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lvngstndm t1_j5pk931 wrote

From their website

"CRAPTEKA- our annual veg burger+fries+sunflower milkshakes+more- popup is on from 1/20-2/5 - no reservations or regular APTEKA menu during that time."


TheSunflowerSeeds t1_j5pkas7 wrote

Sunflower flourishes well under well-drained moist, lime soil. It prefers good sunlight. Domesticated varieties bear single large flowerhead (Pseudanthium) at the top. Unlike its domestic cultivar type, wild sunflower plant exhibits multiple branches with each branch carrying its own individual flower-head. The sunflower head consists of two types of flowers. While its perimeter consists of sterile, large, yellow petals (ray flowers), the central disk is made up of numerous tiny fertile flowers arranged in concentric whorls, which subsequently convert into achenes (edible seeds).


KentuckYSnow t1_j5rh233 wrote

It's also great at sucking up lead. I wouldn't grow it in your garden to eat in this region.


woodcuttersDaughter t1_j5qldl1 wrote

They do this every year. They pause their typical menu and sell burgers. Vegan of course.


Phone_Representative OP t1_j5qlxtg wrote

They alter their sign so it reads "Crapteka" every year?


allegedlydm t1_j5qqrf0 wrote

I dk if they always do the sign, but “Crapteka” is the name of the burger pop-up. It’s on the menu, website, social media, etc.


banana_kat t1_j5pu385 wrote

The poppyseed milkshake was so good


Elouiseotter t1_j5pzteq wrote

I’m just imagining the Seinfeld episode where Elaine eats the poppy seed muffins and then is worried about testing positive for drugs.


banana_kat t1_j5qhen4 wrote

Haha I actually thought about that while I was drinking it!!


Havilandic t1_j5pjvyt wrote

Do people not like Apteka? Or just some tomfoolery?


allegedlydm t1_j5plgwf wrote

It’s the annual burger pop-up. Around this time every year, wildly different menu, still awesome.


mcvoid1 t1_j5q14d7 wrote

Everyone I know who's been there loves Apteka. I don't. It was all very underwhelming to me. I have no idea what everyone else sees that I don't.


[deleted] t1_j5q8hw4 wrote



crackbaldo t1_j5wwf97 wrote

I’m not vegan but I absolutely love their menu. Tons of great choices. A truly unique restaurant.


LutherLowrack t1_j5qulmg wrote

If you have to type out that much to say it’s the only restaurant with ok-ish vegan food maybe reevaluate your life choices


aboutsider t1_j5tc7ji wrote

"Oh no! Someone used too many words on the internet to describe a food thing! Time to change into my cape and speedo so I can become The Asshole! Whenever someone does something that annoys me on the internet, I'll be there! Whenever someone expects me to read more than monosyllabic insults, I'll be there!"


axhst17 t1_j5vc9q8 wrote

It literally made a list of “top 50 places to eat in America” who cares if you don’t like it


oak-hearted t1_j5w8iw7 wrote

Yeah, in the New York Times, so not in some random publication either.


nopantsforfatties t1_j5rv28x wrote

I mean, what did you get? I know people who hated it; They ate the soup. What you want is the Becherovka with the Pierogi and the Selerowy. Can't go wrong with those.


jralll234 t1_j5s00ck wrote

There is a weird backlash in this sub every time Apteka is mentioned. I’m as meat-eater as it gets and I love that place, but some people seem to go out of their way to shit on it.


aboutsider t1_j5tcdbd wrote

Some people think shitting on vegans is a personality trait.


oak-hearted t1_j5ux4xi wrote

Well, to be fair, most the complaints I see are about one of the owners being cruel to employees and his wife, not about the food.

Edit: though a lot people in this thread hate the food apparently. I think their food is awesome. Amazing pickles, great flavors.


Phone_Representative OP t1_j5pkhxh wrote

I had nothing to do with it. I just took the picture while passing by.


Low-Lingonberry2760 t1_j5rhelq wrote

Crap as in fast food compared to the usual stuff. I like the joke.


Augusta2001 t1_j5wno0f wrote

The owners were just announced today as semi finalists for Best Chef by the James Beard foundation


Sunfish-Studio t1_j5wfpfh wrote

Oooh their BBQ style vegan burger and fries with peanut sauce were so good. Thought it was really pricey but it turned out to be 2 huge meals worth so I was happy. Was tempted to try the milkshake but thought the burger and fries did enough damage to my diet lol


Embarrassed_Band_512 t1_j5s3376 wrote

It's better than their regular menu.

Edit: There Their They're


[deleted] t1_j5uiis6 wrote

Why not name it Shitefood ?


h0v3rb1k3s t1_j5qilk1 wrote

I get they're serving "fast food" but uh still seems unappealing


Alexispinpgh t1_j5qpycv wrote

Also the idea that burgers and milkshakes are “crap” is snobbish in a way that I find off-putting


allegedlydm t1_j5qqv88 wrote

That’s…the point they’re making.


Alexispinpgh t1_j5qrbkg wrote

Okay I’m going to need you to ELI5 because I don’t get it.


allegedlydm t1_j5qrxbq wrote

The reason they called it “Crapteka” was that the idea that any food is “crap” is…well, crap, and that the only difference between a fancy restaurant and a burger joint is that people look down on a burger joint.


Alexispinpgh t1_j5qs3oo wrote

So they did that by…calling themselves crap whenever they sell fast food type fare? Like I believe you but I’m not getting how they’re conveying that.


Phone_Representative OP t1_j5qu5s9 wrote

Thanks for the explanation. It still seems like a terrible marketing idea to me, but what do I know?

Then again, if the plan is to get people talking about it, well here we are. Mission accomplished!


allegedlydm t1_j5r8vs3 wrote

I mean, the last couple of years it’s sold out of pre-orders within like a half an hour both days every weekend that it was open, so I don’t think they really need the marketing.


Maleficent-Cry2355 t1_j5rkp68 wrote

As a non-vegetarian, the name is PERFECT!


mig2123 t1_j5ucp1y wrote

As a fellow non-vegetarian, Apteka is delicious and you should give it a shot!


Maleficent-Cry2355 t1_j5vb4w6 wrote

Would just be a waste of my time and money, but knock yourself out. I don't fall for these grain-filled, unappetizing, overpriced, strange food restaurants that pop up around the city. They never last long anyways.


axhst17 t1_j5vckih wrote

It made a list of “top 50 places to eat in America” maybe you should try it out. What’s the worst that can happen with an open mind? You are proven wrong.


Maleficent-Cry2355 t1_j5ve5mt wrote

Yeah, I don't fall for those lists. Guarantee I'll never walk into a restaurant with 'crap' in the name. 😆 I'm not into overpriced vegetarian food. There are a lot more appetizing places around here.


axhst17 t1_j5vetdk wrote

We’ll don’t gate keep. Go on. Name the appetizing places!


Maleficent-Cry2355 t1_j5vfbt6 wrote

You have the internet, knock yourself out! Sorry you're so upset that I don't prefer vegetarian restaurants. Have a good day!


axhst17 t1_j5w8mt5 wrote

So you were not able to name one place. If I googled it it would give me apteka. I just think it’s crazy you’re here hating on a restaurant you haven’t even been to and are not even willing to offer restaurant suggestions. People like you are why this Reddit forum sucks anymore, just absolutely hating on any and everything for no good reason.


Maleficent-Cry2355 t1_j5wc9hh wrote

The post is literally about the name of the restaurant. The name sucks, deny it all you want. I really don't care enough to give you a list of my favorite restaurants so you can pick through each one and tell me why it sucks. Also, you said it was one the '50 Best Restaurants in Pittsburgh' but don't explain where that list came from or who made it. Just an errant statement that is supposed to make me rethink this stupidly named restaurant. People like YOU are the reason this forum, and Pittsburgh as whole, really suck. Lemme guess, you read something that said Pittsburgh is a great place to live so you decided to grace us with your ignorance and shitty attitude. Just what this city needs, more jackasses. So thank you for that. Enjoy your crap restaurant!


axhst17 t1_j5whc0y wrote

Wow all of that to call me a jackass for pushing back. The name of the restaurant is Apteka not Crapteka. The post is about a marketing campaign the business is running that OP wasn’t aware of.

Since Google is my friend, it is also your friend. I did the leg work for you. I didn’t say it was the best place to eat in Pittsburgh, I said America. Below is the NYT publication stating that. Nahhh I’m a Pittsburgh native not here to shit on the few things this city has and people trying to bring positive attention to the city. Actually my attitude is really positive I think you’re the one with a shitty attitude as evidence of your temper tantrum.


Maleficent-Cry2355 t1_j5wlj2d wrote

Lol whatever dude. Pittsburgh native explains a lot. Good luck with that