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Proof-Variation7005 t1_jbau4ss wrote

Reply to comment by Buffaloafe in Re: Racism in Federal Hill. by frog20-1

>Enough time to feel like most folks in their 80s aren’t getting on a step ladder for a cause they don’t understand at all.

So not much at all then. That's what I'm getting here.


Buffaloafe t1_jbaw1i4 wrote

I hear you, I really do. I don’t work exclusively with senior citizens and all my grandparents are long gone. I’m in my mid thirties and I’ve never met another senior citizen in New England who flies the confederate flag.


Proof-Variation7005 t1_jbb4ze1 wrote

I think it's easy to forget the the mind and the body really don't deteriorate at proportional rates. It's easy to assume a confused old person might also be physically frail or whatever, but I assure you it doesn't always go hand in hand like that.

Even if I hadn't heard someone else shocked and surprised this guy did that, I'd be more than willing to buy the confused old man explanation


Buffaloafe t1_jbb89co wrote

Totally understand. It seems like you read the comments on the other thread, which prompted my first post here. Lots of other comments referencing hateful actions towards POC that I was shocked to read alongside others’ experiences of the sweet old guy on Federal St. If there’s any truth to that stuff that I, as a white man, cannot corroborate, this whole thing feels a bit more gray to me. If he’s a confused man who has learned something, good.