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LauraPalmersMom430 t1_jdalpe1 wrote

  • Bayberry Garden
  • Heng Thai
  • Amy’s (for a quick breakfast)
  • East Side Pockets (lunch)

skythom7 t1_jdb689h wrote

East Side pockets is literally the best. I eat it at least once a week


mary_wren11 t1_jdatn68 wrote

Oberlin will be close by you. For a quick lunch, The Village is good-I work by the convention center that that's the lunch spot for my office. If you can get into Aguardente it is really good-I didn't want to like it because it has so much buzz, but but great food and atmosphere-it's about 2 miles from the convention center.


LTG-Jon t1_jdccj35 wrote

Just had my third meal at Res, and it’s been a joy every time.


mhb t1_jdd5txo wrote

It would be helpful if you say what meal and what price range. In lieu of that, I guess you can sort it out:

  • Gracie's
  • Persimmon
  • Aleppo Sweets
  • Eastside Pockets
  • Pizza Marvin
  • Madrid
  • Cheng Du
  • Minh Hai

Rhazein OP t1_jdd67y0 wrote

Thanks! Eating on the company dime so if I gotta throw in some extra cash on my end to get a real treat I’m more than willing. I eat anything, except for pig blood curd. Never again…


General_Skin_2125 t1_jdapdoy wrote

Did you know that reddit has a search feature? This is a very frequently asked question.


Rhazein OP t1_jdapin1 wrote

Sure, but wouldn’t you love to see more unique answers from other people? I like getting as many opinions on things as I can before making my own


General_Skin_2125 t1_jdapx3d wrote

In the past 30 days, this question has been asked 12 times. How much more unique is it going to get?


Hash_Is_Good_For_You t1_jday4pe wrote

There's this up and coming restaurant called Los Andes.. it's pretty good, no one knows about it and I never see it recommended. Little local secret for ya.


Rhazein OP t1_jdaqni1 wrote

Well, there’s about 190,000 people in Providence. Maybe someone new will stumble across one of these posts and provide something new. You never know


werewolfmanjack t1_jdbbbzv wrote

No, that sounds like a waste of many peoples time. You are likely less special and less deserving than people who have asked this question previously. So just have an organic experience, if you’re capable of it. I promise it will be 10x more memorable than a crowd sourced search bar.


Rhazein OP t1_jdch675 wrote

How is it a waste of peoples time? Before this post the only advice I found online was just that there’s nothing to do here and you can go to a deli for some good cured meats. I wanted to ask so I’m not wasting my time, and you didn’t have to comment either so we’re all here on this post voluntarily.


Jalil29 t1_jdbfwi5 wrote

Mt. Fuji Japanese Steakhouse looked pretty cool inside.
Unfortunately, the clerk somehow thought I ordered take out when I meant to eat in.

They got 4 stations where they can cook in front of you at least and a Bar area.


FieryVegetables t1_jdc2nih wrote

Madrid bakery, Jahunger for noodles, in addition to some of the above recommendations. If you mention what kind of cuisine you really like, you might get more suggestions.


mhb t1_jdvhhg2 wrote

I'm sure I'm not the only one eager to hear how it turned out...


Rhazein OP t1_jdvhtb7 wrote

Well other than getting yelled by everyone on here at I got some good eats for sure. Also went to Boston and got some awesome drinks and chowder there too


mhb t1_jdvjvu5 wrote

Hmm. I thought you got plenty of good recommendations, including mine. You're not going to say where you went and how it was?


Rhazein OP t1_jdvk64h wrote

I’d have to go back to my photos and look but I’m at work rn. let’s just say I wasn’t completely sober for most of my time off. I’d give my food experience a 10/10 though. Didn’t think anyone on here really cared about my feedback


Lrie13 t1_jdan6df wrote

Los Andes!