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chrisfyb t1_j6im10q wrote

Gateway Lodge.

Options for standalone cabins or lodge rooms. Breakfast in the morning. Jacuzzi tubs in some rooms. Loved my stay there when I went.


moratapinella76 t1_j6im75u wrote

Awesome! Thank you so much. I was hoping for something like a jacuzzi. Ill check it out!


412fitter t1_j6iraql wrote

Cool little lake that is super quiet during the winter months and is a good bit of fun for a getaway during the summer too.


freestyle43 t1_j6j1cdc wrote

Shhhh. You're not supposed to tell people about that place lol.

Kidding. Its great.


412fitter t1_j6k4yz1 wrote

It is pretty awesome. Wish I could have seen it back in prime. Oh well. The next generation will have to keep it going and maybe even bring it back to it's former glory.

Also, op got deleted. Wonder what happened?


freestyle43 t1_j6k7oip wrote

Thats the thing about the lake. Parents take their kids, then those kids take their kids. I'm like a 4th generation Canadhota kid lol


bobert517 t1_j6ivjmq wrote

Ton of places around 7 Springs and Hidden Valley that are on VRBO


moratapinella76 t1_j6j0sjm wrote

Thanks! If you dont mind me asking, Have you used VRBO? Is it basically air bnb?


bobert517 t1_j6j3bcx wrote

Yeah it's basically the same thing. I have used both with similar experiences with both. Not all of the places are dual listed so you may have to look into both if you don't see something you like. We had a bachelor party at a cabin outside of 7 Springs that was great. We found the listing on VRBO but ended up going thru the local rental company itself and saved a nice but if money because the local company didn't charge the booking fees like VRBO would have.


g0tistt0t t1_j6ipcak wrote

Linn run in ligonier has cabin rentals with heat and electricity. It’s super pretty and secluded. Check out beams rock.


steelerschica86 t1_j6izi69 wrote

We stay at Top Hill Cabins in Cook Forest. Some of the cabins have a hot tub, but not all. A more budget-friendly version of Gateway, but you’re still close enough to Gateway to go for dinner if you want.


YinzerJagsNat t1_j6j1end wrote

Hawking Hills OH is gorgeous and has loads of cabins from primitive up thru luxury