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misterpeanutsman t1_j78a5nm wrote

reminder that this plot of land will be a construction site this summer and ugly condos the summer after that


kbd77 t1_j78en4b wrote

I really wish they’d reprise the sunflower field elsewhere, we’ve got several vacant plots of land in that area that are just grass right now. Or they could maybe find a strip of India Point Park.


Vlad_Jean88 t1_j78s55o wrote

It was an artist installation which definitely speaks too the cities flair, however everyone wants more more more services and more more taxes or increases to the high rent population means stimulates for “the economy” I miss this field too

I think about the housing though… if it’s like 1100/1200 or more for 1BD… it always comes down to profits and greed


beta_vulgaris t1_j7aw5ur wrote

The land was developed before it was demolished for a highway. The highway was demolished to redevelop the land. Sunflowers were a pretty temporary use, but housing is better.


misterpeanutsman t1_j7blhuc wrote

this is such a shitty narrative, there are over 1400 apartments currently available in providence. included the brand new apartments they literally just built across the street from this area, as well as underused properties in the jewelry district or whatever it’s called now. people deserve available green spaces.


beta_vulgaris t1_j7bpbh9 wrote

It was always the plan to develop the land that was reclaimed from the highway removal. And much of it actually has been turned into parks! When this area is finished, it will be a very livable, walkable, bikeable urban neighborhood like it was before its destruction for I-195.


argument_sketch t1_j78xv3x wrote

I've taken that picture dozens of times! I miss the sunflower field! Never to return :-(


TheSunflowerSeeds t1_j78xwns wrote

Throughout recent history, sunflowers have been used for medicinal purposes. The Cherokee created a sunflower leaf infusion that they used to treat kidneys. Whilst in Mexico, sunflowers were used to treat chest pain.


Vlad_Jean88 t1_j78rvvg wrote

Missing this huge today 🥹🥹🥹


401jamin t1_j78fa5q wrote

Would be cool if it was turned into the space for a weekly farmers market


Wide_Television_7074 t1_j7cd8k6 wrote

still plenty of room downtown to plant sunflowers. Looking forward to this view having a lit up Superman