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Moltoconfusion OP t1_j722fxy wrote

Reply to comment by winter-14 in Why are they open? by Moltoconfusion

Sure. They're bundled up. Has the safety equipment clothes on and seems completely covered. But the zamboni was sliding because of the wind. The actual machine. How is that safe? This weather is bad enough where frost bite can happen in 15 minutes or so. So why put the public at risk? Especially on this day and age when people don't hold themselves accountable. They allowed the schools to close because of the extreme temperatures. So why is this different? I'm just stunned this is happening.


tibbon t1_j723lbt wrote

Ski lift operators do the type of thing daily too. The problem is the folks and jobs that aren’t prepared for it. A lot of people are working outside today. It is dangerous out there, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made safer


thataltscientist t1_j727v91 wrote

I think the frostbite warning is more for overnight when it’s -20, -30. This morning is cold but not as bad.


winter-14 t1_j72f98s wrote

Sorry, how is the public at risk? Are there women and children on the ice dodging an out-of-control zamboni?


powlacracy t1_j725m1h wrote

I hope they learned a thing or two about frostbite from Prince Harry.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_j72an55 wrote

Plenty of outdoor hockey rinks have functioned with wind gusts. Even if it pushes the zamboni, they're not going particularly fast and it's not like an NHL game where 2 zambonis have to avoid each other.


JuciestDingleBerry t1_j73cx0i wrote

People are saying "it's winter" as if we've had a normal winter. It's been mild, and this blast of Arctic chill potentially bringing drafts into the negative 30s is not normal winter. Unpopular here but I agree with you