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I’m heading off to a campout in a couple weeks and they have folks host shot stops for all the attendees. I’m trying to dig up some recipes for shots and cocktails that involve Coffee Syrup to show off a taste of Rhode Island. Thank you for any and all of your assistance!

P.S. feel free to add others you might know, a Del’s cocktail etc…



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RhodyViaWIClamDigger t1_jc9tg4a wrote

Following just to find out where such a fun campground exists. When you look for camping in New England, so many rules upfront and many surrounding alcohol bans. Your place sounds fun.
P. S. Straight up whiskey shot from if we are fireside.
P. P. S. Enjoy!


Jameson1333 OP t1_jc9wuxw wrote

I have not been camping in the New England area yet, I’m off to Florida for this one. My friends and I go to a number of clothing optional naturalist campgrounds, and every one I’ve ever been to has been pretty relaxed on the drinking. This time around we have 60 or so folks coming out and about 12 are signed up for setting up shot stops outside their tents/cabins/RVs for Friday night. We just mosey through the area as a group and it’s a great way to meet new folks.

I have heard there are similar campgrounds/resorts up here, but don’t have any names/locations yet.


Man_of_Aluminum t1_jcc2pts wrote

The federally run campgrounds in the White Mountains allow alcohol.


Man_of_Aluminum t1_jcady1h wrote

Milk of Amnesia

Glass of Coffee Milk 1 oz Vanilla Vodka 1 oz Coffee Liqueur

Was a favorite of my roommates and I in college


talazia t1_jcab6ua wrote

Dels mix - outstanding with vodka and ice. You can even buy the cheap vodka. You can also make variations on lemon drop martinis using dels mix, so I imagine you could make a lemon shot using stronger mix.

Autocrat syrup -- I've had good luck making both mudslides and coffee martinis.


BingBong022 t1_jca98fb wrote

Just make some espresso martinis


Silvedl t1_jcae1xs wrote

I haven’t tried it yet, but I am sure coffee syrup would be pretty damn good in Rumchata. Can add a second alcohol like vanilla vodka or maybe fireball or something for extra flavor.