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redd-this t1_jaiz8x7 wrote

Not to be a jerk or anything but don’t you think introducing and naming your study as inequitable invites a bias? Seems like in the infant stages of your project you’re setting yourself up for a confirmation bias of the data or at least priming the pump for respondents to view the system as having inequality. While there may ultimately be inequity your study is going to draw scrutiny for how it’s set up.. just my uninvited 2 cent.


death-by-chainsaw OP t1_jam7o60 wrote

You're not being a jerk, that's a good point that I didn't consider! Since inequality is central to my project, I didn't think twice when mentioning it here. I'm going to circulate this survey on other platforms and I'll get rid of that word. Thanks for your input!


sticksnsnails t1_jai1tbx wrote

Did they even advertise this proposal? Never once heard of it


kbd77 t1_jai90m3 wrote

Only reason I heard of it is because I follow a good number of local pols and reporters on Twitter. Otherwise, I never would have known.


Good-Expression-4433 t1_jaijpa4 wrote

I use the buses constantly and didn't know about the proposal until a friend shared something about it on Facebook and was like whaaaat


death-by-chainsaw OP t1_jaimr83 wrote

This is exactly why I'm doing this survey. The proposal boasts about using public input from these meetings, but I didn't even know they existed until way after they stopped having them.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_jajmyxw wrote

Idk about the meetings specifically but it's definitely gotten news coverage over the last year or so.


A_Dog_On_Acid t1_jal9ok0 wrote

Filled out the study. Took a long gap from the Ripta line until recently due to a job change. However, taking the bus home for the last time in early 2021. I overheard a small trio of Ripta employees talking about how Trump won, january 6 rioters were Patriots and a bunch of super rascist remarks on black people. My new bus route drivers have been kind enough, but ive always wondered what the work environment is really like inside.