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SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_j8bjq79 wrote

OJ was alleged to have killed his wife.

Found not guilty.

Allegations without conviction mean nothing.


thehillshaveI t1_j8c3us1 wrote

ok but he did kill his wife so i really don't think your analogy is doing what you think it is


_bettyfelon t1_j8cc27l wrote

“You keep using this comparison…. I do not think it conveys what you think it conveys.”


degggendorf t1_j8c1mzg wrote

We're people (not) buying tickets to a show, we're not a court of law. There's no due process clause for forming a personal opinion.

But it does seem telling how some people jump up so eagerly to protect sex offenders....


MajorDrGhastly t1_j8c469h wrote

well, he is literally not a sex offender without a conviction, but otherwise you are correct.


degggendorf t1_j8c4cy7 wrote

Anyone who has committed a sex offense is a sex offender whether they've been caught or not.


MajorDrGhastly t1_j8cbu1y wrote

its literally a legal term used to describe some one who has been convicted of an illegal sexual act. but go off sis.


vegemouse t1_j8bpaok wrote

Allegations coming from dozens of people independently sure paints a picture though.


ConquestOfPizzaTime t1_j8btxgc wrote

it's almost like a multitude of allegations establishes a pattern


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_j8buhgm wrote

And has anyone pursued legal action? Means nothing unless someone does.


ConquestOfPizzaTime t1_j8bxx59 wrote

written like a true cop. go protect dunkin, barney


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_j8by7a0 wrote

For what? Following criminal procedure?

Or would you like people to be able to be arrested without a complainant, purely based of speculation?

Or do you think the 6th Amendment doesn’t belong?


ConquestOfPizzaTime t1_j8byh0d wrote

no I think clearly-shitty people should be fucked with and made pariahs. again, your corkscrew tail is showing


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_j8bz1ra wrote

And what if they’re all lies?

A stampede of accusations started due to someone’s spurned incident?

How about the US Federal lawsuit that was filed and withdrawn; without settlement, all in the time span of a month?

Obviously if that person was a victim of a crime with such patterns, why didn’t they pursue their case?

Don’t you think maybe, if any of this was true in todays age, someone would start an investigation against him?

The fact it hasn’t happened makes me think it’s not as true as it’s being made to be.


ConquestOfPizzaTime t1_j8bz64u wrote

statistically, no it's not at all probable that even a significant portion are false. go to bed, pig


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_j8c0h5w wrote

You’re wording sucked, but I get your point.

Here’s my point, they might as well all be false due to the fact no one has filed a complaint or lawsuit, which would require them to show evidence or provide testimony.

Anyone could make this allegation falsely and have no skin in the game. Since no one is willing to do any of the above mentioned steps, then it’s moot. It doesn’t count.


ConquestOfPizzaTime t1_j8c0p7a wrote

cool, I don't care about you vouching for a lazy and illegitimate system with no understanding of why people don't bring charges or come out with allegations in a timely manner. actually, as a jackboot you'd probably know a lot about that


[deleted] t1_j8ccehs wrote



Dinosquid t1_j8ehe8a wrote

Just a cop holding water for a child rapist. No surprise here.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_j8fyc6h wrote

Has it been proven?

Seems like a rush of judgement in the court of public opinion.


Dinosquid t1_j8g5r7w wrote

Go take a pic with The Kid Fucker tonight at the comedy club, bro. Tell him how cool you think it is he got away with fucking kids for so long!


ryanfingawesome t1_j8ennek wrote

ah yes, an investigation. like the thousands of rape kits that go untested or unfollowed up on? because the system relies on garbage like you?


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_j8fymaw wrote

Ah yes, the untested kits that sit at the DOH who have no connection to any police department and are a separate entity.

Oh, and the state of Rhode Island doesnt have thousands of backlogged rape kits. As a matter of fact, we have none.