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JeffFromNH t1_jax0193 wrote

There are also beach cleanups through Clean Ocean Access and Save The Bay. I've volunteered with both, and they are fine (nonprofit) organizations.

Here's a short article with info.


DiegoForAllNeighbors t1_jawx236 wrote

Our (losing) independent political campaign for City Campaign was built around community service and clean ups. We do clean ups but only in Ward 9. We will be doing one on earth day based in certain overlooked spots based on neighborhood feedback.


bbristow6 t1_jb0zxkx wrote

I work for the Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council. We host clean up pretty frequently! You can check out the Instagram or the website for more information✌🏼


RandomChurn t1_jazzfzk wrote

I think there's one for India Point Park for the RI native plants on the park end of the pedestrian bridge? India Point Park might be a state park, but call the City Parks Dept and ask. They should know.

Also, the rose garden in Roger Williams Park (near the Park St entrance) is maintained by a garden club.