_j61p3nn wrote

And a $1 toothbrush and some toothpaste with fluoride.


driving_85 t1_j61q6v5 wrote

I mean, there are medications that can cause dental issues. And chronic illnesses that cause dental issues no matter how good your dental hygiene.

But go off, I guess.


KentuckYSnow t1_j61v9vm wrote

"medications" = "meth teeth"

Which one is more likely for a Sheetz cashier...


dontplaythehits t1_j62vkmu wrote

you're genuinely a fucking jagoff. there are tons of reasons for people to have poor dental conditions besides laziness.


Zenith2017 t1_j6444re wrote

That so deeply violates their world view. If they accept that good people have bad things happen to them, then they have to accept that they don't have control of their own life and that's scary af


bogboogie t1_j6d5474 wrote

At first I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they were just trying to be edgy online but it seems like they really do believe the baseless statements they say. I feel bad for them, they seem like they have a lot of hate in their heart.


GottaWanna t1_j60dwqt wrote

Well this is severely at odds with their presence in central PA.


Vantlefun t1_j63ck89 wrote

The average tooth per person in my Altoona has to be significantly lower than Pittsburgh.


Metrichex t1_j606f4i wrote

I feel like this isn't strictly enforced, especially in the middle of the state.


just_an_ordinary_guy t1_j6c6ulj wrote

There's nothing special about the middle of the state that would cause them to have worse teeth than city people. Just feels like you're playing into class/regional sterotypes like "west virginians are inbred," which is generally not any more true than neighborhoods in the city.


im-a-locksmith t1_j60667z wrote

Wawa should clap back by requiring that employees remove teeth


AMcMahon1 t1_j6089bh wrote

as long as employees don't get in my way and i can get in and out i literally could give 2 shits what they look like


LockedOutOfElfland t1_j60faac wrote

Sheetz once asked me to take an online customer satisfaction survey that asked about this after I made a purchase there.

This was part of the questionaire and I absolutely tore into it. There is so much wrong and dystopian about them forcing their employees to smile and not only that but in a specific way that is meant to twist their employees' arms to rigid and draconian expectations.

Unfortunately I'm not sure anyone listened.


SergeantChic t1_j610bdg wrote

Maybe they should have some really stellar dental insurance for their employees if it's that important to them.


friskimykitty t1_j612s1i wrote

I love Sheetz and was very disappointed to read this. Not everyone can help having dental issues. I’ve lost several teeth from medical conditions, not neglect. I really hope they revise the policy. I do agree good dental hygiene is important but not everyone can afford to go to the dentist.


yennifer1223 t1_j61qpfb wrote

Agree, not all dental issues are due to “not brushing” or being poor. Pregnancy can totally railroad your mouth, heart disease, certain medications, etc.


twocoffeespoons t1_j6234qz wrote

Not even that - it could just be bad genetics. I have a friend that chews, smokes, drinks soda, and only has a single filling. Meanwhile someone else who does none of those things and brushes religiously has multiple root canals. Shit happens!


Sunfish-Studio t1_j6achxu wrote

Yeah I've been flossing and brushing at least twice a day since I was a kid (my pediatric dentist told me kids that don't take care of their teeth might bite into an apple and pull their teeth out by accident) and I've had several fillings and am probably due for a root canal soon since my filling that's been redone twice is sore. I don't smoke, no dip, no sodas, one cup of coffee a day, too


MrGiantGentleman t1_j6103s6 wrote

Yeah, I can assure you this isn’t enforced at every Sheetz. Still an insane policy.


gtizzz t1_j61e6uo wrote

Yeah, I worked 6 years for Sheetz, 5 in management, and we never considered it when hiring. I don't even remember it being a thing, but I haven't worked for them in almost 8 years.


MrGiantGentleman t1_j62a2zb wrote

Yeah that sounds about right. I work at one now and I can tell you, it definitely wasn’t an issue when hiring some people.


Generic_Mustard t1_j60qlrk wrote

I hope something tragic happens to the teeth of all the leadership at Sheetz.


ShivsButtBot t1_j60tiye wrote

I worked at sheetz when my teeth were jacked.


Deckz t1_j616n01 wrote

So they're going to pay for high quality dental insurance right?


Lil_Phantoms_Lawyer t1_j6d532h wrote

My neighbor actually got a lot of work done and paid for by Sheetz on his teeth when he worked there.


left_ofthedial t1_j61snhn wrote

This is terrible! Many people have dental issues due to medical conditions/medication, or can't afford to get their teeth fixed. One of my friend's teeth are messed up from her MS medication. Another has messed up teeth from a car wreck & getting hit my an uninsured driver. You never know someone's story and their teeth has no affect on how well they do their job.


CheeseSeason t1_j60o6b8 wrote

I was told by an employee they can't have a beard. What gives them the right to dictate personal appearance?


AMcMahon1 t1_j60r1za wrote

84 lumber has the same policy


CheeseSeason t1_j60rcv2 wrote

Hah, my mental picture of a lumber worker is a large beard and a flannel.


cam412 t1_j60wbwv wrote

84 lumber sucks too. Fuck that place.


Net_Link_Runner t1_j610866 wrote

Yeah, I applied there for IT about 4 years ago, they told me you have to be clean shaven (moustache only down to the corners of your lips) and it's a mandatory 9 or 10 hour day that you only get paid for 8. I noped right the fuck out of that shit.


Vantlefun t1_j63cqah wrote

I bet we talked to the same guy. Offered me pennies for a 'competitive' position.


gtizzz t1_j61drnd wrote

They used to allow absolutely no facial hair (other than a mustache). They changed the policy maybe 5 years ago to allow short facial hair. I believe the argument is for food safety.

They also used to not allow ANY visible tattoos. If I'm not mistaken, they now allow them as long as they're not on their face or hands.


BobbyCorwen2000 t1_j60t0wa wrote

Must be store by store basis as I see a guy in one now that has one and have seen them on others in the past.


stupid_dumbass_idiot t1_j62n8uo wrote

yea it sucks but that is probably one of the more common policies in general. tons of places require you to shave


lapindeux t1_j61aqnf wrote

Bitch, you ain’t Chick-fil-A! You can’t skip steps between A-Z. You better earn the right to enforce some bs rule. Can I get a “my pleasure”from upper management ?

Plus, I have a young-ish client who worked at one near Altoona and was treated to constant racist remarks by coworkers, management didn’t have much to say about that. She quit.


yennifer1223 t1_j61qaxb wrote

Discrimination suit coming….


Strongbow85 t1_j61rguw wrote

Sounds like discrimination.


Pigtattoo t1_j61v4lk wrote

How the fuck could that be legal?


Grouchy-Estimate-756 t1_j62f3k8 wrote

Sounds Iike a discrimination lawsuit waiting to happen. Who gets to be the judge of what constitutes dental issues?


[deleted] t1_j649o8v wrote

That’s most place’s Unless your not dealing with customers face to face. They were just dumb enough to say it out loud.


blahlbinoa t1_j61nowb wrote

Guess that's why I didn't get hired back in the day when I was trying to work there to get away from my shit job. This seems like it's a huge lawsuit ready to happen, but I'm sure there is some legal bullshit that stops it. They're not getting my business anymore.


WitnessComfortable13 t1_j66ogzu wrote

this is all on the news because of me I have 3 teams of lawyers suing for discrimination I can't discuss to much but my lawsuit will be public next week this is because of me guys ! ! ! they hired me then fired me after noticing I was missing 2 frunt teeth I even let them know it was because of my car accident and it takes time to get the work done and I don't have money or good insurance.


MotherBurgher t1_j62ay62 wrote

They don’t even sell Turner’s there. I don’t trust any moves Sheetz makes and I have ALL my teeth.


rockincharlierocket t1_j63v03u wrote

tough policy but people need to take care of their teeth. one of the first things you notice with someone after being introduced is their smile


among_apes t1_j64ar1k wrote

Holy crap that’s a horrible policy and opens them up to tremendous scrutiny and criticism.

In America dental isn’t even touched under healthcare policies. Dental insurance is a joke. If you have it it’s probably $300 a year in premiums to cover $1000-1500 of work if you spend $2000-3000. A single crown will eat that and maybe more up instantly. A dental implant costs $5k or more for a single tooth and takes 3 visits over almost 9 months at best if you want to go that route. Step one of a dental implant is 90days with a missing tooth as your body fills in the scaffolding on the bone graft. Step two is opening it back up putting in the titanium anchor screw and closing it back up while your body heals around the screw for another few months. Then you finally have a tooth as they open your gums up expose the screw and put the top of the implant in.

Sheetz employees make what $12 or $13 an hour?

What a sadistic policy.

Either provide a generous comprehensive solution or recognize that we have a problem in America and at the very least don’t make a policy regarding it.


WitnessComfortable13 t1_j66myvd wrote

this is because of my lawsuit against them it will be public soon people I got a team of lawyers going after them for discriminating against me.


Ris3nRenegade t1_j69wtlw wrote

Yeahhh, I worked at the baden one and there were a couple folks who interviewed and not hired for bad teeth around 2017. One of the first things told to me and several other trainees throughout my time there was that we could be fired if something happened to your teeth or they became dingey. It was even in a little quiz they gave you. I have good teeth but it felt upsetting at the time. One of the managers would actively tell folks on the floor to smile and to smile wider if the person already was smiling. There was a similiar policy at a pharmacy store i worked at.


Sunfish-Studio t1_j6abpuj wrote

Wouldn't this be illegal? Discrimination against people with medical issues?


just_an_ordinary_guy t1_j6c7aft wrote

Teeth aren't covered under medical insurance, so it would go to figure that teeth problems aren't considered a medical issue, regardless of how stupid that is.


Zevonn022 t1_j61glgv wrote

I’d agree. More people need to follow the rules


Sad-Program-3444 t1_j61xybx wrote

The pandemic must have been a godsend to people with missing front teeth.


TouchArtistic7967 t1_j622hz9 wrote

I hope they keep it honestly or just make the people with messed up teeth work in the kitchen so I dont have to see them.