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Silentjosh37 t1_jbc7urc wrote

Exactly, not like you can just pick up a Confederate flag at stop and shop while you are picking up your groceries. Its not a thing you can accidentally buy or even order through Amazon. You have to go to some pretty specific stores to "accidentally" stumble upon one. There were a bunch of stores that sold flags like that and others of that ilk that said something along the lines of like "Let's Go Brandon", which I think is a reference to the dog from Punky Brewster, but I digress, that had gone out of business sometime last year, though they might still be lurking out there. The Venn diagram of the people that frequent that store and racists is almost a virtual circle.


thehillshaveI t1_jbc9xbx wrote

yeah, beyond going to amazon idk where i could lay my hands on the racist traitor flag right now. never accidentally stumbled across one.


Silentjosh37 t1_jbcau7a wrote

Yeah its not like you go to Jo-Ann fabrics, and start flipping through the novelty flags like, Easter Bunny with eggs, New England Pats, Spring has Sprung, racist dogwhistle, St Patricks shamrock... etc