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Jared_Sabatelli t1_jcdi5pc wrote

Only true Rhode island's know that coffe milk


vanharn_design OP t1_jcdafc3 wrote

In Federal Hill 02909. Cold tap looks like photo; hot looks ok. Already informed building maintenance.

Anyone nearby having issues?


hurricanetruther t1_jcdc4rw wrote

Hot could be OK because the tank's water is fine. Have you tried running the cold water for a while to see if it goes back to normal?

If you have building maintenance does that mean you're in an apartment? What about your neighbors' water?


GotenRocko t1_jcdkkki wrote

If the toilet which only gets cold water is like this, just run the bathtub for a few minutes to clear it. It's iron in the water. If anything gets stained call providence water quality hotline and they will send you some iron out that will take out any stains.


HalfManHalfCornball t1_jcdtd4u wrote

I get stains in my toilet, and my shower curtain stains also. Leaving a yellowish reddish tint. I'm in North Providence.


kax t1_jcf8onu wrote

The shower curtain “stains” could also be pink mold:

Just spray some vinegar around your shower to clear it up.


sc00p401 t1_jcf9q1r wrote

I used to get that on my shower stall & liners all the time at my old apartment in South Elmwood. Bleach would remove it so I made a weak bleach & liquid soap solution to use as a daily spray.


MWL1190 t1_jcfecxz wrote

I had this last week on the east side. It’s sediment in the pipes. Keep running the cold water for 20 minutes and if it doesn’t clear then let it sit a few hours. If this is from last night, it should be clear. If it’s not, call providence water.

Do Not run the hot water. Your hot water is running clear because it’s coming from the hot water heater which may not have gotten sediment in it. If you run your hot water while the sediment is stirred up, it will fill your tank and could cause problems.


mhb t1_jcfiw2b wrote

Probably should either remove your aerator before doing this or clean it after to get out the sediment it catches.


harris023 t1_jcd8al1 wrote

Mines looking fine near the Cranston st armory


EllisDee3 t1_jcdozt9 wrote

Rusty Pipes (also my pornstar name)

Is it an old house? Can you let the water run for a while?


Silvedl t1_jcddatj wrote

My hot water is like this at work, down in the jewelry district area. Cold tap water is fine though.


Flashbulb_RI t1_jcdkhr6 wrote

Water heater tank is rusting...... might start leaking / fail soon.


Unlucky-Sir322 t1_jcdgr4w wrote

Federal hill closer to 95, and it looks fine here.


foolhardykid t1_jce8r6i wrote

Maybe they’re flushing the pipes? I’ve had that happen to me in Fed Hill a couple times but it’s usually in summer


D-camchow t1_jcf3zz7 wrote

Also happens when fire hydrant is used nearby. Flushing water for a while fixes it unless your pipes are fucked


leonpinneaple t1_jcfat1h wrote

Probably hydrant flushing. The water company/city/town usually sends a note about it.


exploding_neon_cat t1_jcgeytn wrote

If it’s brown, drink it down. If it’s black, send it back.


IAmTheFishiestFish t1_jce3s46 wrote

Reminds me of Pawtucket's water in the early 90s. I think the National Guard ended up distributing clean water.