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Good-Expression-4433 t1_j8204wy wrote

Like mentioned in the other posts that have come up with similar, their flyers are getting to be pretty common. I've seen a few on Broadway and they used to be everywhere when I lived over on Smith Hill. They put the stuff up in the early morning or late night when no one will confront them

National Socialist Club were the ones behind the Red Ink stuff last year, Patriot Front has been spreading their own garbage heavily too in different parts of the city, anti Semitic booklets and packets of wood pellets and ashes being thrown at houses by a a separate outright Christian Nazi death cult, and even Black Hebrew Israelites hanging out over new Brown.

Bigots need to be made to fear again.


[deleted] t1_j820vaw wrote

I wonder (well, not really but can imagine the potential mental gymnastics they might use to explain) who they believe are the enemies of their people...

Much good can be said about the people of Rhode Island that these types are far from the norm. If only someone reached these folks earlier too... but (unfortunately) you can't save them all...


Good-Expression-4433 t1_j822a66 wrote

Every state will have its Nazis but for what it's worth, a lot of these groups are out of state. RI is so small and smashed between other big cities so they can travel around and get out quick, while these groups operate heavily out of New Hampshire and western Massachusetts. Some of the National Socialist Club's leaders were charged recently in NH for spreading their material.


[deleted] t1_j82hd9p wrote

I know. There were plenty in my two former states of California and Michigan.

My point is that these guys are actively recruiting and Rhode Islanders are not battering down their doors by the dozens.


WiserStudent557 t1_j84v2p7 wrote

That’s always the issue. The people are all of us, and that recognition doesn’t click for many of these malfunctioning brains


FriskyTurtle t1_j85e2r2 wrote

> National Socialist Club

Is that what you meant to write? I originally read the flyer as "National Socialist Club", but Nationalist Social Club is quite the opposite.


SqueakieDeekie t1_j83o4kd wrote

Please stop sharing the contact info for these bozos . The news did it too unfortunately. It’s important for people to know these flyers are being distributed, but the contact info should be blocked out. Otherwise you are helping disseminate their materials


WiserStudent557 t1_j84utzh wrote

If people want to harass them I’m comfortable with that. No tolerance for intolerance.

There’s a Grand Canyon between cancel culture and a society policing itself and we’ve stopped doing enough of the latter


SqueakieDeekie t1_j86pqba wrote

Sure, but trolling them actually accomplishes nothing, whereas widely sharing their recruitment information has obvious dangerous possibilities.


Busy-Ad8424 t1_j8296bq wrote

Be a shame if someone accidentally signed them up for a bunch of bulk newsletters


Dopey-NipNips t1_j81ym1t wrote

My granddaddy knew what to do about nazis


SeniorChainSaw t1_j83olg5 wrote

So rip it up and stop spreading their propaganda wtf


LeetPleeb t1_j82imz9 wrote

Be better if people posted this stuff without with the contact info showing. Otherwise you're just giving these racist, hate mongering pieces of shit more reach.


Majestic-Shine-7081 t1_j82j91z wrote

Nah dude, this way we can sign them up for so many fucking spam messages that it renders these addresses useless. Fuck these nazi scum


SqueakieDeekie t1_j86q51z wrote

Signing them up for spam emails accomplishes absolutely nothing whatsoever


werewolfmanjack t1_j82n44v wrote

Yep - literal signal boosting. OP is low wattage. People think signing an email up for spam is some kind of clever resistance - if that’s the best we can do… then the battle is lost.


LeetPleeb t1_j84ortm wrote

Agreed, it's not like they're doing a denial of service attack. It's spam. All you have to do is tag it spam and your filter grabs it. Do they not know how email works?


Sorbus_ t1_j83te22 wrote


You are spreading hateful propaganda. No matter what your intentions are, you could be helping to radicalize people into hate groups.


mycopportunity t1_j85qdk4 wrote

Or at least scribble out the contact info. Good to know this is going on but we don't need to enable them


Duff_Lite t1_j82aung wrote

For the love of god, please don’t ruin the pine tree 🌲


f1rehead t1_j82qzfm wrote

Unfortunately, they don't understand that the pine tree actually symbolizes. And there is no way to educate them.


3loodJazz t1_j83s9di wrote

Posting this with contact info intact is doing their recruiting for them. Delete this shit


astrangeday13 t1_j82m3bk wrote

I honestly feel calling these bafoons Nazis is giving them too much credit. They are clearly just rednecks with a brother workforce 1530, a pack of Winstons and an 8th grade education.


vegemouse t1_j82urdd wrote

Nah they’re Nazis, don’t underestimate them. They are organized and coordinated. People can just be evil, doesn’t mean they’re dumb. Know your enemy.


SqueakieDeekie t1_j86qa53 wrote

“Nazi” is not a compliment and does not signify any form of intelligence. They’re nazis.


Lady-Aethelflaed t1_j82o2iq wrote


huh_phd t1_j83x7mj wrote

This really shouldn't be posted without removing the contact information, I know it's a repost, but food for thought for the future

Edit: these fucking bigot morons cannot comprehend that we all literally descended from the same common - amd likely heavily pigmented - protohuman years and years ago. Fucking morons. I


personman t1_j82rub1 wrote

You are literally doing their promotional work for them. Put this in the garbage where it belongs, not on the internet.


thatbstrdmike t1_j833txx wrote

Let me find one of these soft-jawed weaklings passing this trash around my neighborhood and you will have a story of a guy going to prison for stomping the life out of a white trash supremacist wannabe.

Back in the early 90's we had these clowns in abundance. We beat them. A lot. Often. And they disappeared until "President" Trash. Seems they need a lot more ass kicking. Nothing more than a bunch of feral losers who never made anything of their lives blaming everyone else for their failures. Losers.


vegemouse t1_j82uuet wrote

131 is a large group in NE. They’ve done things like attacking people during drag queen story time while carrying swastika flags.


HolographicFlamingos t1_j8461yn wrote

Ohh how nice of them to leave contact information. I’m sure the FBI tip site will appreciate that info being passed along to them 😏


MoreLab5278 t1_j83u7kx wrote

It would be a terrible idea if people were to email bomb their email address and DDOS their organization... A terrible idea that know one should even consider..


Low-Medical t1_j85gskz wrote

"Dear Feds: please infiltrate us. Contact info below"


ancient_scully t1_j831bq8 wrote

Their symbol looks like a very hairy butt crack.


TheForceRestrained t1_j84q2xj wrote

Where do they meet? The trolling potential is huge here.


mycopportunity t1_j85q4qg wrote

Why did you not scribble out the contact info?


BlueEyedRage t1_j85vvr1 wrote

So how many members do you think are FBI informants? I'm betting no less than 50%.


Adventurous-Pop430 t1_j8jed3f wrote

I see their email I'm about to sign them up for some ebony and latino subscriptions 😂


JeffFromNH t1_j827war wrote

I did Nazi that one coming.


StonerCaravanArrives t1_j82mcsn wrote

Unfortunately Rhode island is full of fascists.


f1rehead t1_j82r6ve wrote

NO. There are some fascists, but not "full of". Please maintain some perspective.