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PipeLayer2016 t1_ja81gjx wrote

Monday nights at 6 pm, ¢35 wings at Craft Burgers and beer in Pawtucket. Not Providence, but as close as you are going to get.


bpear t1_ja81sdj wrote

Thursday - Black Sheep 50¢ Wings


EerieDayze t1_ja7zu1g wrote

I haven't seen a cheap wing night advertised in like 2 years... what a shame


bpear t1_ja82gmd wrote

Up until recently I was at federal tap house almost every Monday for their 50 cent wings. They just recently got rid of it.

Now we got Thursday at black sheep (fried wings) and Wednesday at Rogue island (smoked wings). Both 50 cents


misterspokes t1_ja8d1am wrote

Tomaselli's at Rosario changed their Wednesday wings special from 50 cent wings to half price wings which is about 84 cents a wing (at $5/6 wings) but the flavors are pretty baller.


leavingthecold t1_ja8t217 wrote

Wasn't there a recent story about a person so called taking advantage of a wing night and not tipping or some nonsense.


Choc401 OP t1_ja97sit wrote

In Rhode Island? That's cold!


leavingthecold t1_ja9atqh wrote

Yes I think the place was outside of Providence either Cranston or Johnston, which lead to refusal of service of the patron for saying she under tipped and totally came to take advantage of the wing deal.


tapakip t1_jaa28kx wrote

Not to start a whole fight about tipping but that's not exactly illegal is it?

She's an Asshole, absolutely. But tipping isnt required and she paid the bill.

I tip generously because I worked service and retail, but wish we'd do away with it and pay living wages.

Anyway, it's a Private business though, so if they want to ban, they can.


Dinosquid t1_jaa33l9 wrote

And it’s not illegal to tell a lady to gtfo either.


leavingthecold t1_jaa6ue0 wrote

If I can remember I will post the story, correct she doesn't have to tip and correct the restaurant has the right to refuse service. This made the news and probably gave a negative light on the restaurant.


tapakip t1_jaaamb5 wrote

I'm just surprised that they actually did it. My wife would have killed to have worked at a place like that. Way too many repeat no tippers.


Dry_Sheepherder_2399 t1_jacbnj7 wrote

Boneyard in Seekonk has half price Wings on Monday from 11am-6pm. Best Wings in the Area by Far. Just bring a Jacket & ask for the Wings to be Extra Crispy. Owner doesn’t like to Turn the Heat on in the Resto..:


comradegeneral t1_ja80ta4 wrote

There's practically no good wing joints here in Rhode Island, much less one that's both good and has good deals.


argument_sketch t1_ja889ff wrote

Buffalo wing centric reply: Best Buffalo wings “near” Providence are Buff’s Pub in Newton, MA (worth trip). Next best are Wendell’s in Norton, MA. I can’t really say I’ve had great Buffalo wings in Providence and I’ve tried a lot of places.


gesthal84 t1_ja8nni6 wrote

Rose Alley Ale House in New Bedford is pretty damn good as well.


SgtRockyWalrus t1_ja8w0hj wrote

Used to work near Buff’s and they were great. Boneheads in RI was legit better than Buff’s, but they closed and I get sad about it probably weekly.


comradegeneral t1_ja8z3nu wrote

Boneheads was the only one I'd have said was worth it, if they were still around. They did have great wings...


comradegeneral t1_ja8zg3m wrote

I've crossed state lines before for good wings, so I'll definitely have to check them out then, though I'm not sure it solves the problem of their being none really nearby...