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ArcticTurtle t1_j9a07ye wrote

You were almost out of there when that bus just decided "Nope! Not today." That part of Ives is always terrible and the bus loves just heading straight down. I wonder if making parking on only one side would be a possibility


Status_Silver_5114 t1_j9a1b52 wrote

One side parking all over the east side would be an improvement. (Not literal entire east side but strategic use of it. Ie Ives. Between wheeler and the brown gym. Many side streets around rochambeau).


orm518 t1_j9amsh7 wrote

There is no way that Hope should be allowed double side parking on the block between Wheeler (Angell) and the Brown gym/rink (Lloyd). The shoulder there literally is not wide enough for cars on the west side of the street, yet people park anyways. If the city tried to take it away you’d have everyone pissed, brown kids who drive to the gym (lol), wheeler parents, etc. They all have $$ and status, so squeeze down Hope Street we do.


BadDesignMakesMeSad t1_j9b3g09 wrote

That road should either only have one side parking or be a one-way. Removing parking always gets someone mad but removing parking benefits more people like 99% of the time. Especially if that speeds up transit operations.


Remarkable_Signal_78 t1_j9afdqs wrote

Ives and Governor St could easily be turned into one ways (Ives going to Wickenden and Governor going away from Wickenden/ or vice versa). It would solve most of the issues


Inevitable-Careerist t1_j99rshu wrote

I can't believe you made it down almost that entire street and missed all those opportunities to double-park.


4355525 t1_j9adzhg wrote

As much as this sucks for you I'm glad you were a bigger person and put their needs before your own. If it were me, bet your ass we woulda been there all fuckin day. Lol


lagoongassoon t1_j9a07k5 wrote

Share the road? What are you, some kinda commie?


FourAM t1_j9a9yfa wrote

Bro did he hit you right at the end there??


whatsaphoto t1_j9afpj8 wrote

Likely was just the motion of OP hitting the save recording button on the dash cam


DrowningInFeces t1_j9akwc0 wrote

Send the video to RIPTA.


Toast119 t1_j9am5j4 wrote

Bus is correct tho lol


Silvedl t1_j9b27wo wrote

That bus had 5 seconds to spare to let the car through. Took longer to make them reverse to get through.


Toast119 t1_j9b5q57 wrote

The bus is already through the intersection and the OP keeps driving straight towards it lol. There is no interpretation of this video where the bus is in the wrong.


DrowningInFeces t1_j9ci5dz wrote

The bus should've let the guy go through because he was already past the point where he could let the bus go and the bus decided to block him anyways just to be a prick. All the bus driver did was slow down and inconvenience everyone, including his passengers. If you drive like the bus driver does and think he was in the right here, then fuck you too.


ElmoMustDie t1_j9asbmr wrote

Nah, that bus just has to wait a few seconds for you to pass, instead of making you reverse down a busy street. I would have waited. Normally I give busses, trucks, delivery people etc the benefit and let them pass, but that was an asshole driver


MusicNerdDavid t1_j99fbwc wrote

I work at Eastside Marketplace and see this bus all the time


Chance_Bad_7437 t1_j9aarek wrote

RIPTA drivers are assholes. Not all of them im sure, but I can't tell you how many times I've been forced into the middle turn lane because they pull out into the street without even looking. Like the nose of my car is about where the bus driver is sitting and they pull right out.


whatsaphoto t1_j9afu5a wrote

They're assholes probably because they have to deal with bullshit all day long. I'd probably become an asshole if I were in their position day in and day out, too. Same goes for MBTA operators.


jdmess401 t1_j9aho76 wrote

That’s not really an excuse though. Bus drivers operate a large vehicle that can do serious damage. They can’t just wield it recklessness because they had a bad day…


Toast119 t1_j9am9zw wrote

There was nothing reckless about this lol.


jdmess401 t1_j9anuzr wrote

Read the very first comment in this thread; that’s the context in which I made my reply. They can be reckless, as that comment points out. Drive around Providence for any extended period of time and you’ll see RIPTAs routinely run red lights, stop signs, disobey crosswalk laws, etc.

This particular instance involved using the size of the bus to bully someone out of the way. I wouldn’t call it “reckless,” but it’s definitely idiotic and unwarranted.


Toast119 t1_j9atoqg wrote

The bus was blocking an intersection and already on its way forward when this guy drove right up to it lol. How is the bus in the wrong here at all? It's not like they should back up back into the intersection lol


jdmess401 t1_j9b2hlr wrote

That doesn’t make any sense…are we watching the same video?

OP is proceeding down what is effectively a single-lane road prior to the bus entering said road. It was the bus driver’s responsibility to make sure they had a clear path before crossing the intersection, which they did not. The car is already in the road and has the right-of-way, which is what this post is about.

These are very simple rules of the road. No wonder we suck at driving in this state. 🤦🏻‍♂️


Toast119 t1_j9b5fuq wrote

The bus was navigating around another car in the middle of the intersection when the OP enters the road lol. It's pretty obvious staring at like 5s into the video that the car in the OP is in the wrong for driving the entire length of the road knowing there is no way forward.

Wild you think the bus should be the one backing up?


jdmess401 t1_j9b73ug wrote

No, because the bus is across an intersection before OP enters the road—the “road” in this case referring to the single stretch of the street between those two blocks.

In any event, you proved OP’s point here by pointing that 1) the bus was across the intersection when OP entered the road, and 2) that the bus had the room to let OP by prior to blocking him in.

As far as the bus having to back up, technically that would be the case. However, I actually think OP did the smart thing by backing up, because yes, by that point, it was safer for them to do so than the bus since the latter clearly had no intention of doing so. Having said that, OP doing the smart thing does NOT mean it wasn’t the buses fault to begin with.

Maybe it’s “completely obvious” to someone who has no common sense and should probably take driver’s ed again.


Toast119 t1_j9bgnxd wrote

This is so wild lol. The interpretation is so simple, and the video is pretty explicit.

In no other state would this even be an issue. The self awareness is pretty telling here haha


Previous_Floor t1_j9bvznr wrote

>the car in the OP is in the wrong for driving the entire length of the road knowing there is no way forward.

Yup. The driver of the car created this problem.


jdmess401 t1_j9er94p wrote

I’m sorry, but you guys are utterly clueless. If you’re both Rhode Islanders and wonder why we have such a terrible reputation for driving, this is why; the lack of awareness for basic, permit-level road competency here is astounding. If you’re not from Rhode Island, please just never attempt to drive in Providence—it’s safer for us all that way.

Good luck!


Chance_Bad_7437 t1_j9ag3l2 wrote

Well, if they hit me, they're gonna have a worse day, I'll tell ya that much.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_j9ajs8y wrote

My favorite part is how the bus kinda fake pulls over at the beginning where you'd assume they see the oncoming car and is gonna just wait 4 seconds for that guy, but then NOPE.


JeffFromNH t1_j9a7hcn wrote

My biggest pet peeve is that many people don't understand 4-Way stops.

It's especially annoying when riding a bike. I know the rules and I follow them. Don't stop to let me go. Do your job. I'll do mine.

Oh wait. Don't take a left turn that blocks traffic! If you have a line behind you and no opening in sight, bite the bullet and go straight. It will take you an extra minute, but save several fellow drivers several minutes - each.


[deleted] t1_j9admtg wrote

Dude I fucking hate people


evoelker t1_j9aqjtb wrote

Fucking Ives street I used to take that bud every day


Thac0 t1_j9bg1o5 wrote



justincase1021 t1_j9cr9lp wrote

You are better than me. I wouldnt have budged. Hell I might have gotten out and leaned on my hood.


RinnyFlamboyant t1_j9d0ml7 wrote

they're being a dick but driving the 92 must be a fucking nightmare, so many sections like this where they have to squeeze to the side.


grem111 t1_j9adphb wrote

Yeah it's a bus. I always give buses right of way regardless of the law just out of common niceness. I can't tell how many people are on the bus, so assume it's even just a quarter full. That's like 15 people who have somewhere to be. More important than me going to pv donuts :)


Proof-Variation7005 t1_j9b0d4h wrote

I would do the same when it makes sense, but the bus should've probably waited a few seconds and not made a person back up like 200 ft. I'm not sure if the bus driver either didn't look (yikes) or is just kind of an asshole


Sarcofaygo t1_j9e9lf3 wrote

>I'm not sure if the bus driver either didn't look (yikes) or is just kind of an asshole



Toast119 t1_j9ambww wrote

Bus has 20+ people on it. Your car has just you. Bus has the right of way.


thebigbluebug t1_j9as366 wrote

This is not how right of way works lol


Toast119 t1_j9asmm7 wrote

It is how it should work. The bus did nothing wrong here.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_j9b0sza wrote

Ok, what if the bus has zero passengers? Is it a tie then? This is shitty logic. The bus could've waited a few seconds to clear the room. Proceeding forward and forcing an oncoming car to back up nearly the entire length of the street is not the way this should've gone.


Toast119 t1_j9b5ta6 wrote

The bus should have right of way regardless of the number of passengers. The car in the OP video is the one that drives the entire street length knowing there is no way forward lol.

You can see starting at like 6s into the video we might after the car turns that the bus is through the intersection.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_j9b8995 wrote

If the goal is get the bus from one stop to the next the quickest, then the bus driver fucked up. Instead of waiting 4 seconds for the car to pass the parked cars, the bus effectively is waiting a full minute.

The bus fucked up. It's not complicated.


Toast119 t1_j9bgjui wrote

The bus didn't fuck up lol. It's blocking an intersection and trying to get out of the way.

The car in the video explicitly fucked up. They had a place to pull over out of traffic in the first 6-8 seconds of the video. They instead drove the whole way up the street to the bus who was trying to get out of the intersection lol.

This is so incredibly simple. Only in Rhode Island would this ever be contested I swear lmao


Proof-Variation7005 t1_j9bkdln wrote

I don't think anyone who drives even semi-frequently agrees with you, hence why I don't see a single comment making that argument except for yours.


Toast119 t1_j9bv28k wrote

Maybe this is evidence as to why Rhode Island drivers are so terrible lol. (And generally drivers all over the place are selfish and not forward-thinking like the dude in the video)

I would have noticed there was no way forward immediately when I pulled into the street and pulled over in the big gap at 2-5s. Not drive the whole way up to stare down the bus driver just doing his job lol.

Claiming the bus "made him back up 200ft" is pretty insane because he is the one that slowly inched up to the bus knowing very well that someone was gonna have to back up...

Then even after this entitled car driver backs up he doesn't get the whole fuckin way over & sits there half in the center of the god damn street hahaha