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werewolfmanjack t1_jd17yfy wrote

I’m sure this will stop Cop City in its tracks, it’s toast! Will check back on this post in a few years to make sure.


pmk0286 t1_jd0ai8s wrote

Maybe the cops should just stop showing up to reports of crime, clearly the purple haired they/them know how to police, let them handle it.


Dopey-NipNips t1_jd28iq6 wrote

How about that hit and run that was just on the front page of this sub?

Cops already don't show up to crimes lol


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_jd2j7nv wrote

Lol the OP def left shit out or hated that they were asked questions instead of dropping everything they did to send all units.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_jczg6bv wrote

You want highly trained cops but when told you’ll get highly trained cops, you riot.

I don’t get it.


GhostofMarat t1_jczlcsj wrote

As in an education, not practicing urban combat and counter insurgency.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_jczlxv3 wrote

Serious question, have you actually looked at the map of the planned facility and it’s intended buildings and purpose?

Edit: since I know you haven’t, here’s the site


MarlKarx-1818 t1_jcznns0 wrote

Just because they only list the things that may seem palatable does not mean this will not help the continued militarization of Atlanta's police department. Their website states "Our training includes..." not "this is an exhaustive list of what we will be doing here. You can disagree on whether this is a net loss for their community, but linking to the website does nothing.


Proper_Boss523 t1_jd12yhd wrote

yea, this is the equivalent of linking to to see all the "wonderful" things that our president does. This goes for all the presidents, i'm not talking about a specific one.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_jd0adud wrote

I think a Public Safety complex for police, fire and EMS can train independently and cross train is a great asset.

I think that’s something RI should have.


the_gubna t1_jd0bbfi wrote

>APD requires 23 weeks of classroom training, and an additional 12 weeks of field training. Our training includes vital areas like de-escalation techniques, mental health, community-oriented-policing, crisis intervention training as well as Civil Rights history education. This training needs space, and that’s exactly what this training center is going to offer.

All of that training is possible in any classroom or community center.

Also, wow, 35 weeks. What a rigorous training program.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_jd0g5xh wrote

Yeah so that’s about 1,000 hours or in classroom training and 500 of field training, for a total of 1,500 hours of training.

Where as a four year college is usually 12 college credits/hours per week but we can round up to 15 hours of in classroom time per week if the student is on a four year track.

15 Hours x 15 weeks per semester = 225 x 2 = 450 per year.

So your classroom time on average for a four year degree is 1,800 hours total.

1,500 hours of training in 6-8 months versus 1,800 over four years isn’t that big of a difference. Toss in that many college courses are generic fillers to make you a well rounded student versus your core major, it’s even less of a difference.

But my academy was actually 50 hours of classroom per week and 26 weeks total for a total of 1,300 hours, plus the approximate 10 hours of schoolwork at home for an additional 260 hours comes to a grand total of 1,560 hours of classroom training, followed by 500 hours of FTO for a total of 2,060 hours of training before I was allowed to be a solo cop.

Which is a lot more than my four years of education in college was so you could say my 26 week academy was more than my bachelors.


laughsgreen t1_jd0xs5f wrote

clearly it was more rigorous than your bachelors... where the hell did you get it? 😄 you only did 1800 hours for your degree? what the hell did you study?!

do a quick Google of the definition of a credit hour. where the hell did you go where 1 credit hour was the same as 1 hour of education per week? Many schools are 3-4, some are 6 once including labs and expected work outside of lecture time.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_jd0yn1c wrote

Because a three credit course on average will meet three times a week for an hour long course, so your one course will be three hours of instruction per week.

If you are taking four 3 credit courses, that’s an average of 12 hours of classroom time per week.

Most 4 credit classes include your one hour of lab instruction into.

As for the very high up courses, obviously there is more class work, but we’re talking bachelor degree’s, not post graduate courses.

So your average bachelor degree student is averaging those hours per week.

And here you go


laughsgreen t1_jd0z8hg wrote

no. just no. not at all. you're talking about contact hours. I'm talking bachelors. the reason 12 is a full load is it's expected to be 36 hours of work. above that and you're pushing into 45 and heavy loads.

Postgrad can be more. but 3 hours of expected work is normal and no quite often you've got multiple hours of labs that aren't counted as contact hours since they aren't.

wtf? you really are a cop and you really do believe that undergrads are 4 years that people could have just done in a few months instead. 😂


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_jd10udu wrote

Seeing as how I’ve gone to college and done an academy, I can speak to both.

If you put in 36 hours of school work into your week during your sophomore year of college, you had a hard time at school.

And seeing as how the academy was none stop from 6:00am until 4:00pm every day with 5 minute breaks every hour between courses, I do believe a college student could obtain a degree in their major, minus the required courses the universities make you take, in a year.

Big difference between a lackadaisical “Short Stories 101” where there’s maybe 30 minutes of actual true instruction and criminal procedure being taught for 55 minutes by an AAG.

I’ll die on this hill.


laughsgreen t1_jd11l4z wrote

of course you will. confidently incorrect is literally your job title.

dude the reason you were doing 50 hour weeks of class time in academy is because the timespace continuum allowed it. Feel free to shout from the rooftops that you went to a pretend college, but lmk how spending 15 hours a week on schooling in undergrad goes. Why don't you pick a really dumb useless major like fine art where you can't skip the nonlecture time. 😂

Thanks for your service sir for sitting through your academy training.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_jd11x1m wrote

Yeah, I attended university beige the academy and I can assure you, my 3.6+ GPA wasn’t from hours at Carothers.


laughsgreen t1_jd12apf wrote

how many tens of thousands of pages were you responsible for having read in academy vs your bachelors? how many hundreds of pages of writing or lab presentations? this is hilarious.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_jd132qg wrote

Academy: probably 1,200-1,400 full pages of hand written notes from start to finish, which I somehow still have in my closet. 4-5,000 pages of material read and tested on weekly.

College: my major involved math so I lucked out, didn’t have to read Beowulf or some women’s studies book.

I’m also talking about the average student, not your biology major.


laughsgreen t1_jd13jte wrote

yeah, cops are reading 1000 pages a day after their ten hour classtime. Can you please be the cop in court for me if I ever have to go? When studying math, did you learn how many hours are in a day?


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_jd13t0b wrote

Did I say 1,000 pages a day? Did you ever mention the amount per day? Where did that metric come from?

Reading comprehension much? And which courtroom, I’m in District daily and superior at least once a week.


Dopey-NipNips t1_jd289my wrote

It took me 4,000 hours ojt to become a pipefitter plus all the schooling.

I had to take a test to get a license and if I fuck up real bad I lose the right to hold a license

People want cops held to that standard


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_jd2it2r wrote

You can thank the pipe fitters union for that.

I learned how to do plumbing over the course of a few weekends with my grandpa. Real hard putting on the primer and glue.


Dopey-NipNips t1_jd3rtsu wrote

Yeah you'd be a shit plumber and nothing you installed would work right 😂

Pipefitters aren't plumbers in the same way that cops aren't decent people. Maybe there's a little overlap but for 95% of the people out there you're either one or the other


final-effort t1_jd40hut wrote

You’re really showing your stupidity mr cop. Username checks out I guess.


ooheitooh t1_jd5v3mt wrote

Bold take shittng on tradesmen who do backbreaking and often dangerous work for requiring a bare-minimum level of training and holding people to the standard. I'm sure we'd all prefer if everytime a basement floods some stranger gets a three month paid vacation and a kudos for helping to keep the water-users in their place.


MatticusMarigold t1_jd08sdi wrote

Didn't you goofballs shoot an unarmed protestor 13 times while their hands were up in Atlanta? There's no amount of training that can redeem you or your fraternity of thugs.


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_jd0a0se wrote

The unarmed kid who was found with a gun that ballistics showed shot at the cop? The same gun he had purchased in September of 2020?

Odd…. Thought he was unarmed


MatticusMarigold t1_jd0ac9c wrote

The independent autopsy said he was sitting cross legged with his hands in the air. But you guys never lie, right? Lol. You're a clown


Sarcofaygo t1_jd09lx8 wrote

Aren't you the guy who thinks Chris D'Elia is innocent? Clearly you need more training


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_jd0a7tc wrote

In what? Criminal procedure? Or court of public opinion.

Because criminal procedure, where I am trained, says he’s innocent of all crimes he has not yet been charged with and will remain not guilty until he has a trial that determines he is.

Public opinion? I couldn’t care less to even dabble in it.


Sarcofaygo t1_jd0aq8o wrote

I hope you aren't assigned to investigate victims of sexual assault. They won't get justice if you are on the case with your "rad skillz".


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_jd0b19o wrote

I’ve investigated so many SA cases that I don’t even remember singular ones anymore.

Pretty hard to prosecute but my conviction rate was in the 80’s.


Dopey-NipNips t1_jd28ghi wrote

You arrested the wrong person for sexual assault like 20% of the time

Just out here ruining peoples lives


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_jd2in1j wrote


Probably shouldn’t have arrested the person that the judge signed off on the arrest warrant for.

Or the person who admitted to the sexual contact with the victim but said it was consensual where as the victim claimed it wasn’t.

Totally never should have believed the victim or kid.

People like you give the #MeToo movement a bad name.


Dopey-NipNips t1_jd3saum wrote

OK well if the judge gets the blame when you get it wrong why do you get to brag about an 80% conviction rate?


Proper_Boss523 t1_jd12lf1 wrote

Providence cops are useless


SaltyNewEnglandCop t1_jd135zg wrote

I’d be useless too if I had a mayor and council like the mayors and councils they’ve been having.


Jeb764 t1_jd40dmr wrote

Ahhh I see now. The mayor is the reason providence cops have been overtly aggressive rude douch nozzles for the past 18 years.


Cosmorad t1_jd2zzmd wrote

Never met a cop who was interested in 'getting it'. Y'all just want the appearance of having a conversation without having to actually listen or ever change a thing.