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werewolfmanjack t1_j7nv26e wrote

thought this was alt-comedy or a psychotic break at first but I think its just some honest enthusiasm. That’s on me.


whatsaphoto t1_j7pbtqj wrote

It's the low res jpeg that does it for me lol. Reminds me of the kind of messages my fiance's grandfather would email me. Wholesome, well-meaning chaos.


degggendorf t1_j7p4hs7 wrote

Yeah I was expecting some clickbait link to an SEO trap blog


V0nH30n t1_j7nz77t wrote

These shits are a 3 drink minimum, just so you transplants are aware. Don't go in all gung ho and sober, get loose for them gaggers


AmericanMuscleCorps t1_j7snh9s wrote

This is the way


V0nH30n t1_j7snqd2 wrote

It IS. Pro pro tip, eat them in the parking lot. Points off for spilling onions and meat sauce on yourself. Style points for smoking a cigarette while also eating. I don't make the rules I just observe them


Dinosquid t1_j7ph4x8 wrote

My family also calls them gaggers, don’t hear that one much anymore!


Mg962 t1_j7nwgrw wrote

Kinda missed an important ingredient there. You drunk on wine grinded beef? Lol


MajorDrGhastly t1_j7p6mxb wrote

you forgot hair and sweat from the arm of the man who made them.


sophware t1_j7pprj2 wrote

for newbs, this is b/c of how they can be carried and delivered: lined up along the arm


leavingthecold t1_j7pk8io wrote

Don't forget the track marks.


ryanfingawesome t1_j7q9v4y wrote

track marks?


leavingthecold t1_j7qeukt wrote

Scars from needles via intravenous drug use, its used to be the running joke for every NY system when the guy served like 5-8 off his arm.


ryanfingawesome t1_j7qfinw wrote

so, making jokes about drug us is your thing? that’s… interesting. are you disparaging the people working there or all drug users in general?


leavingthecold t1_j7qi7nd wrote

Hey that was the joke back then I'm not the one who made it up, if you saw some of the guys that worked there back in the 90's you would think the same as well. I'm glad they don't serve it like that anymore

Not disparaging anyone that has a job but if you made the choice to do drugs oh well, am I the only one who paid attention to the DARE class in elementary school.


ryanfingawesome t1_j7qilb4 wrote

you’re making the joke right now, so saying that you’re just regurgitating something from “back in the day” makes what you’re doing okay… how?


leavingthecold t1_j7qngzl wrote

Hey oh well, a joke is a joke, downvote me then. You get butt hurt being a drug user or some shit.


ryanfingawesome t1_j7qopok wrote

wow, resorting to name calling? triggered much? such courage of conviction to stand by your statements.


BoSocks91 t1_j7nzolx wrote

If it wasn’t $12 for a weenie basket, Id eat NY System more often.

I swear by Sam’s in Warwick. They have the best meat sauce!


GotenRocko t1_j7pdn4a wrote

How many weiners are in a basket? M&M new York system in east providence is like $8 for 2 with fries and coffee milk.


Chance_Bad_7437 t1_j7nxqwh wrote

All the way, or you're not a Rhode Islander


chaos212 t1_j7pbh0w wrote

If its not all the way, just go to sonic for a plain hotdog.


Granolapitcher t1_j7nvlum wrote

Idk what “wine-grinded beef” is (I think he meant meat sauce) but OP is talking about Coney Island style dogs, likely from a Coney Island style hot dog joint (they call them Weiners in Rhode Island). Olneyville New York System is the most famous and they’re really fucking good. Wash them down with a coffee milk.


MonicaPVD t1_j7orxae wrote

You need coffee milk to neutralize the acid and grease that you just thrust into your stomach.


GotenRocko t1_j7perbq wrote

While they appear similar, New York System weiners are different from coney island hot dogs because they are made with a unique beef, veal, and pork weiners instead of just beef hot dogs.


orm518 t1_j7nws4o wrote

GrubHub delivers these bad boys and I almost pulled the trigger just now.


asdfwaevc t1_j7nz67i wrote

Wayyyy better hot. Takes them like 2 minutes to make at Olneyville. They're good!


orm518 t1_j7o32kq wrote

Oh for sure, but in desperation.


doctor-rumack t1_j7pefbz wrote

I grew up in MA, but my wife is from RI. We spend a lot of time in RI, and it occurred to me I had never had a hot wiener as we walked by Wally's in Newport one night last summer. We were with a group of 4 other people, so they insisted we go in to order a few.

I had two all the way and they were fucking delicious. Just perfectly balanced in every way. I can't believe I waited until my late 40's before trying one.


mightynifty_2 t1_j7pk1ki wrote

When did Reddit turn into Facebook?


Shebadoahjoe t1_j7o5mkc wrote

Eats in Seekonk is as good if not better than Okneyville.


DCLexiLou t1_j7p06xx wrote

2nd that. George and his family are great folks and the food is great, especially the wieners! Kips' used to be a favorite of mine in Pawtucket but sadly they're gone now.


GotenRocko t1_j7pexg8 wrote

Oh I drive by them often, will have to give them a try.


Duck_Dragon t1_j7pio43 wrote

No Haven Bruthas love?


Clamgravy t1_j7q2b4j wrote

Do they even have wieners at Haven Brothers? Longest time it was just hot dogs w/ canned cheese and meat sauce, which ain't the same.


bpear t1_j7s7yc0 wrote

That place is kinda wack. Only good thing is the milkshakes. They use regular hot dogs. Not weiners.


oil_can_boyd69 t1_j7paskz wrote

Wine-grinded? Help me out with that one—not familiar! Another piece of RI history?


whatsaphoto t1_j7pbm3e wrote

My partner and I were flying out of TF Green last weekend and stopped by Providence Provisions at Gate 11. They were trying to sell 2 all the way for $15 bucks. We couldn't help but laugh lmao.


yeshuaD t1_j7rffa1 wrote

My childhood. My father would always take us to Rod’s Grille in Warren for two dogs with the works. Glad to see this RI dish posted here.


OctoberRust13 t1_j7r3clx wrote

Am I the only one that likes the one on Chalkstone more than Olneyville? 😬😬


jesselectric t1_j7p10th wrote

Got to go with Weinorama in Cranston


DoKwan t1_j7p51k6 wrote

Not RI but Tex Barry’s in Attleboro are my top dog.


bpear t1_j7s8ouk wrote

People really out here recommending hot dogs in a thread about WEINERS


leavingthecold t1_j7pk69v wrote

I rarely eat them but I brought all my west coast relatives to eat these t with a caffee milk of course.


tapakip t1_j7paofe wrote

I got some bad news for everyone. While I enjoyed the hot wieners in Olneyville (especially because they are actually served hot), coney dogs in Fall River still got them beat. There's a reason that there at least 6 coney island restaurants in the city.


HunabJA t1_j7o7i1c wrote

They are not that good... I get then often, just because, why not.