Submitted by Moltoconfusion t3_10slxiy in providence

Why is the City of Providence allowing the Ice Rink to be open today? I saw the zamboni out there a little bit ago, and the driver looked like he was the Michelin man. This is ridiculous. It's so windy and cold and could cause serious harm. What can we do to help these workers stay safe?



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Proof-Variation7005 t1_j721x87 wrote

I think, by virtue of how you described the driver, he's more than safe for the 5-10 minutes he needs to be outside at a time. It's still 20 degrees out right now. It's unpleasant but people can dress for that.

It should probably be closed at sundown instead of staying open until 9 or 10 or whatever the normal closing time is.


Steve_the_Samurai t1_j725lus wrote

They reduced their hours closing earlier tonight (7:30pm) and opening late (4pm) tomorrow.


FunLife64 t1_j739is7 wrote

Seriously in some areas of the country this is a standard winter day….


Moltoconfusion OP t1_j722y2y wrote

I don't know what the standard time the zamboni does its thing is, but he was out there for 20 minutes. Just on the ice. Then he did something once he pulled off with a shovel at the door where the zamboni came on and off the ice. and then closed the doors and went into a tunnel. So, like 25 minutes, all told.


degggendorf t1_j728ol8 wrote

> Then he did something once he pulled off with a shovel at the door where the zamboni came on and off the ice.

Just cleaning up the extra ice/water/slush that the truck leaves behind.

I do appreciate you looking out for the worker, but 25 minutes in 25 degrees with 25 mph winds is plenty safe. Even at negative two or whatever it's going to be, it's not that dangerous to be out if you have reasonable protection.

I go winter hiking in the Adirondacks, and our early morning starts are generally below 0 (lowest so far is -17), and it's really not too bad. Still shedding layers after walking for a bit.


Moltoconfusion OP t1_j72547m wrote

Also, the rink is closing at 9 instead of 10. So, again, what's the point?


TournantDangereux t1_j726auk wrote

Ah, you’ve reached that stage where normal New England winters suddenly seem frightening and overwhelming.

Fear not OP, for generations a solution has been passed down to those so afflicted. It is time for you to make the great migration to Florida and join the others who only vaguely remember grey snow drifts, blustery winds and ice skating.


winter-14 t1_j721gfj wrote

Zamboni drivers know how to dress for cold. It's winter, remember?


Moltoconfusion OP t1_j722fxy wrote

Sure. They're bundled up. Has the safety equipment clothes on and seems completely covered. But the zamboni was sliding because of the wind. The actual machine. How is that safe? This weather is bad enough where frost bite can happen in 15 minutes or so. So why put the public at risk? Especially on this day and age when people don't hold themselves accountable. They allowed the schools to close because of the extreme temperatures. So why is this different? I'm just stunned this is happening.


tibbon t1_j723lbt wrote

Ski lift operators do the type of thing daily too. The problem is the folks and jobs that aren’t prepared for it. A lot of people are working outside today. It is dangerous out there, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made safer


thataltscientist t1_j727v91 wrote

I think the frostbite warning is more for overnight when it’s -20, -30. This morning is cold but not as bad.


winter-14 t1_j72f98s wrote

Sorry, how is the public at risk? Are there women and children on the ice dodging an out-of-control zamboni?


powlacracy t1_j725m1h wrote

I hope they learned a thing or two about frostbite from Prince Harry.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_j72an55 wrote

Plenty of outdoor hockey rinks have functioned with wind gusts. Even if it pushes the zamboni, they're not going particularly fast and it's not like an NHL game where 2 zambonis have to avoid each other.


JuciestDingleBerry t1_j73cx0i wrote

People are saying "it's winter" as if we've had a normal winter. It's been mild, and this blast of Arctic chill potentially bringing drafts into the negative 30s is not normal winter. Unpopular here but I agree with you


_-Unbeliever-_ t1_j723u0b wrote

It's difficult to clean the ice in the summer.


LowTap1985 t1_j724fft wrote

A little hyperbolic…is it cold for New England today and tomorrow? Yes. Are there areas in the world and country that have adapted to work outside in conditions like this? Yes. Look at Canada, the whole country doesn’t stay inside because it’s cold, Ukrainians are persisting despite massive power outages during the winter.


A_Man_Who_Writes t1_j7265s3 wrote

Right? It’s all relative. Look at Yakutsk. You just live with it. Everybody’s saying to stay inside. Well, a lot of us have no option, and it’s not as if we can’t be prepared for it.


Moltoconfusion OP t1_j724zrf wrote

And Texas can't drive on black ice or when it would be what we consider a dusting. The city canceled school and allowed people to stay home because of the dangerous weather conditions. Even the people working outside are only doing what is necessary in very short bursts of time. What is necessary about having the ice rink open when the weather is this dangerous?


Steve_the_Samurai t1_j725ee8 wrote

Did you ask the zamboni driver if they needed anything?

Not everyone needs your help.


Moltoconfusion OP t1_j72662v wrote

No.. I was heading home and waiting for the bus. My concern isn't specifically for the zamboni driver. It's because of the weirdness of the city keeping something open when it's clearly a health hazard for the public. Does it make so little money that it has to run the risk of public health to stay in operation? How is this safe?


Steve_the_Samurai t1_j7282gx wrote

You know ice skating isn't a mandatory activity, right?

They reduced the hours especially tomorrow when it is very dangerous to be outside for a prolonged time.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_j729j2j wrote

Where did you grow up, out of curiosity?


Moltoconfusion OP t1_j729t6e wrote

Cranston, Johnston, Warren.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_j72fuzl wrote

I was definitely not expecting an answer in New England, lol. This is like the first legit "pond skating weather" day of the winter


winter-14 t1_j72qeir wrote

Remember, pond ice won't be thick enough for a couple of days - and by then we'll be back in the 40s.

This has been a public service announcement. :)


sullybanger t1_j73c3pw wrote

Sent this to the zamboni driver, I’m sure he will appreciate you looking out for him


Moltoconfusion OP t1_j73e1hs wrote

Omg. You know the driver? Yes, please let him know I said be safe and thank him for doing this. I know it must be very tough. Thank you.


OddWar6668 t1_j739287 wrote

Surprised you didn't stop and ask to speak with the manager , you sound like a Karen


Moltoconfusion OP t1_j739fjk wrote

You mean like when you show up and demand to be able to skate even though it's miserable out and then blame the workers for the poor weather conditions that ruined your fun? Get bent.


Low-Dragonfly-5352 t1_j72l1t8 wrote

Because these are peak ice conditions. Play volleyball and leave the rink stuff to us okay bud?


Moltoconfusion OP t1_j72nki6 wrote

Wow. Thanks for being rude. Sorry my concern for people is an affront to you. You must be one of those people that goes out in a blizzard when the governor declares a state of emergency and decides he needs a new wardrobe. And then gets made that the stores are closed.


winter-14 t1_j72qm3h wrote

Exactly which member of the public are you afraid is being forced outdoors to die in this weather?


Moltoconfusion OP t1_j72rqd0 wrote

What's it matter anymore. I'm expressing concern for public health and safety, and the comments are all being snippy and snide and insulting. Go play volleyball. This is just New England. This isn't how people should respond. This isn't normal.

The rink is open because they want to make money. They are putting possible minimum financial gain over the health and well-being of the staff and the public. Instead of being pro active and saying maybe we should play it safe. They're going to be reactive and hope no one gets hurt or worse. And if an incident does happen, they'll scramble to wipe it under the rug and claim the public knew the risks.

Long live captialism. Hope it's worth it.


winter-14 t1_j72uij5 wrote

>This is just New England. This isn't how people should respond. This isn't normal.

On the contrary, this is exactly normal. The rink offers a legitimate outdoor entertainment choice. It's up to you if you want to skate. Should the governor declare a state of emergency, and close all roads leading in and out of the state? Then deploy the national guard to patrol the streets to shoot those outside?

It's called common sense, something lacking in a lot of people.

Feel free to get on 95 south, and don't stop until you're somewhere deep under Ron DeSantis' jurisdiction.


Moltoconfusion OP t1_j72vpl2 wrote

I'll just continue to live here, trying to make changes here in the hopes people do better instead of being someone that attempt to hide their bullying ways under the veil of sarcasm.


fishythepete t1_j76bay5 wrote

>I'll just continue to live here, trying to make changes here…

Good luck in the war against winter. We’re all counting on you.


gvturg t1_j78g7rh wrote

it’s called bundling up & growing a pair, you should try it


Moltoconfusion OP t1_j78gieq wrote

They lost all their business and shut down earlier than they wanted. People lost power as well as having trees falling down on houses, cars, and yards. My point was proven. Get bent.


gvturg t1_j78gs6x wrote

congrats! now someone whose already getting paid less than enough won’t get paid today! hope you feel good about yourself.


Moltoconfusion OP t1_j78i8v4 wrote

Sat is OT for city workers. And at least someone gave a shit about them enough to worry that making money was more important than the lives of the workers. Unlike you and most of the people making shifty comments for no reason other than to be jerks.