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pmk0286 t1_jbb3a62 wrote

Thanks for the fact check from USA Today. They also told me COVID certainly didn’t come from a lab


sophware t1_jbb6xh2 wrote

What part of the USA Today BLM fact check don't you buy and why would it matter anyway?

What people mean when they fly a BLM flag is clear and has as much to do with your BS as people buying Christmas trees has to do with some German candle scam conspiracy theory I could drum up. (Check out the history of Xmas trees coming to the USA.) Maybe I could add in that the profits from the German candles go to a child sex traffic ring.

Here's one: We all must conclude the GOP hates gun rights with The Mulford Act as evidence.

The only problem with that one is that as BS as it is, it has much more truth than the money laundering craziness.

Your racist credulity around BLM trolling is what it is. Racist. It's also stupid.