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mmphoto412 t1_j6b86uz wrote

This is the closest match I could find to the OP's description.


Imagine paying more than $56,000+ a year


PirinTablets13 t1_j6bc0in wrote

Granted, it was an old row house and it was before Lawrenceville was THE hot neighborhood, but holy shit, I cannot believe that less than 15 years ago I was paying $750 a month in rent there and now some landlords are asking 6 times that.


IntensityJokester t1_j6egzyj wrote

It’s beautiful for sure, and with 2.5 bathrooms and off street parking in Lawrenceville plus a swank balcony … but yeah, that price blows my mind. I’d be wiped out. I guess if OP has the cabbage and wants no fuss luxury while searching for a dream home that satisfies every need, go for it.


KentuckYSnow t1_j6bho40 wrote

That's fully furnished - it's not just the unit, they're renting the furniture and decorations.


mmphoto412 t1_j6bhx97 wrote

Even still that’s a crazy price. Also that’s the closest match I could find, it’s not an exact match based on op’s description.