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vegemouse t1_j8bpjvr wrote

That might be the case for some right wingers who try and provoke counter protests, but I don’t get why a guy with his history would want people to come and give him negative attention.


Direct_Reputation_98 t1_j8bsvu6 wrote

I totally get that, but I think, what I mean is, why give this guy any sort of attention. Let him just fizzle out with no one talking about him so that even when you type him his name in Google he’s so irrelevant it doesn’t even pop-up.


ConquestOfPizzaTime t1_j8bu2mt wrote

letting them fizzle actually encourages them by making them think it's acceptable since there's no pushback. it ends up having the opposite effect


Direct_Reputation_98 t1_j8by9vg wrote

Yeah I can see that, I don’t have any ideas about what to do in this situation. Just something I have seen in the past.