Submitted by danpegg t3_10uel6o in providence

I wrecked my 2009 Toyota Matrix last night. Looking to scrap it for reasonable price. What’s the most well reputed local scrapyard that may want to buy this off me?



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MonicaPVD t1_j7bcg9f wrote

There are no reputable scrap yards. They're all the same.


Gnarpif t1_j7d99is wrote

Peddle . Com I've sold 5 scrap cars and I was surprised how much they gave me for my junk lol


danpegg OP t1_j7dblo9 wrote

Good looks. I just got an offer from Peddle for 650.


Gnarpif t1_j7dbtnx wrote

They are the best. At first I thought it was too good to be true but they have been fast and reliable for me


easedownripley t1_j7bfbtd wrote

In my experience anywhere you go is only going to give you like $150 anyway. Scrapping a car doesn't pay much.


Distinct-Ad5751 t1_j7e025m wrote

Sounds like you found a scrapyard, just wanted to say I hope you’re okay and unhurt.


leavingthecold t1_j7bga2q wrote

1 thing I learned is the difference of what you can get is contingent if you still have the original catalytic converter. That's where the easy money is 1st, and depending on what type of car and amount of damage will determine if it goes to an actual junkyard for pick/pull of the good parts.


tanglefruit t1_j7bpb7g wrote

Check Allens ave - there are a few you could compare


Eaatcoast508 t1_j7bu3j1 wrote

Do you carry collision insurance? Might just want to go that route and file a claim