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lovecraft_401 t1_jamjisu wrote

“In addition, the Smiley staffers were unaware the company had been fined tens of millions of dollars for environmental, labor, and health violations by federal and state agencies.

According to the database, Florida Power & Light/NextEra has been fined in excess of $30 million.

But more recently, the energy company has been alleged to have committed election violations and has poured tens of millions in support of GOP candidates in an effort to block environmental legislation, specifically efforts to promote renewables.”


Oh-Kaleidoscope t1_jamopfk wrote

This is interesting also bc they've been investing in solar.. And they also have nuclear. I wonder what their goal is by blocking renewable legislation..but I'm sure most of their revenue is from non-renewables


misterspokes t1_jan2h49 wrote

They want to push other energy investing out of renewables to pull up the ladder behind them.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_jan7hf1 wrote

It's probably that and a little bit of trying to prevent their hand being forced quicker than they wanted.

Fossil-fuel companies aren't idiots. They know this stuff is the future but they don't want the government to force the issue before they're comfortable with it and they definitely don't want would-be competition to be subsidized in that process


iandavid t1_jan977i wrote

That article conflates different subsidiaries of a corporate parent, which implies they’re acting in concert as part of some overarching strategy. More likely the different divisions are acting independently, and the parent company is little more than a diversified holding company.

Either way, it would be nice to have some actual facts instead of the innuendo GoLocal is peddling.


easedownripley t1_jaoi2oq wrote

Likely hedging their bets. GM was fighting against fossil fuel and pollution legislation when they were producing their first electric cars in the 90s. If the regulations went through, they'd be ready. As soon as their lobbying killed the legislation, they had all the electric cars crushed.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_jan8ile wrote

I'd be interested how that stacks up against PPL/National Grid.

I do love that GoLocal is trying to muster up outrage over conservative donations from a corporation.