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easedownripley t1_j9oxm23 wrote

love 2 live in a place called "College Hill" and then complain about all the college students


DrewCrew62 t1_j9p4ok5 wrote

Who could’ve foreseen this place would be rife with college students?????


easedownripley t1_j9pb86u wrote

A while back I saw a projo article about a lady who was apparently a prisoner in her own home or whatever because of late night noise. She'd bought a condo above a nightclub.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_j9pa9ci wrote

one would expect they'd all be washed down to the bottom of the hill with any rainstorm


DrewCrew62 t1_j9pbxjj wrote

Even so, the drains are probably clogged with leaves, so they’ll all just pool at the base of the hill


NickRick t1_j9sfve9 wrote

to be fair the college only went up 1764. It's not like they have had time to adjust.


DrewCrew62 t1_j9ukx8y wrote

Some of these people remember 1636 when things were quiet, before the riff-raff moved in


thebigbluebug t1_j9orcop wrote

Yay for more housing!!

Like those two lots literally abut: a bank, the subway on Waterman, and academic buildings. There are literally no neighbors to annoy.


Constant_Aspect9955 t1_j9sb2fw wrote

Yay for more $5,000 a month housing!!🙄


meme-scraperr t1_ja1dzif wrote

No, yay for more $1,800 a month housing in fox point that gets freed up by kids with rich parents


AdvancedPositive2365 t1_j9os6gk wrote

25 units with 2 bedrooms certainly does not mean 50+ residents will be arranging rooftop parties together - these students will all have lives and social circles fairly independent of each other’s. This location is already neighboring several tall(er) buildings (including Brown’s 14+ story Sciences Library, a 5 story computer science department, and the 9 story Minden residence hall all just across the street). And now that I think of it, most of the “homes” in this area are multi-unit dwellings perennially up for rent to college students. Seems to me like rich East Side residents simply don’t want to see too much change so close to their neck of the woods.


mrbgso t1_j9p07sv wrote

“Noisy students” a block off of Thayer, give me an ever loving break


cowperthwaite OP t1_j9onrls wrote

No sub required.

>PROVIDENCE − The Providence City Plan Commission has approved a five-story apartment building on College Hill with a storefront on Brook Street on the condition that management or security be on the premises at all times.

>That condition, as well as devices that will monitor the sound level and number of cellphones on the roof, on balconies and in common areas of the would-be building at 116Waterman St., came in response to complaints from the neighborhood association, Ward 2 Councilwoman Helen Anthony and residents that college students will menace the neighborhood with loud parties.

Story and complaints when it was approved at the first stage:"

Docs from the project:"116%20Waterman%20St"

Video of the meeting (Zoom):


Duff_Lite t1_j9owlpo wrote

Man, I wouldn’t mind sound level monitors on all buildings. Mostly for passing vehicles, however.


JasonDJ t1_j9to3gc wrote

Ugh yeah.

Maybe I'm getting old but man it's annoying. I used to have a loud stereo system in my first car when I was a teenager, but I'd only really crank it up on the highway.

Now the other day I was at BJ's gas filling up and some dude was blasting music at the gas pump. Like, why? Can you literally not go 5 minutes without everyone in a 300' radius being able to hear your music?

And this wasn't even a kid, it was a grown-ass man in a late-model pickup (with a flatbed trailer).


EColli93 t1_j9pkt3o wrote

Make it a 5 story permanent homeless shelter then.


asteroid_b_612 t1_j9q2by7 wrote

We don’t need more expensive ass apartments catering to rich students who come from out of town. We NEED AFFORDABLE HOUSING FOR ACTUAL FULL TIME RESIDENTS OF PROVIDENCE!!!! Brown and every other university has been buying up whatever parcels of land they can to build more dorms and college buildings.

Residents should have priority over 4year visitors but who the fuck cares when the college students have way more money to blow.


fishythepete t1_j9q5axw wrote

Hey moron - there are now 50 fewer rich college kids you’re fighting for housing. You’re welcome.


total_life_forever t1_j9r0uop wrote

the university has room for 50 more students in their dorms now.

(I know that's simplifying things a bit, but if more student housing is built off campus, who's to say the university doesn't just admit more students and continue to allow off-campus landlords to subsidize their housing issues.)


Avalanchebagel t1_j9uda4o wrote

The issue currently is that Brown has a 3-year residency requirement, but not enough housing to make that happen. They want only seniors living off campus but have to allow juniors to get out as well. We had a little crisis last year when too many seniors opted to live on campus and they had to give last-minute permission to more juniors to even it out.

But they’re about to finish the second and third of 3 new dorm buildings this fall, hoping to push the number of juniors off-campus down even further. Along with that, they say(probably take this with a grain of salt) that there is no plan to admit more students per year in the foreseeable future.


asteroid_b_612 t1_j9q5hjo wrote

Why are they prioritizing approving buildings like this when they hem and haw over any affordable housing?


mrvis t1_j9qec9k wrote

Are you really asking why money talks? In America?


cowperthwaite OP t1_j9r3c04 wrote

What do you mean prioritizing?

This was a private developer who chose to do market rate.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_j9tu0ry wrote

This point would be a lot better if you could point to some affordable developments that are being stalled because it isn't getting approved. Problem is, those places don't exist.


Sarcofaygo t1_j9qanxl wrote

4 year visitors? It's called COLLEGE HILL and one block from THAYER. Get a grip.


airforcereserve t1_j9ox12z wrote

Hear me out, say NO to new housing. Springfield, Brockton, and Lawrence, MA has zero new developments outside of affordable housing projects and their rents are the cheapest in the state. Meanwhile Boston has been cranking out thousands of luxury units every single year and their rents have been increasing nearly 10% YOY.


redd-this t1_j9ozbx0 wrote

Who would ever want to live in Springfield, Brockton or Lawrence? These poor cities are now going to thrive because more people without disposable income are able to move there? Yea no thanks on that idea. As an aside mass general law chapter 40B mandates municipalities maintain 10% of housing inventory as affordable housing otherwise a developer shall be issued a building permit for such homes. All of these communities are slightly above 10%. May not be the case but this may be the last blitz you see on these types of developments before the municipalities change direction and those markets are flooded with regular market homes. But anyways, the point is no one wants to live in those dumps.


oglactation t1_j9p9njv wrote

"I know there's a housing shortage in Providence but the solution is so simple let's all move to Springfield Mass"


mrvis t1_j9pezz4 wrote

I thought the point was "Let's make Providence so shitty that people move away. Tada! Lower rents."


cowperthwaite OP t1_j9p9bl0 wrote

>The report says that the average hourly wage of Brockton's renters, which make up nearly 30% of the population, is $11.91. The fair market rate for a two-bedroom in the city is $1,560 a month. So to afford a two-bedroom in Brockton, the average renter must work two and a half full-time jobs.


zymurgtechnician t1_j9slr89 wrote

Ahhhh yes the old “wet streets cause rain” line of reasoning… really nailed it, good thing you didn’t get any COVID vaccinations or your brain wouldn’t be sharp enough to grace us all with your superior intellect!