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I don't have a clip of what just happened, though I'm certain it's being recorded, but holy shit I genuinely cannot believe I just heard what I just heard. That poor woman.

Mods, feel free to delete this if it doesn't follow sub rules, but I sincerely feel like this needs to be known to anyone who doesn't actively watch Capitol TV. Quattrocchi was wildly out of line just now, and I hope he knows it was seen by many people outside the State House.

Edit: (Thank you /u/samskeyti for following up with the link!)



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13curseyoukhan t1_jcnhu73 wrote

I get really suspicious of the highly "moral" types who say this so loudly. Too often they are trying to divert attention away from something.


Regular-Desk233 t1_jcmj3gy wrote

What was the context of the discussion and who were the parties involved? Sounds horrendous….


whatsaphoto OP t1_jcnd9so wrote

Here’s what happened to the best that I can recall:

Rep Kislak presented a bill that would attach a social impact statement for all new legislation that would outline how new bills would either directly or indirectly affect communities of color, LGBTQ, gender identities and other underrepresented groups throughout the state, as though it’s an environmental impact or a financial impact statement.

Quattrocchi went on to ask that, if because it includes all gender identities, that also includes sex offenders, satanists and pedophiles.

Kislak rightly took offense to that, and vocalized her objection to his inquiry, because why the fuck would that be a reasonable response to anything, even from a republican. She responded “Thankfully pedophiles aren’t a gender identity.” Quattrocchi responds to Kislak’s objection with the accusation “What, are you a pedophile?”

Those aren’t exact quotes, but they’re as close to what I can remember now as I can get.


DiegoForAllNeighbors t1_jcn573f wrote

Thanks for posting this!!

I’m sitting here wondering… when/how can actual survivors of child sexual abuse (I am one of many, many diverse stories) speak up and check talking point from people who (seemingly) have no first-hand idea what they are talking about.

WHY ARE YOU CLAIMING TO SPEAK FOR US? Ever ask survivors what they think would help?

(And this is sort of outside politics as I am independent/moderate/eclectic). Obviously elements of the GOP are running with this right now and it’s infuriating… as a survivor….

Go r/you


SockGnome t1_jcotpou wrote

Considering how much members of the GOP project I wonder what Quattrocchi is hiding on his laptop.


CthulhuAlmighty t1_jcmpvsm wrote

You need to post the clip if you’re going to make accusations like that.


BakeEnvironmental679 t1_jcmz0rd wrote

The clip hasn't posted yet but yes this did happen in committee today. The clip should be posted in a day or so.


CthulhuAlmighty t1_jcn07yf wrote

Please post it, I’m very interested in seeing it as he is my rep.


whatsaphoto OP t1_jcn17w6 wrote

Sorry, I won’t have the clip ready to go until the entire hearing is archived.

But I’ll be sure to have the screencast app ready to go next time just in case another GOP rep decides out of the blue to accuse another rep who’s presenting a bill of being a pedophile. Until then though there’s an entire room filled with witnesses to the embarrassment that is the RI GOP.


CthulhuAlmighty t1_jcn6shc wrote

Then wait till you have the video to make the post.

At this point, you’re just spreading hearsay. Be better than that.


BakeEnvironmental679 t1_jcnctf9 wrote

Or ya know the poster can talk about it as it's happening in real time and follow up with a video later, like they said they would. It's not their fault Capitol TV posts are delayed. I also was watching the hearing and heard it all happen too. Start watching Capitol TV more often and you'll see just the kind of nonsense things your rep says.


CthulhuAlmighty t1_jcpaj3w wrote

If I had the time I would, but sadly I’m working and in meetings most days.


whatsaphoto OP t1_jcndyyr wrote

Just because you don’t believe that it happened doesn’t mean that there isn’t literally an entire room of people who witnessed it happen in real time.

I posted here because it was an outrageous and unprofessional abuse of power from an elected official, and felt that as many people need to know about it as possible.


CthulhuAlmighty t1_jcpad86 wrote

I never said I don’t believe it, but I do like to have proof with a claim as abhorrent as you’re making.


Dinosquid t1_jcoj5b1 wrote

🤦 Talking about something you witnessed is not hearsay.


final-effort t1_jcop2cl wrote

Lol, just a typical conservative using words that they don’t fully understand. They do seem to have a firm grasp on pedophillia though, it honestly feels like projection at this point.


CthulhuAlmighty t1_jcp9xlr wrote

OP may have witnessed it, but provides no evidence. They are spreading it to others, which will then be hearsay.


Dinosquid t1_jcpdk9l wrote

Lol no, that is not hearsay. 😂


CocaineSlippers t1_jcqluyo wrote

Without the video evidence being provided, how could it be substantiated? It would be hearsay.


Dinosquid t1_jcqol9w wrote

No! Wrong!

First of all, look around; This isn’t a court case. Y’all can fuck off with hearsay all together. I heard from a guy I know whose wife told him you fuck dogs. That’s hearsay and I can still say it whenever I feel like.

In court:

“I saw her say X” is admissible testimony.

“My friend said she said X” is hearsay, which is not admissible evidence in court.


CthulhuAlmighty t1_jczi7de wrote

Please do, he was being an asshole. But he didn’t accuse her of being a pedophile as you stated in your post.


whatsaphoto OP t1_jczj204 wrote

>"Oh, I didn't mean to. Are you a pedophile? I'm sorry," Quattrocchi, a Scituate Republican, asked Kislak, a Providence Democrat.

The article doesn't convey the timing of that quote as well. There was a long pause between "Are you a pedophile?" and "I'm sorry." Long enough to put a pretty significant emphasis on the accusation. Enough to get a rise out of the entire room.

Regardless, I got a feeling that even if I did have a clip of the moment for you, you would still find a way to misconstrue the obvious reality of the situation.


CthulhuAlmighty t1_jczlc7v wrote

I like to have some sort of proof before taking a strangers word on a serious accusation like this.

You seem to think I’m defending this rep, I’m not. Hell, I didn’t even vote for him (and he was on my ballot). But before I break out pitchforks and torches (hyperbole, but making phone calls and visiting offices isn’t off the table), I like to hear/see it from a reputable source.

While I think he was being a douchebag, it doesn’t read from the article as bad as you initially made it sound. Although, you might be right, the video might make it worse.


whatsaphoto OP t1_jczd3ta wrote

Surely you'll call this hearsay too, since it doesn't include a clip. Hope it's sufficient enough for you, though.


CthulhuAlmighty t1_jczhwcf wrote

Thank you for posting something to it.

While he was throughly being a dick, he didn’t accuse her of being a pedophile as you stated in your post.