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Buffaloafe t1_jbaour3 wrote

Why would anyone fly a flag without knowing it’s meaning? Why go through the effort of hanging it without a bit of research first?


Proof-Variation7005 t1_jbas01k wrote

How often do you spend time around senior citizens?


Buffaloafe t1_jbat08m wrote

Enough time to feel like most folks in their 80s aren’t getting on a step ladder for a cause they don’t understand at all. FWIW, I live in the area, I’ve read the article on Geno, and before yesterday considered him a “cute feature” of Federal Hill. I assume either A: someone bought him the flag and told him to fly it or B: he knew exactly what it meant when buying it/taking it out of storage and felt it was worth the effort to fly on his property. Either way it’s unfortunate to see and at the very least I hope he’s learned something.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_jbau4ss wrote

>Enough time to feel like most folks in their 80s aren’t getting on a step ladder for a cause they don’t understand at all.

So not much at all then. That's what I'm getting here.


Buffaloafe t1_jbaw1i4 wrote

I hear you, I really do. I don’t work exclusively with senior citizens and all my grandparents are long gone. I’m in my mid thirties and I’ve never met another senior citizen in New England who flies the confederate flag.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_jbb4ze1 wrote

I think it's easy to forget the the mind and the body really don't deteriorate at proportional rates. It's easy to assume a confused old person might also be physically frail or whatever, but I assure you it doesn't always go hand in hand like that.

Even if I hadn't heard someone else shocked and surprised this guy did that, I'd be more than willing to buy the confused old man explanation


Buffaloafe t1_jbb89co wrote

Totally understand. It seems like you read the comments on the other thread, which prompted my first post here. Lots of other comments referencing hateful actions towards POC that I was shocked to read alongside others’ experiences of the sweet old guy on Federal St. If there’s any truth to that stuff that I, as a white man, cannot corroborate, this whole thing feels a bit more gray to me. If he’s a confused man who has learned something, good.


wenestvedt t1_jbauizu wrote

> Why would anyone fly a flag without knowing it’s meaning?

Well, if you're not American, you might think, "It's red and white and blue -- just the the 'regular' flag. Must be OK!"

(Not defending, just guessing at Grampy's frame of mind.)


pmk0286 t1_jbaqom5 wrote

The same reason folks put up BLM signs thinking they are supporting racial justice, but in fact are simply funding a luxury real estate money laundering scheme


citylightmosaic t1_jbas7t2 wrote

Regardless of the group (which I won’t comment on), that analogy doesn’t work at all because BLM is a sentiment first and “brand” second


Dinosquid t1_jbaucjk wrote

If I think black peoples’ lives matter then I’m supporting money laundering?

Nice try, bozo. 🤡


pmk0286 t1_jbb3a62 wrote

Thanks for the fact check from USA Today. They also told me COVID certainly didn’t come from a lab


sophware t1_jbb6xh2 wrote

What part of the USA Today BLM fact check don't you buy and why would it matter anyway?

What people mean when they fly a BLM flag is clear and has as much to do with your BS as people buying Christmas trees has to do with some German candle scam conspiracy theory I could drum up. (Check out the history of Xmas trees coming to the USA.) Maybe I could add in that the profits from the German candles go to a child sex traffic ring.

Here's one: We all must conclude the GOP hates gun rights with The Mulford Act as evidence.

The only problem with that one is that as BS as it is, it has much more truth than the money laundering craziness.

Your racist credulity around BLM trolling is what it is. Racist. It's also stupid.