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SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_j9yromy wrote

There’s nothing preventing anyone from having an attorney in an eviction process and why would sealing eviction records serve anyone?

That would force landlords to be even pickier when determining who to rent to and could have a lot of unintended consequences.


NYCNark t1_ja1ab7r wrote

What is preventing ppl from having an attorney in eviction proceedings is the cost. PVD has just trialed a program for assigned counsel in these cases and it makes a big difference. Also, ppl get evicted for many reasons, some of which will be outside their control (e.g. lost a job). Should that impact their ability to find housing in perpetuity?


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_ja1atz1 wrote

Someone who has one eviction in their record isn’t finding difficulty finding housing, as there are thousands of people on court connect with several evictions… who are presently renting.

But a landlord should have the night to see that the person they’re thinking of allowing to live in their property for a fee has a history of being an issue.

I would never rent to someone who’s had numerous evictions, because they’re obviously a problem. If someone wants to take that liability on, power to them but it certainly wouldn’t be me.

Sometimes those having difficulty finding housing is because of their own doing.

Make it the states problem, not someone looking to rent out their first floor to cover their mortgage.


Alternative-Bat-8453 t1_ja2x9mu wrote

Landlords shouldn’t rely on rent to cover their mortgage.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_ja3rkb8 wrote

That’s not how it works.

Unless you want corporations owning three families these days with these prices, the rent will support the mortgage.

Get out of here with your ideology, getting very close to some Atlas Shrugged shit.


Alternative-Bat-8453 t1_ja5r4p8 wrote

What are you talking about? That’s how it should work, mortgages should be based on what you can afford without rental income. Tenants have had enough. Families used to own these homes and live together. Now it’s all landlords and rental companies. I’m born and raised in Rhode Island and I’ve been a witness to the change and greed. So please spare me whatever story you’re trying to tell.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_ja6aq13 wrote

So this is how I know you’re short some change here.

It just so happens that landlords have more expenses than just the mortgage. There’s taxes, sewer fees, water fee’s, maintenance costs, repair costs, and all other costs.

If a landlord has a $3,000 mortgage and rents all three floors of their three family and only charges $1,000 per floor each month, they’ll be in the red. They won’t make enough on top to pay for everything else associated for the property.

Who pays for the all the repairs that will happen? The landlord. Who pays for replacing equipment as it ages out? The landlord. Who pays for the damages because of a shit tenant? The landlord.

If you think it’s wrong for a landlord to make a profit from their property which was literally built for that purposes, you’re a fucking idiot.

What to know who’s had enough though? Landlords trying to keep their properties afloat. How many people took advantage of the COVID money and didn’t pay their landlords for their rent? How many landlords have had to deal with assholes who destroyed their apartment? How many owner occupying landlords have had to deal with tenants who can’t show any common decency with their neighbors?

Go and sit in on some eviction cases brought to court and listen to the problems these landlords have had to deal with. Sometimes these tenants deserve to be kicked out on the street to fend for themselves because of their actions.


Alternative-Bat-8453 t1_ja7ph73 wrote

Housing is a human right. You and I differ fundamentally. I believe housing being used for a profit is inhumane. You believe you’re entitled to it. We will never agree, but I didn’t call you names and act like an emotionally undeveloped human.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_ja7pu3z wrote

I’m entitled to any return of my investment, like every other person who takes the financial risk to buy a multi family and houses other people.

I’m inclined to think you probably think your education beyond high school should be free, and your water bill should be non existent, and everything should be affordable and millionaires should be criminals.

Am I right?


Jalil29 t1_ja1awb2 wrote

Seems like they just want a process to be able to seal an eviction and not by default. I'd imagine you'd have to prove a suitable reason. When I was younger, we got evicted because we told the landlord that a ceiling tile fell out because it rained and there was a leak. Landlord took us to court for eviction and tricked my mom into not going.