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twistedscrew t1_j615gqb wrote

The city has light pollution ordinances - I would check with 311


Watchyousuffer t1_j619gbr wrote

the one I'm finding via google is only for city owned property - is there anything else?


Moogottrrgr t1_j658bbf wrote

So, good news and bad news. In the code under "Residential Compatibility Standards," it says this:

916.07 - Lighting
All lights used by development that is subject to
Residential Compatibility Standards shall be arranged and controlled so as to
deflect light away from any lot that is zoned RSD, RSA, RT, RM, or H. Any light
or combination of lights that casts light on a public street shall not exceed
one (1) foot-candle (meter reading) as measured from the centerline of such
street. Any light or combination of lights that cast light on a lot zoned R1D,
R1A, R2, R3, RM, or H shall not exceed 0.4 foot-candles (meter reading), as
measured no more than three (3) feet inside the lot line of a lot that is zoned
R1D, R1A, R2, R3, RM, or H.

That's the good news. They are not allowed to do that at all. The bad news is, its a PITA to get PLI to enforce RCS. Start with 311, though.


Low-Ear-2171 t1_j620u95 wrote

Wow. That's interesting. I wonder if that only applies to the city, like would that extend to surrounding areas/suburbs? My Boro installed offensive LED street lights that light up the inside of my house at night! I can no longer have darkness while I try to sleep in my own house. They were very proud of themselves for installing these "energy saving lights that will deter crime". Meanwhile I worry that not having darkness in my house to sleep will have an affect on my and my family's health.


4000Tacos t1_j622z34 wrote

General rule of thumb… if you don’t vote for the Pittsburgh Mayor… the Pittsburgh ordinance will not apply to you. You would need to contact your boro or township.

You could express your concerns to your neighbor instead of immediately reporting them to the boro or township.


Low-Ear-2171 t1_j627nbj wrote

Right, thank you. That's what I thought regarding the jurisdiction part of it. And just for reference it's not a neighbor in my case, it's the actual street lights that the Boro installed. But thanks for the input.


Jekerdud t1_j64ufja wrote

Most municipalities have ordinances posted on public websites, so if you can find the specific statute, you can cite it to them when requesting them to remove or re aim the light. For city owned lights (anywhere), they'll usually remove it or move it to a different pole.


bboggio28 t1_j6165e5 wrote

You can report via 311. There are certain aspects of the lights orientation that can be adjusted, maybe, to reduce the throw. If you choose 311 they will likely be served with a notice of violation and have to examine corrective actions.


[deleted] OP t1_j616amk wrote



rambored89 t1_j619jcn wrote

The best option would be property damage, but apparently that's frowned upon. So appealing to the government to do the bare minimum would be the second best option I guess


TrippTiggers t1_j68pek1 wrote

They ain’t going to do shit to the teachers union. I suspect you’ll be audited for reporting it.


Individual-Daikon175 t1_j61fm5w wrote

Have you already tried walking over and talking to someone at the building? If the lights are new, they might not be aware of the offending light pollution. In my experience, most people want to be good neighbors. You might even get a faster resolution going direct instead of trying to get the city involved.


rocketcrotch t1_j61hwmk wrote

I would definitely start here, OP. They might be quite amenable to changing the angle or something like that. Most people are willing to work with others when approached in a non-threatening/friendly way


Jumpy-Natural4868 t1_j61lmcx wrote

There's prob a building manager. You may want to look up the property on the county real estate website and see who actually owns it and contact them if it isn't the business itself.


rockincharlierocket t1_j63lqpj wrote

its think someone would interact with a human and confront someone about something that is bothering them?


Pitlkj t1_j64kmgi wrote

Agree. The city inspectors office it pretty much useless.


8perfectsteps t1_j613qqj wrote



JAK3CAL t1_j61e4ql wrote

  1. Blackout curtains 2. Towns usually have very specific ordinances or building codes that dictate the orientation of the light angles. Find the city ordinances and check out lighting

Powerful-Tonight8648 t1_j61deaw wrote

Try your council person.


Sweaty_Motor2790 t1_j669lwi wrote

We had as similar issue. We went through 311 but in the end the City said that they couldn't verify the violation because they don't work past normal business hours. Go figure. We even provided photos and cited the specific ordinances.

Going to our councilperson was the way that we actually got some resolution.


tonyzak36 t1_j61dbd0 wrote

There should be a shroud on the lights to keep horizontal light pollution to a minimum. No need to light up the sky, should be reflected downwards…. Should be an easy fix for them if they feel like being a good neighbor….


analmartyr t1_j61ct4h wrote

I have had this happen twice with different signs as I live behind a shopping center.

I don’t know if there is some kind of burn in time before they seem dimmer or if I just got used to them, but after a month or so it wasn’t bad anymore.


Hayk t1_j61k3ir wrote

I think this may be right. Last year the building switched out the lights in my office and it was like the Kenny Rodgers Roasters Seinfeld episode; totally blinding. Now it’s perfectly fine. I think I’d feel differently if it was behind my house though.


weaselpoopcoffee1 t1_j61fjsn wrote

Rent a large search light and aim it at the parking lot when they have their meetings. Do this for every single meeting until they relent and compromise.


InevitablePersimmon6 t1_j62f7qw wrote

I’d download the MyBurgh app and file a 311 report. You can attach photos so you can show them just how awful it is.


1MagnificentMagnolia t1_j614050 wrote

I'm pretty sure there are laws or ordinances against having security cameras surveilling people's private property. I wonder if security lights illuminating other's properties would or could fall under the same...


da_london_09 t1_j63gf6n wrote

I've tried the same thing with the apt building across from our house. They were installed by Mozart about 2 years after we bought our house and they shine all the way up to our third floor. The city has done nothing..


GLE-Nick t1_j61rvqf wrote

Blackout curtains


rockincharlierocket t1_j63lkkn wrote

have you tried walking there in person and speaking with someone?


tzeriel t1_j61gvcg wrote

Make friends with an electrician. Would take me like 2s to disconnect it.


iSoReddit t1_j635fmd wrote

Have you tried walking over there and talking to them?


super_scoot t1_j61xuzv wrote

teachers are whats ruining this country


VendaGoat t1_j613boe wrote

Blackout curtains.


[deleted] OP t1_j613f6c wrote



ThatKaylesGuy t1_j61u84q wrote

They can't, they'll have a nuisance lawsuit. Anything another property owner does that inhibits your enjoyment of your property (insanely bad smells, blinding lights, constant machinery running) makes them liable. If 311 doesn't help, that might be the next course of action.


JuliaX1984 t1_j61catg wrote

They're not, but if underpaid, overworked, undertrained civil servants don't bother to go out and enforce it, call Budget Blinds or Automated Shade (you need shades and side... shield things to fully block out light - curtains always leave gaps above and to the sides).


VendaGoat t1_j613q7g wrote

Do you want to have a drawn out, lengthy and possibly expensive fight, that will ultimately end up with the state telling you that they can do on their property what they want to do, or, would you like to spend a couple hundred and fix the issue inside your house?


rambored89 t1_j619ou8 wrote

Op could engage in civil disobedience and dim the lights themselves...


Anonymous-Public t1_j614baf wrote

Sounds like they likely just want to complain/vent. Your answer was more than sound.


tim0767 t1_j613lgx wrote

Police can't do anything about that it's private property. Blackout curtains are your only option